EASY + Cute December Milestone Baby Photos At Home! | Monthly Baby Picture Ideas!

Discover 3 easy and cute December Milestone baby photos to take at home!

These are part of a larger monthly baby picture ideas series full of letterboard phrases, props, tips, and editing hacks to make your at home photoshoot look professional!

December Baby Milestone Photo Props:

  • Winter hat
  • Candy canes
  • Ornaments
  • Milk + Cookies set
  • Christmas book
  • Nutcracker
  • Cozy textures (wool scarves, sweaters, fur)
  • String of Christmas lights
  • Santa hat

December Monthly Baby Photo Letterboard phrases:

  • Laying under the tree to remind my family that I am a Gift
  • On the cute list
  • Santa is jelly of my big round belly
  • Santa, take the cookies but leave the milk
  • All mama wants is a silent night
  • Son of a nutcracker… # (days, weeks or months) sleepless nights
  • All I want for Christmas is…. (boobs, my two front teeth milk, sleep, to crawl, or whatever milestone they are working on)
  • I bet Santa’s jelly of my big round belly

December Baby Milestone Photo Outfits:

December Monthly Milestone Photo Ideas:

Starbucks Snowman Cookie Trend:

For this December photo you'll need to get a snowman cookie and bit off the head.

Next you'll set up your photo back drop however you'd like. This could be a nice blanket, I'm using our Christmas tree skirt and some twinkly lights. You could also use scarves or sweaters to make a nice textured backdrop.

DIY December baby photo ideas! 3 Ideas for an easy monthly milestone baby photoshoot at home!

It can be a good idea to have some fun props too like a hat, cute socks, or a scarf for your baby.

All you'll do is lay your baby down (if they are older you can also do this with them sitting up on something where their legs dangle off like a couch, chair, or safe ledge). Then hold the cookie over them. This is all about perspective so the cookie should cover their entire body, with their head coming out the top. It's okay if their arms and legs are coming out the sides too or you can fit their entire body underneath it.

Now you'll notice either the cookie is super blurry or baby is super blurry. What you need to do is hold baby's face for a few seconds on your phone screen to lock the autofocus in place. This will ensure baby's face stays crisp. From there you may need to play around a little bit with the positioning of the cookie. It'll never be as crisp as the baby's face, but you also don't want it to be super blurry, so the closer you can get the cookie to baby while keeping baby covered is how you'll do that.

How to do the Starucks snowman cookie trend + more DIY creative december baby photo ideas for baby monthly milestone pictures at home!

Under a Christmas Tree

There are so many cute ways to go about under the Christmas tree photos!

You can lay baby underneath where feet are point towards the trunk, and place a bow on baby with a letter boarding saying “laying under the tree to remind my family that I am a gift”

You can set a plate of milk and cookies next to the tree and lay baby next to it with “Santa is jelly of my big round belly” or “Santa, take the cookies, but leave the milk”

You can also lay your favorite Christmas book open with baby sleeping on the open first page as if they fell asleep reading while waiting up for santa.

If you have a nutcracker, you could also do a letterboard that says, “Son of a nutcracker # days/weeks/months sleepless nights

Christmas Wishlist

The Christmas Wish List is one of my favorites and how we actually announce baby number 2 last year!

Even if you aren't doing a pregnancy announcement, you can still do this for a monthly milestone photo, you'll just say “all I want for Christmas is boobs, milk, sleep, my two front teeth” or whatever it is they are working on at that time.

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