December Personal and Professional Goals + Reader Survey!

December personal and professional goals rachel ritlop the confused millennial

Holy Moly Guacamole!

Christmas Card from StudioBoketto
Christmas Card from StudioBoketto

Can you believe it's already December?!? ICYMI last month, I hopped on the blogger bandwagon and implemented monthly goal posts! This month we are reviewing November's goals and talking all about December's goals. It seriously feels like just yesterday I was launching and starting to let go of my in-person clients! I can't believe I am actually shutting down this month and have moved my new services in house to TCM, which you can check out here.

Before I get crazy nostalgic about this year, and how much has changed/grown, I am going to hop into check November's goals progress!

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My mug from in the Blog Passion Project mug swap

November Goals Review:

Professional Goals:

1. Pageviews: October: 9,388 // Goal: 10,000.  I actually hit over 11,000! And that's with my Google Analytics being down for three days not counting anything!

2. Get organized for my rebrand. I am planning on changing up some of my coaching services and bringing them in-house to TCM when expires in December. OOPS! I did a little more than this! HAHA I impulsively decided to re-design all of TCM, moving it from Squarespace to WordPress (you can read about that decision here) and am closing down this month.

3. Land four new sponsored gigs. Check!

4. Grow my social media accounts. 

Instagram: Current 13.5K – goal: 15k With the blog switch and traveling, I really did not pay nearly as much attention to IG as I normally do – and it showed. I only grew to 14.5 this month. I typically grow by 2k a month, but I also spend 1-2 hours a day engaging with people to achieve that. 

Facebook: Current 1 k – Goal 1.3k Didn't reach this either, I got halfway there. I just can't get into growing my FB for some reason. 

Pinterest: Current 1.1K – goal 1.3k Passed this one by 100!

Twitter: Current 10.5k – Goal 11k Nailed it! Hit 11k on 11/30!

5. Co-host my first virtual summit!  Ok so happy this one is over. Not gunna lie, the perfectionist in me had total anxiety about this. I learned a lot, and had a chance to connect with amazing people, but it's going to be a while until my next summit.

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Personal Goals November:

1. Be more flexible. I got so caught up with work, that being flexible with family and friend stuff was way easier than I thought it would be! Hey, being too distracted to go type-a on others counts right?

2. Clean my apartment & get organized. Thank goodness this is done! My Christmas tree is up! The floors are cleaned! and everything has a home in my apartment again!

3. Workout outside. I really struggled with this during the start of the month. But the last two weeks I've been doing three miles outside again six days a week so that's good!

4. Practice some self-care. I really let this go out the window last month. This month I want to do an at home spa night, meditate, and stretch a few times a week. I didn't do a spa night, or meditate, but I stretch… but only a few times this month ?

5. Cook Thanksgiving dinner. I nailed this one! I ended up cooking enough for 10 people and it was delicious!

the confused millennial christmas tree december goals


Professional Goals:

1 . Update my teachable domain settings for my e-course. While I would love to say I am updating my Instagram course, “From Insta-groan to Insta-game” – it's just not in the cards for December! But with moving hosts and everything, it looks like the domain broke, so I have to make time to clean up all of that

2. Create a regular schedule to go through e-courses. I have purchased courses in the past and actually never finished one in it's entirety – so my goal is to actually complete the course!

3. Get ahead of my Forbes schedule. As a contributing writer for Forbes, I need to post 5 articles a month to get paid. I have been writing the articles the week before, so not really leaving a lot of contingency time if anything goes wrong in my life. For this month, I want to have all five articles written by the 14th! You guys can check out all of my Forbes articles here.

4. Catch up on e-mails and responding on social media. November was a total wash for me for the first time ever. I did not respond to people on social media and via email within 72 hours. Between California and the holidays, and moving the blog, I just lost control of my schedule. I want to go through and get caught up.

5. Grow my social media:

                       Instagram: Current 14.5K – goal: 16k

                       Facebook: Current 1,150 k – Goal 1.3k

                       Pinterest: Current 1.4K – goal 1.6k

                       Twitter: Current 11k – Goal 12k

the confused millennial christmas tree december goals
Please excuse my religiously confused Christmas Tree with a Buddha and Dreidels.

Personal Goals:

1 . Start and finish holiday shopping. I have no idea what I am doing about this.

2. Meet a blogger while in Utah – If you are near Park City, UT and want to meet up let me know in the comments! Because I like making new franddsss!

3. Practice yoga 3 times this month. Because I seriously feel like I am an 85 year old woman and need to get my life together.

4. Finally, make this butternut squash recipe that has been on my to-do list for the last year. Because it's delicious looking – duh.

5. Start and get caught up with ‘This Is Us' and other shows on winter break. I've been waiting to start This Is Us and a lot of other fall shows (Gotham, Jane the Virgin, Designated Survivor) until the Winter break started. Netflix has totally ruined me and I hate waiting week to week. Avoiding This Is Us spoilers and not joining in on those conversations has been so difficult, so you could say I am a little excited to tackle this one.

christmas tree the confused millennial

Lastly, I am doing my first ever reader survey! If you could take a few minutes to fill this out, it would be greatly appreciated in helping me create more content that you love! 

the confused millennial christmas tree december goals

What are your goals this month?

Also, I know these goal posts are new, so let me know if you like them or not!

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