Currently Watching: Recap of The Bachelor Nick’s Finale

Recap of ABC's The Bachelor Nick's Recap from millennial blogger The Confused Millennial

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TV Show:

TBH, we haven't really been watching much of anything noteworthy because of the move ?. But I am thrilled to settle back into my binge watching ways in the next week!

Bachelor Finale Recap:

It seems like we've been waiting years for Nick search for love to come to a close… it has us skipping in the streets even! Oh wait… it has been years.

Frankly, I couldn't be more relieved to not see Vanessa on my TV for another week. *Please note, Vanessa this has nothing to do with you as a real person in real life, me shitting on you this season has everything to do with the character you were edited in to. You are probably lovely person IRL.

Raven (re)meets the Fam:

Raven met Bella and Nick's parents in Wisconsin, so I think it's fun to watch how easily they all vibe. It really does feel like happily ever after for this kids…

But then again, the fact that this scene basically last all of 2 seconds, you know Raven's going home.

Vanessa Meets The Fam:

Vanessa shares the story of their first date and it honestly looks like they are about to fall asleep they are so bored.

Vanessa talks with different family members and is basically the grim reaper talking about everything that's wrong with their relationship. Every time I feel like she couldn't say anything more off putting about their relationship, she finds something new!  One minute she is saying she can't accept a proposal from him at the end of this, but then the next second she is saying:

It's really all quite exhausting to even watch.

When Nick and Vanessa say goodbye, it seems pretty clear she is going to win (not that it hadn't been clear). He is SO passionate in the way he grabs her and holds her every single time.

Vanessa & Nick 1-on-1

This date was legit so awk and lame.

They start off with a snowed covered trail ride on horses to Santa's magic cottage.

Santa is creepy AF and Vanessa seems like she is about to propose a three way. Can someone tell Vanessa Santa isn't real, just a perverted old man in a costume? Also where is Mrs. Claus to intervene on this situation?!?!

Finally they leave creepy Santa's house with their fertility gift.

That night Vanessa basically just cries. It seems SO clear what their future will look like together at this point (runnnn Nick runnnn!!)


Raven & Nick 1-on-1

This date literally made me SO happy. My heart was burstingggg watching these two crazy kids ice skate and dance their little hearts out.

As if the ice skating and throw back soundtrack to there rollerskating days (nothing quite gets my heart fluttering like Sixth Pence Non The Richer)

This happened:


Could this date not be any more fun? Easy? Loving? Oh yes… in fact it can because Raven's awesome.

That night they are hanging out and Raven says, “Without too many details, how are you?” SHE CHECKS ON HIM! She is so selfless and so caring and I basically love her.

Plus, isn't this exactly what Nick's dad was just preaching to Vanessa? Is this not the most perfect woman?

Seriously, how do you have the most fun and relaxing day during such a stressful time and not think, “This is what forever is supposed to feel like?”


Nick picks yet another Neil Lane engagement ring…

…The Rose Ceremony

Raven steps out and my stomach feels so sick for her. I know she's going home. He can't even look at her:

It was awful watching her spill her heart out to him. I really don't get why he didn't give her the same courtesy Kaitlyn gave to him and stopped her. He just let her go on and on. It was so heart breaking.

She kept it together and was the epitome of a stoic and strong woman. I couldn't believe how composed she was.

The proposal

Vanessa comes in looking like the villainous queen from a Disney movie. He doesn't even let her talk he is so excited to express how he feels:

She basically hysterically cries and says yes

After The Final Rose

Raven handles herself with such grace, which is to be expected since she is basically #goals at this point. Even when Chris asks her if she thinks they will last, it's clear she doesn't, but she says it so eloquently.

BEST NEWS YET: We may not get Corrine on BIP, but RAVEN AGREED TO BIP!!! YAYYYY

So while I am super sad Raven was dumped, I am thrilled we get more of her!

AND James Taylor (from Jojo's season) is asking her to meet him in Paradise! Which I am THRILLED about watching those two crazy kids together!


Next Vanessa comes out with Nick and it's basically like, “yeah we fight all the time, but we are good at communicating so we think this will work” *eye roll*

TBH I think they won't last for all the reasons Nick outlined on the season, but she is such a little limelight seeker that it may workout just fine.

The Bachelorette

They decide to bring out Rachel and start the bachelorette! WTF – I thought it was SO awkward and lame. I really hope this was NOT a good representation of her season. The guys were weird and it just felt totally uncomfortable to even watch.

What did you think of the finale? What are you hoping for in the Bachelorette or BIP?

43 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Recap of The Bachelor Nick’s Finale”

  1. I just can’t get into the bachelor but I love your recaps haha! I’ve been super busy these past two weeks and haven’t watched or read much of anything. I’m hoping to go see Beauty and the Beast next weekend which will be my first movie in almost a year, haha.

  2. This week’s episode was soooo boring… but I still watched all 3 hours of it. Raven looked happier getting dumped than Vanessa did getting engaged… I doubt their engagement will last very long. But I liked the Bachelorette starting! I thought it was weird but it made me super excited for Rachel’s season to start!


  3. lol villainous queen from a disney movie = such an accurate description. still bitter about raven tbh

  4. Nick has a type…and Vanessa fit it. Personally, I think the only one he ever really loved was Andi and so he’s just faking it now. And yah, the “start’ of Rachel’s season was lame. I hope she comes out as real as she was on Nick’s season and not scripted like that appeared to be.

