How To Make A Christmas Tree Farm Sign Using ONLY Dollar Tree Supplies | Holiday Decor Hack

How To Make A Christmas Tree Farm Sign Using ONLY Dollar Tree Supplies | Holiday Decor Hack

Wondering how to make a Christmas Tree Farm Sign?! Look no further! I've got you covered with this custom wooden sign idea using only supplies from the Dollar Tree! That's right! You can recreate this custom Christmas sign for just $3!! It's one of my favorite holiday decor hacks using dollar store items that I know will add a little more cheer to your holiday decorations without breaking your Christmas budget!

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Watch the Christmas Craft tutorial video:


  • white foam poster board
  • wood print adhesive/contact paper
  • knife/cutting tool
  • printer
  • Red truck with tree ornament
  • Measuring tape or rule
  • Pencil
Christmas Tree Farm Sign Craft Supply List_ (1)

Step 1: Cut your board

The white foam board serves as the backing for your sign. Figure out where you want to place your sign and cut the size of your picture accordingly.

Step 2: Add your frame

Using the wooden contact paper, cut strips that will go around the white poster board to make it look like a finished/framed photo.

TIP: Cut strips twice as wide as you'll need. For instance, if you want a .5 inch frame around your picture, then cut 1 inch pieces. The extra width will fold over to the back. If you cut this too short, it may not stick/hold very well and you'll need to add some tape like I did.

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Step 3: Create your picture

I created the “Farm Fresh Christmas Trees” picture in Canva, then printed it off. I cut out each line and used a glue stick to apply it to the white poster board.

Once all your text is on the picture, get a hot glue gun and add a few dots of glue to the red truck ornament then hold it firmly in place for about a minute.

TIP: Lay the ornament on the poster board first, taking note of where the ornament will hit the board. Next, just apply hot glue to the three points where the ornament touches the board. Due to the 3D nature of the tree on the truck, it will not lay perfectly flat. You could also use a frame to create more of a diorama finish that conceals the 3D nature a bit better… the frames were just too small for the area I wanted to place this.

If you re-create this Dollar Tree Christmas Tree Farm Sign I'd LOVE to see it! Tag me on Instagram @theconfusedmillennial!


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