How Do You Make A Christmas Mailbox For Under $5? Dollar Tree Holiday Hack

How Do You Make A Christmas Mailbox For Under $5? Dollar Tree Holiday Hack

Wondering “How Do You Make A Christmas Mailbox For Under $5?” You're going to LOVE this Dollar Tree Holiday Hack!! It's such an easy Christmas craft, that kids can even do it! Plus it's the perfect place to leave Santa a letter or set out his milk and cookies on Christmas Eve! So throw on one of the Best Christmas Movies To Watch This Holiday Season to watch in the background while you and the family get to Christmas crafting using only items from the Dollar Tree!

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Youtube Christmas Mailbox tutorial using ONLY Dollar Tree supplies:


  • Christmas mailbox
  • Garland or evergreen sprigs or holiday florals or moss/grass
  • Foam Block
  • Metal Tin
  • Hot Glue
  • Stick or dowel or the handle of the foam brushes

Step 1: Cut your foam

The tin box is going to be your base. You'll start by cutting the foam block so it's just a touch shorter than the height of the tin box. You can glue this down if you want, or not depending on how much traffic the mailbox will get and how much it wiggles in your tin.

Step 2: Putting together your mailbox

The mailbox post will be either a stick, wooden dowel, or the handles of two foam brushes (you can get a pack of these at the Dollar Tree), or whatever else you choose.

I went with the handles of the foam brushes since I liked their width and finish. Simply untwist the foam brush from the handle, glue the to handles together so they make a straight line, then glue one end of the post to the base of your mailbox tin.

TIP: Remove any stickers or choose a mailbox tin whose sticker easily comes off the base.

Stick your mailbox post into the foam block.

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Step 3: Fill in your base

Using the leftover garland from my holiday wreath, I filled in the base so the foam block and tin were covered. You could also use pinecones, holiday florals, or some of the grassy moss from the Dollar Tree.

If you re-create this Dollar Tree Christmas Mailbox DIY I'd LOVE to see it! Tag me on Instagram @theconfusedmillennial!



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