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The most frequently asked questions I get asked: “How to get sponsored on Instagram? How do you get brand sponsorships for your blog? How to pitch brands as a micro influencer or a small blogger?” Without fail, every single week these roll into my Instagram DMs. I get it, it can feel impossible to land a brand collaboration. What brands are even looking for bloggers? And it can feel so overwhelming to approach a big brand like Nike to work with your blog. So today, we are tackling it all. From blogger networks to pitching brands, to responding to brand emails!

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How To Connect With Brands For Sponsored Posts On Instagram, TikTok, or your Blog:

Pitch brands

Working directly with brands is the key to making real money as a blogger. Aside from the money, it's also a major key in maintaining your authenticity and credibility with your audience! The course that taught me how to pitch brands as a micro influencer, how to respond to brand emails, and SO much more about how to approach brands as a blogger pitching brands or working with them directly: BossPitch.

Before taking BossPitch, I never approached a single brand. I thought I was too small of a blogger for brands to collab with which left me feeling self conscious. Through BossPitch, I realized I was leaving money on the table! With a newfound confidence, I increased my rates, began approaching brands for collaborations and started to make serious money.

Based on the difference (of my increased rates, yep she helps with pricing too!), the course more than paid for itself after just two campaigns! In other words, I earned back the money I paid for the course in less than two campaigns based off the difference alone! That's why I say this course is about so much more than just pitching brands, it about mindset as a blogger and the confidence to land and negotiate sponsorships. 

The investment has continued to pay off. In the months that followed, I more than doubled my rates; which were already 4x higher than friends who had been blogging for over 4 years! I've also gotten over $5,000 in furniture for my new house. In the years that followed, I've signed MULTIPLE brand sponsorship contracts for $20k. Yes, you read that right.

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Here's a little video testimonial I put together for the course less than a year after taking it (sorry in advance for my frazzled look and rough edits, I was working on a deadline and kept getting really excited about the course that I would go on long tangents):

If you sign up for BossPitch using my affiliate link, then you will also get a 60 minute one-on-one session with me for free! Just shoot me an email or hit me up on Instagram so I can confirm you purchased through my link!

This session can be used to talk about pitching, or ANYTHING blog/business related! Whether you want to talk about pitching, a blog audit, graphic design, content strategy, social media strategy, or a little bit of everything! That's right, a $275 value, 60 minute “pick my brain” session for FREE.

If you still want more info on BossPitch, visit this post and if you scroll down to the bottom there is a video Q&A with some past students about their experience!

Blogger Networks.

Blogger networks are a great place when starting out. Basically you join them and the network acts as the middleman between you and the brand. You submit pitches for their open campaigns and then get a notice if you've been selected. Some networks require you to have a certain number of followers or page views, and those usually pay better.

Blogger networks will save you time when working with brands. However, you'll ultimately make less money as they take their cut of the budget.

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A lot of bloggers I talk to set their rates comparable to what blogger networks offer for campaigns – DON'T DO THIS! Typically, networks will take around 50% of the allotted budget for their work as the middleman. Meaning brands were actually willing to pay you double the number you're seeing! Personally, when I first started out, I set my rates at $250 which is what most networks paid out… little did I know brands were actually willing to pay $500 (hence why it's better to work with them directly).

Some blogger networks I love when starting out include: Clever Girls, Social Fabric, and Pollinate. – but there are tons out there, so explore to find ones you like!

how to work with brands and get brand sponsorships as a blogger or micro influencer on instagram

They Contact Me

Have a media kit ready to send off for press inquiries at a moments notice (something else you'll learn in BossPitch)! Also make sure it's easy for brands to contact you through your site. I would also recommend having a contract ready to send brands to sign when moving forward with the agreement; it simply keeps things clear down the road. Be professional and punctual with your responses.


Okay, truth, I am typically the one doing the referring… Not too many bloggers are keen on this which I am super surprised about. Maybe it's the coach/therapist in me, but I believe in making appropriate referrals when I can't serve someone. Several companies have reached out to me for campaigns which didn't work out for one reason or another and I offered to introduce them to fellow bloggers that might better serve them. In fact, it's happened so often now that I've decided to create a little database for myself.

To be added, simply click here and fill out the form (no stats are taken, just your blog/instagram, location, age, niche, etc.). If you're a good blogger, you won't work with brands on campaigns that don't align. Use those moments as an opportunity to build a relationship with the PR person. Make his/her life easier by referring them to someone whose audience would better align. Not only will you get brownie points for helping them, hopefully other bloggers will keep you in mind and return the favor.

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  1. I love clever girls. I have thought of reaching out to brands directly because I feel like I do a better job of displaying my value than a form on a website. I didn’t think about the fact that they are taking a cut by being the middle man. Kind of a duh moment lol

    1. That one is my favorite! And yeah, when I realized that too, I was like, “oh duh” haha! let me know if you have any questions about BossPitch! It really helps to jump in with both feet on pitching brands, otherwise I find people drag their feet and get discouraged!

  2. Girl, I need to find out who you pitched for furniture. I am having zero luck in that department haha. Every brand I reach out to, they offer me like $15 off an item lol. Pitching brands is really hard – definitely not easy as pie!

    1. Haha the $5k was just 3 companies! I am in talks with 3 others and 2 said no! But that’s a 50% close rate (for the ones with definite responses), so I’m happy!

  3. This is great info! I struggle with landing gigs that align with my blog, and I’m insanely picky, but I think pitching might offer better results for me. It’s scary, at first though! I just need to bite the bullet!

  4. This is the post I needed to read. I’ve had my blog for 2 years and it has never earned me a cent. I have a miniscule following and I’m nervous about approaching brands as I am afraid they’d just laugh in my face. I will have to check out some of those blogger networks and see what I can find.

    Ellie |

  5. I’ve been trying to get involved with networks, but I’ve never been selected to participate yet. I’ve actually had better luck pitching directly to companies, but still need to work on getting paid rather than trade.

    1. Yes!! Definitely don’t work for free! they have budgets and you’re offering a valuable service! It’s not like they would higher a PR, marketer, or photographer and ask them to work on trade!

  6. Ugh, I’m so mad, I wish I would’ve seen your post earlier. I signed up for Boss Pitch on Friday night. I’m so excited to take the class and can’t wait to learn. I’ve had little to no luck with networks so I’ve been pitching to brands.

  7. connecting with brands can be hard some times, but this post is super helpful for bloggers that are trying to connect!

  8. I’m so stinking PROUD of you, Rach. You are literally the perfect example of someone doing everything exactly as they should and reaping the rewards accordingly! You should be an inspiration to everyone considering BossPitch. You’re the real deal!

  9. Super interesting! I used to be in PR out of college for a few years so I know how to pitch, but it’s honing it for this industry that’s been a little difficult for me!

    1. I hear that! That’s why I loved BossPitch, because it wasnt just about pitching brands, it was great to learn how to educate brands about the power of influencer marketing!

  10. Definitely saving this for later. So much useful information! I really should create a media kit for myself to make myself look more professional and prepared.

    1. Its a rough number! Some may take 30 some 40 some 50 some 60 and even some 70! you can usually tell if a network always offers $50 per post versus networks paying $450 per post

  11. Always enjoy hearing another blogger’s take on working with brands. My most successful partnerships have been ones where either I directly reached out to the company or vice versa.

  12. Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

    I actually found this post organically on Pinterest and loved it! I think this is so helpful to fairly new bloggers like me who are wondering how to step out there and get started!

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