How To Lift Out Of The Confusion Of 2020

This is a post that's been on my heart for a while now. I knew I wanted to say something, but I didn't know what to say. It's no secret that 2020 has been a global sh!tshow. Each day seems to unveil some new injustice, atrocity, or tragedy. People screaming loud, people shaming, and the majority I speak with (myself included)? Sitting in confusion about the truth. It got me wondering, how do we lift ourselves out of the confusion of 2020?

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I can't speak on the hot button topics, because I don't have the answers. But, being The Confused Millennial, I can confidently say that I know a thing or two about confusion. How to live with it. How to move forward with it. And how to lift ourselves into a place of empowerment from fear. So how do we deal with it? How do we move forward?

The Awakening

Whether it's becoming aware of how racism, modern day enslavement, human trafficking, pedophilia, or the extent of the corruption in our medical system and government, etc. not only persist, but thrive in our society today, I'm going to venture to guess you awoke to at least one of those things this year… and the reality shocked you.

I won't pretend to know your experience of this year.

I'll only speak from my own from this point forward.

At the beginning of June when the BLM movement boiled up into every post on my social media timelines, I felt guilt. It's an issue I'd been all to aware of, and had more conversations than I can count about for over a decade.

When I finally felt called to watch documentaries on the “Deep State” of our nation, I felt confusion, fear, and like something was off.

I'd heard about the shows/movies we watch “programming” us, cannibalism and spirit cooking and illuminati for yearsss. Most of it wasn't “new” information to me. But to see it all put together like that was, unsettling to say the least.

However while I watched, alarm bells went off in my head:

“You're sitting here telling me how the TV shows and movies I watch brainwash me, yet you're repeating the same images and words over and over, essentially doing the same? And now you want me to believe someone is a “savior”?!”

It didn't sit right. I started having conversations with people in my life and looking for more information.

Following accounts I would NEVER follow on Instagram. Tuning into my friends accounts daily who have always been talking about this stuff.

At the same time…

I began struggling with body aches and pains, headaches, anxiety, and overwhelm. I was confused. Who is lying?!? Who has our best interests at heart?! What do I do with all of this?!

Each morning, lunch, and evening it became an addiction to check in with these accounts throughout the day, figuring out what documentary we'd watch at night.

But here's the other thing I started doing:

I started doing my own research.

If I saw a headline, I'd find the full article or study. Look who published it or sponsored it. Discovering what the bias was.

I'd look and see the actual information and read the studies for myself.

Yes, even combing through the 2000 pages of Maxwell's documents to see it without a “slanted” view.

And that's when I started feeling better…

When I started to look into which biased lense I was receiving information from, look into the information for myself, and focusing on how I felt.

Did I feel more fear? If so, wasn't this perpetuating what the publication claimed to want to abolish?

With that, I started to feel like I could breathe. I was thinking for myself again. Not based off the fear mongering of the traditional news outlets, or the fear mongering of social media accounts.

Speaking of media here's something to keep in mind:

Social media accounts could be fully sponsored by someone without you ever knowing it.

Seriously, think about it, how do these people with kids have time to be SAHM or WAHM moms and post 10292083 times to their stories and converse with people and share it all? That's like a 9-5 salaried job in itself!

On the flip side, our traditional outlets are for profit.

Which has a ton of layers to it. First, they need to push content a certain direction to keep their ad dollars. Second, they need to feed the beast. This means churning out an obscene amount of content to stay relevant and get clicks for, you guessed it, more ad money.

I wrote for a major publication for a year.

I had free reign to publish what I wanted. LET THAT SINK IN.

I remember when they told me how the process would work, I was ASTOUNDED. I literally could've published an article that only read: “go eat a monkey's butt” and it would appear on their website. No checks and balances. No filter. <— GO BACK AND RE-READ THAT.

Yes, that means that a lot of the “trusted” outlets are so focused on getting content out, they aren't checking it.

At least based on my experience.

It seems it's easier for them to post a retraction or update it for false information after the fact, than it is for them to actually check stuff.

Most of the content we see is rarely vetted and should be read as an OPINION (and that's my opinion ?).

Okay, I know what some of you may be thinking at this point:

Uhhh Rachel, I thought we were going to reduce confusion? Instead you're telling me I can't trust anyone?

On the contrary: trust yourself.

I shared all of that with you above because the thing I kept saying to my husband as we went down various rabbit holes was:

I wish there was some sort of disclaimer that was OBVIOUS at the start of an article, movies, show, etc. that made it abundantly clear what the bias was going into it.

But I know that may not happen.

So instead, I invite you to recognize that you are a powerful, intuitive, confident, clear headed, intelligent being.

You know when something is off. When you need to dig deeper. Or when you haven't done the research to form an opinion yet.

The information I shared with you is simply to wake you up to that.

If something feels off, it likely is.

If something feels accurate to you, then it likely is.

You create your reality at the end of the day!

Every single one of us is walking around in a reality unique to us.

If you feel empowered wearing a mask and staying home, do it!

If you feel empowered not wearing a mask and going out, do it!

If you want to va¢¢in8, go for it!

If you don't want to va¢¢in8, don't do it!

We have the gift of freedom of choice and neither is right or wrong.

Yes, go back and read that last sentence. I really need you guys to hear this next part:

Just like the media has a bias, so do research studies.

I've said this for over a decade now and gotten into some heated debates with the doctors in my family over it.

But I really insist we all wake up to this fact:

Research studies need funding in order to happen.

And more times than we'd comfortably like to admit, those studies have an inherent bias as well. The data can be manipulated into a storyline that fits what people want.