  5. While I personally like Raven better I do think vanessa and nick are better together. I think it’s good to be with someone who challenges you and in relationships (especially a relationship that is so manufactured) it is important to ask the difficult questions. Idk I’m not too sad he didn’t pick Raven even though she’s just about as cute as can be, I think Raven has a better match for her out there!

    1. TBH I think Nick’s perfect match was Kaitlyn! And her perfect match really was Shawn lol I don’t think either girl was the right one for him, but I think Raven brought out a better side of him – but like you said, I think she has a better match out there too!

    1. I didn’t think they would last, but then during AFTR i started to think maybe? but I doubt it. Heck, even nick said he doubts it during one of their many tedious convo’s during the season haha

  6. I liked Vanessa early on but after she started crying all the time and being so negative I was over it! Def don’t see that relationship lasting! This was my first time watching an entire season and I think I’ll stick around for more now 🙂

    1. SO NEGATIVE! I liked her for a minute, but her home town date really rubbed me the wrong way… and yay!! Paradise is my favorite (I like to watch the shows for the comedy) and they really up the comedy in their Paradise edits, so watching the bachelor and bachelorette are really more of a way for me to know the BIP people

  7. I was so impressed with Raven! She was such a class act the whole time. And her date with Nick looked so sweet and natural. I don’t know what he’s thinking. Vanessa’s list of issues seem to be a mile long.

    1. Same! I wanted to run off and spend the rest of my life with her! she is so cute and fun! – I just don’t get how Nick can literally see/voice all the issues he knows they are going to have and still go with her #SMH — he seemed SO much more in love with Kaitlyn

  8. Oh. Em. Gee. Girl, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. These were my exact thoughts the ENTIRE TIME. Had to laugh at your comment Vanessa crying during the date night and laughed… maybe their relationship is just a giant cry fest? (Totally kidding). Also, I basically cringed the entire time the guys came out to introduce themselves to Rachel. And then I hid under my blanket when that one guy said “Once I go black, I’ll never go back.” WHAT THE HECK! I wish I could post emojis here because they all sum up my emotions about the finale. haha!

  9. OY, I couldn’t agree with you more! (First – disclaimer: Totally agree with you that it’s all about who these women are “edited to be,” not who they really are – so we’re not judging who they are as complex, real people, just as characters on a show, essentially!) Raven and Nick’s relationship really was as good as it gets on this show – I loved watching them together. (And the puppies. Omg.) When she got rejected, I was straight up sobbing. My husband was like “…you okay?” and I was like “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. You don’t know what it’s like to be rejected in relationship after relationship and think, ‘Wow, it must be me because I’m the only common factor… Guess I’m unlovable!” but anyone watching could tell you that it’s seriously NOT you. I feel so bad for her – but I hadn’t heard about the James Taylor thing, that’s adorable! I don’t think Nick and Vanessa will last beyond 4 months, sadly. I’m sure she’s a lovely person – it was really sweet watching her with her students, that was the only time I really ‘got’ her this season – but I didn’t see how she and Nick connected. All she ever talked about was the uncertainty and conflict in their relationship, and it’s too early to be so negative!

    1. haha love the disclaimer – I think they are at 4 months now and still going strong! — it’s funny her students was when I firmly new I didn’t like her! I thought it was SO fake!

  10. I LOVE Raven too! I was really hoping she’d end up with Luke Pell from a season or two ago, but apparently he’s dating Danielle (the nail salon owner) from Nick’s season! BUT James Taylor and Raven may be a thing come BIP this summer so I can’t wait haha! I always said I thought it’d be Vanessa from their first one-on-one, but they seem SO awkward together now!

  11. I really don’t follow any of the shows, I just can’t get my head into it. But i will always love your little recaps. Keeps me up to date with the rest of the world

  12. Mary Ligon Spann Peterson

    OK, so I completely forgot what I was doing and got lost in reading your Bachelor recap! I am one of those old-timer Gen-Xer fans who y’all probably laugh at for watching, but I’ve been following Nick since the Andi season. At first, I thought that Vanessa was so lovely but tough too, for laying out how dismayed she was at Nick’s public makeout session in the bounce house with Corinne. But later, it seemed that ALL she did was bitch. Her hometown date was painful with her family appearing to try to sabotage the whole relationship and her meeting with his parents was not much better. Somehow along the way her negativity took over. Lookin’ kinda bleak to me!

  13. I loved Raven! She was clearly the better of the two but it is what it is. I agree with you them adding in the bachelorette beginning was really awkward and those guys were eh… Hopefully her season is great though!

  14. It’s so funny to hear how so many people upset with the show. It sounds to me like they are both crazy so they work for each other haha. I don’t watch it, but I love reading everyone’s recaps – it’s honestly more entertaining than the show!

  15. I was wishing that Nick would have interrupted Raven when she was professing her love for him, too. And I felt so bad that she had to walk outside in the cold without a jacket after being dumped. I wasn’t super impressed with ATFR this season. It felt like the producers were kind of over Nick and Vanessa and wanted to get Rachel’s season started ASAP. Their stunt with bringing four guys to meet her was pretty odd. I just hope that it doesn’t take away from the season premiere in May.

  16. ok that’s literally it.. time to binge watch all the bachelor & bachelorette seasons i’ve missed. i didn’t even know there was a BIP!

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