Daily Harvest NEW Forager Bowls Review: Worth it?

Wondering if the NEW Daily Harvest Forager Bowls are any good? Let alone worth the cost? In short – yes! Click here to get $25 off with code TCM25 OR use promo code TCM for up to $40 off your order here! Below you'll find my LIVE – first impression taste test forager bowls review, thoughts on the ingredients, and how it compares to Daily Harvest's other bowls.

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What are Daily Harvest Forager Bowls?

Forager Bowls are the latest bowl offering from Daily Harvest. They are a nutrient dense option packed with superfoods and satiating ingredients.

I was honestly surprised at the calorie content (between 160-300 per bowl) compared to the protein serving (5 grams to 9 grams per bowl!). They are an excellent mix of sweet and savory whole ingredients.

Most of the ingredients used are organic, some are being transitioned fully to organic, and only a few aren't.

Their other bowls include oat bowls, harvest bowls, and chia bowls.

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Are Daily Harvest Forager Bowls for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

Depends on your tastebuds and which bowl!

Personally I like them for lunch or dinner. Right now there are only 3 flavor options, two of which are pretty savory in my opinion and work well for dinners.

Taste Test Review of Daily Harvest Forager Bowls:

Cremini + Miso Oat

Tastes Like: Umami-rich oats with veggies (from their website) – which I will say is very accurate!

Cracked oats are a higher fiber oat than rolled oats. It also has cremini mushrooms, sweet peas, spinach, and savory yellow onion in a miso glaze made with ginger, green onion, and a pinch of cayenne.

Check the ingredients on the Cremini Miso Oat Bowl here!

It really is so satisfying with umami flavor in every bite. I feel like the portion size feels smaller because of how good it is and how much I didn't want the bowl to end!

How to prepare/eat:

I prepared this on the stove top, but honestly think it would've been just as good in the microwave.

It is on the smaller side of portion sizes, so you may want to add an egg or something if you're super hungry that day.

I just added a piece of Kerrygold buttered toast which gave this weird sweet and savory combo that my pregnant taste buds loved!

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Raspberry + Mulberry Seeded Forager Bowl

Tastes Like: Tart berry compote and nut butter (according to their website) — I'd say it tastes more like their Mulberry + Dragon Fruit oat bowl meets grits. It has a gritty texture that evens out the tartness of the raspberries. And of course, the mulberries make it super sweet and there's a few nuts for that satisfying crunch mixed in.

This bowl is grain-free (yay!!), and has a mix of shredded coconut, cauliflower-butternut squash “rice,” nuts, and seeds while slightly tart raspberries and sweet mulberries bring a gritter, tangy, sort-of-but-not-really sweet taste to it. It's truly encompasses the phrase “sweet and savory” in every bite.

Check the ingredients on the Raspberry + Mulberry Seeded Bowl here!

How to prepare/eat:

I heated this up with some almond milk in the microwave – then put it in the freezer for like 10 minutes to cool before eating.

Personally, I prefer rolled oats that are cold or at the very least cooled. I find it makes them thicker and just taste better to me. If I was the type of person to plan ahead, I'd follow their instructions to do overnight oats where you add the liquid and let it sit for at least 6 hours.

NOTE: Other reviews said theirs was watery and they would've preferred it cold as well.

Beyond cooling it a little so it thickens, I have to say this tasted amazing! My toddler also loved it (see video). It was like their Mulberry + Dragon Fruit Oat Bowl – which I loved – meets grits!

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Leek + Fonio Grits

Tastes Like: Southern-style grits with greens (according to their website) – and I will say this is accurate! But will add that it packs a bit of a punch at the end.

I was VERY skeptical about this bowl. Leeks? Parsnip? Fonio?! WTF?!

I'd never had the fiber-rich and protein-packed ancient African grain fonio before but I'm a FAN! I'm not normally a grits person, but fonio gives you smooth texture of grits without feeling like you just ate grits. I didn't even taste the parsnip as it mixed so well with “cheezy” nutritional yeast, and garlic. It also packs a major nutritional and flavorful punch with kale, onion-y leeks, and spicy pickled peppers.

Check the ingredients of the Leek + Fonio Grits Bowl here!

I don't know if it was the pickled peppers or it was a little heavy on the cayenne – but the punch was a little strong for me, so I just added a slice of buttered toast to balance it out. It was really good and I was craving the second bowl as soon as I finished the first!

How to prepare/eat:

I just followed the microwave instructions and added a splash of water then let it cool to room temperature and thought it was delicious!!

Are Daily Harvest Forager Bowls Worth It?

Yes! This could be my new favorite line of Daily Harvest products! They are so fast to prepare (dare I say the fastest?) and the easiest clean up of all the Daily Harvest products I've tried so far.

They pack a ton of flavor, texture, and nutrients into each bite. Lastly, they really work for breakfast, lunch, or dinner depending on your taste buds!

How much do Daily Harvest bowls cost?

Daily Harvest Forager Bowls cost $5.99 per item at most. You can save $25 off your Daily Harvest order with Promo Code TCM25 here OR use promo code TCM for up to $40 off your order here

Also, depending on your plan, it can bring the price down. For more of a detailed breakdown on pricing, read my full Daily Harvest Review + FAQ here!

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Wondering if the NEW Daily Harvest Forager Bowls are any good? Let alone worth the cost? Sharing a LIVE first impression taste test in my Daily Harvest Forager Bowl Review + discount code for $25 off with promo code TCM25!