For every studies findings, there either is a study that contradicts it or no one has ever paid to truly do a control study to examine the validity of the original studies findings.

I worked in research in the health space for 2 years during undergrad. I was taught some important things during that time. One of which I want to share with you:

How to read a research study:

When I get a study, the first thing I do is read the opening, what are we testing, what methods are being used, who is sponsoring the study. Then – before reading the conclusion/findings – I flip to the end of the study and read the limitations of the study.

This way I know the bias going into the findings. Few people ever make it to that part of the study.

Do you feel like you're free falling into the unknown right about now? It's okay if you do.

I think why this can be so hard for people, at least it was for me, is the realization that there is NO safety net in life.

Just like we had this “coming of age” moment where we realize our parents aren't superhuman, they're just people who have no idea what they're doing… yep that goes for even the “brightest minds” in the world who think they are leading us in science or policy. They are just people. They make mistakes, they have unexamined biases, shortcomings, and unexplored motivations.

Here's what I'd ask of you:

Move into your heart. Move forward with love.

I think the majority of people want the same things:

End trafficking, end injustices and inequalities, reduce taxation…

For va¢¢in3s to undergo proper research and studies and each child be treated as a unique individual who metabolizes things differently…

Reduce global warming and heal our planet…

For our foods to be held to a high standard with little to no chemicals or addictive additives.

To feel like we don't need to constantly do the research because the people we've elected actually have our best interest at heart.

And I have faith we are moving in that direction.

I said this to my husband last night:

I feel like all of this is happening for a reason. Over the last month I've had so many conversations with people who believe the two party system will be collapsing soon. And I hope it does. This system no longer works as it divides us on things we are actually more similar than we realize.

Unfortunately, historically, change only happens when the pain is great enough and I pray that we are moving towards a positive change.

We've moved to this unfortunate polarizing place where “if you don't do X then you must hate humanity and are going to kill others with your selfishness.”

How heartbreaking is that?

So many parallels right now are unfolding that are very reminiscent of Holocaust and the Yugoslavian wars, both of which I have personal ties too, that I'd be remiss to not acknowledge them. I believe we need to do better, because things can get worse.

How do we do better?

We talk a lot about fear on TCM… shifting from fear to love is always the answer for me. Seeking to understand the differences in our unique realities is always the answer for me.

That's always a starting point.

Recognizing the fear in yourself, owning it, transmuting it, instead of projecting it.

Not engaging in shaming or judging others for their differing opinions.

Empowerment. Feeling empowering in your choices and actions. When you raise your vibration to that of empowerment and love, you help everyone else.

An example of empowering: I shared the NIH study Yale was doing to convince Americans to take the va¢¢in3 (search for “19 Va¢¢in3 Messaging, Part 1”).

Aspects of it included use guilt, anger, trust in science, control, freedom messaging and tactics. I didn't share that because I'm afraid. I shared that because it's an important bias I want people to be aware of as the news and media begins promoting the va¢¢in3s.

I believe with that knowledge, we can feel empowered to make our own decisions instead of buying into whichever tactic is chosen to share the information coming down the pipeline.

Another thing I shared was Awaken with JP's video that got taken down.

You've probably seen an Awaken with JP video in the past. He's the funny red haired guy who does the comedy skits in the spirituality and wellness space. He did one on all the theories floating around right now.

For many, they could justify/get behind the censorship of doctors or politics because it “fake news” and it provided a sense of safety…

But JP!?! His COMEDY skit?! I hoped it would be a point where we could all come together and realize that basic freedoms are being taken away (re: go back to the wars I just mentioned).

To bring awareness so that we can move forward in an educated manner.

This isn't about parties, or beliefs, or where you stand on a cause.

I do believe if you look into causes deeper, even va¢¢in3s, you'll see we all want the same thing and that we've been divided with divisive languaging on the subject, — probably thanks to a study similar to the one I just shared.

People need people.

We need each other to heal all of this happening right now. We need to stop fighting and start coming together on the common ground.

So obviously, I can't tell you what's fact or whats fiction. I think there's corruption on all sides. I can't even begin to guess what's going to unfold.

I can confidently hypothesize that there are people in this world who want us to be divided and confused.

That want us to point fingers at others who “aren't doing enough.” That want us to feel paralyzed by fear. But I believe that's a small group.

We combat that by going into our hearts and spreading love.

That means you are not just a SAHM or WAHM, but that you have the opportunity to instill love and empowerment into your kids by how you show up to your life. THATS A HUGE IMPORTANT TASK.

You are not just a school teacher, but you are shaping the minds of children. Teaching them to take responsibility for their emotions, letting them process their emotions so we can reduce the depression and anxiety, equipping them with healthy coping skills, filling them with joy so we can spread joy like wildfire.

You are not just a factory worker or a student or a doctor.

You are not living in an isolated bubble.

The more you can lean into your heart, the space that you feel sparkly and joyful, the more we can keep lifting one another up.

No, I have no idea how to end trafficking or racism or (insert whatever cause you're passionate about).

But I do know that we each can show up and do a little better, and we'll heal that way.

We can lovingly ask questions, have different beliefs, and still love and care for others.

For the person who shames, judges, and condemns another person, is no better. It's still going down the frequency of hatred and fear.

Most of us are running thoughts and belief systems in our minds that were passed down to us and we've never paused to question them.

Start there.

Anytime you feel afraid, ask yourself, “where is this coming from?

Is this what I believe or someone else's belief I took on as my own?”

Then choose how you'll move forward and keep choosing that new belief or action you'll replace the old with. A

sk others to hold you accountable.

Don't beat yourself up if you slip backwards, it happens. No biggie, just keep going.

You got this!