DIY A Cheap & Easy Holiday Tablescape

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I’m feeling all the holiday vibes lately, anyone else?!? With Thanksgiving just in the books, and Christmas right after that, I decided to share a simple, cheap, and easy holiday table scape you can DIY in just a few minutes! Seriously, this took me under 15 minutes, and cost me under $15! I added some tips below on ways you can tweak it and make it your own too! I hope you love it!

What You’ll Need:

– Eucalyptus

– Apples

– Candles (tea light or stick or a mix!)

– Knife

– Spoon or measuring teaspoon

– Optional: white pumpkins or table runners


Putting Together Your Table Scape

Step 1: The Surface

You can either lay down a table runner, table cloths, or just clean your table and use that (which is what I did for the photos).

Some table runners I came across that I think would be perfect for this include a white faux fur, white cotton, and a natural cotton.

Step 2: Eucalyptus

Next you’ll want to lay out your eucalyptus. There are three parts of the eucalyptus that I’m going to reference, so to make sure we are on the same page (and since I don’t know the formal names):

The leaves (look like traditional leaves)

The bulbs (tiny little greenish yellow bushels), and

The sprigs (tall stick like with the leaves coming out the side stacked (far left and right below)

Personally I like to lay down the leaves and bulbs first, with the more “fan like” portions at the ends of the table. Next, I weave in the sprigs to fill in lighter parts of the spread. I do this because eventually the center of the table will be a little thinner than the ends, but I don’t want them to feel empty. Plus, I like the middle a little thinner because that’s where you’ll likely have more serving plates or condiments during your meal.

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Step 3: Lay Out The Trimmings

You’ll want a center point, I used a white pumpkin that I had left over from halloween, and just added to at the end to balance it.

Some other options include a lantern, the gorgeous candle box from Hearth & Hand, a mix of formal metal candle stick holders (also Hearth & Hand) serving plate, etc.

Fill in the gaps with the apples so you know how many you’ll need for the next step (no need to cut too many apples!)

Step 4: Cut the apple candle holders


Place the candle atop the apple and either mark with a pencil/pen or go around the edge carefully with a knife.


One the apple is marked, use a knife to cut the candles shape.


Next, use a spoon, or if using small apples like me, the 1/4 teaspoon from the measuring sets. Scoop around the line you cut to get the shape, then dig in a little deeper (otherwise the candle will be too shallow and pop out of the apple).

For tea light candles: Place the candle in the hole, then using a towel, wrap the apple completely and press the candle in deeper. This is for two reasons: 1) the apple is going to juice a little and 2) if you didn’t cut the apple deep enough the tea lights metal will be exposed and could knick you a little or just be uncomfortable.

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Step 5: Replace the apples and zhooshing

Put the apples back, and zhoosh up any hollow places. Feel free to cut some of the eucalyptus from fuller areas and use it as a filler.

Set your table however you like and enjoy!

And don’t forget to check out last years fall table scape for more inspiration!

Originally published 11/13/17


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