Christmas Sensory Art: Cookie Cutter Stamping

Looking for a fresh take on painting this Christmas season? Put those Christmas cookie cutters to good use and use them as stamps in this easy Christmas arts + crafts activity for toddlers and preschoolers!

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How to do:

Place paint on paper, give your toddler the cookie cutters, and model dipping them in the paint then using them to stamp a design.

This is a great activity to get some more use out of the cookie cutters and skip purchasing stamps. Just be sure to wash thoroughly, even if using non toxic paint!

Since washable paint for kids is generally very quick drying (takes like 1 minute) you can teach older kids how to paint/color in the stenciled shapes they just stamped too!

Set up and clean up:

Set up takes about 3 minutes and clean up takes about 3 minutes.

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