Day In The Life Of A Work From Home Mom With A Two Month Old

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The first month with our newborn baby daughter was definitely a whirlwind, you can read all about it here plus some things we did to make it easier here. One thing I wish we had done more of that month was document! She's growing so fast! So I decided to start doing monthly “DITL” videos to document what our average day looks like. This is an average day in the life with a two month old while working from home. I'm going to stick to average days, nothing special planned, but I'll try to share helpful tips and hacks that work for our family along the way during the day.

Some things to note: our daughter is about two and a half months old in this video. This was the day after her two month shots. Both my husband and I work from home. We have our own businesses which give us some flexibility. We didn't get any “leaves” from our careers when baby was born. Both of us were literally answering emails and calls the day she was born, and the day after. It's taken us about 10 weeks to find this rhythm that works for us with our baby.

Here's a day in the life of a work from home mom with a two month old:

Average daily schedule with our two month old daughter:

7:30 am – Wake up

7:30 am – Feed, then play

8:30 am – Nap. This nap lasts anywhere from 40 minutes to two and a half hours. It's very variable. If she wakes up early we just play with her. Sometimes, if it's a 40 minute nap, we can play for 20 minutes then get her to go back down. While she naps, I work. If she wakes up early and my husband is available (he works from home too thankfully), he'll play with her so I can continue working.

10:30 am – Feed. She usually has been up for about a half hour at least before this feed, so she normally only stays up for another 20-30 minutes after.

11:00 am – Nap. While she naps I work or work out. Mid-morning is my best time to get a workout in usually, especially if my husband going to be on work calls or at meetings in the afternoon.


Noon – Baby usually wakes up around this time so we play while I prep and eat lunch. On occasion she will sleep through this hour.

1-2 pm – Somewhere between 1 and 2 pm she'll have her third feeding of the day. But she's usually awake during this time.

2-4 pm – Somewhere in this period she'll have a short nap, like 20-40 minutes and we'll play and nurse her again. This is usually when her sleep is falling a part for the day and my husband's work gets much busier, so I plan activities that are easier for me to manage like folding laundry, prepping dinner, cleaning up around the house, etc.

5 pm – Baby wear for her last nap of the day. Sometimes I'll start this at 4:30 if she hasn't napped in a while. I'll usually go for a walk during this nap, if it's raining, I'll cook a more involved dinner.

6:00-6:20 I'll wake baby up, put her in her rocking chair, finish making dinner, eat.

7:10- Bath time. I shower while she bathes.

7:30 – Nursing and bedtime reading.

7:45-8:10 somewhere in here is when she usually falls asleep for the night

10 (ish) – Dream feed. I do this based on how tired I am. Some nights I do it at 9:30, sometimes at 10:30. She's essentially asleep for her, and it usually takes like 35 minutes since she is literally sleeping while suckling.

Day In The Life Of A Work From Home Mom With A Two Month Old

So as you can see, my day revolves around baby's needs. I try to plan most of my work in the morning when her sleep is best. As the day goes on, I've had to learn to become more flexible. I try to schedule activities that are easier for me to do while distracted or can handle interruptions better. My husband and I have a shared calendar to coordinate when one of us is on a work call and we *need* the other to run point on baby. Fortunately before baby arrived I had gotten pretty used to getting my work done in 3-4 hours a day, so that's what I've continued. I do work weekends though since my work days aren't as long as before pregnancy/baby.


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