21 Best Christmas Goodie Bag Ideas For Toddlers + Kids

Best Christmas Goodie Bag Ideas For Toddlers + Kids

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Christmas treat bags for toddlers + kids at holiday parties and school are among the season's most heartwarming traditions. I revel in the light that dances in kids eyes and the grins spreading across their faces as they clutch the bags, brimming with surprises.

Parents often share equal excitement, witnessing their little ones unwrap joy in each tiny treasure. These small packages of merriment echo the overall festive spirit—a gesture that celebrates the essence of giving and festive joy! Each Christmas goodie bag for kids is packed full of delights that toddlers can explore and play with throughout the whole holiday season while leaving a lasting impression of warmth and fun.

Christmas Goodie Bag Ideas For Toddlers

Best Creative Goodie Bag Ideas For Christmas

Done-For-You All In One

I'm a huge fan of this done-for-you goodie bag pack! It includes some of our top picks from this list: Christmas squishies, slap bracelets, silicone bands, and sticker sheets.

It also comes with stamps, LED light up rings, and Christmas goody bags. You'll be able to make 12 bags for under $20 which is a steal!

Plus you can customize it with other picks on this list like the temporary tattoos, pull back cars, and activity books to make the best christmas goodie bags for toddlers + kids of all time!

Light-Up Necklaces

Watch toddlers' eyes light up at the sight of light-up necklaces! This bulk set is probably the best buy, but there are tons more to choose from:

These bright, colorful accessories are not only fun to wear but also add a bit of sparkle and light to the holiday celebrations, making them an enchanting choice for young children.

Pull Back Cars

One of my tried and true goodie bag toys are always holiday themed pull back cars! We even get them inside of Easter eggs for our kids easter baskets.

The Christmas themed ones are super cute and fun; they even have polar bears and red Christmas tree truck ones in this set! You can even hide them around your house for a Christmas themed scavenger hunt!

Christmas Silly Straws

Kids *love* silly straws and these are a fun goodie bag idea that will last well past the Christmas season!

Christmas Silicone Bands

A simple, toddler-proof goodie bag item are these Christmas bands:

Not necessarily a favorite, but a good filler item.

Wind-Up Toys

The magic of Christmas comes alive with wind-up Christmas characters! We use these as they are – or in “reindeer games” where kids have to race them. Watching the toys scurry across the floor, elicits giggles and excitement from toddlers and big kids alike.

Their simple, mechanical nature makes them an excellent option for goodie bags, ensuring hours of entertainment without the need for batteries or complex instructions.


Fidget tubes are one of my #1 toddler toys in general, and getting them Christmas themed makes it all the more fun!

We always keep a couple of these in the car, for road trip toys, or travel in general.

Hot Chocolate

Get your kid involved and DIY hot chocolate bags using cocoa powder, mini marshmallows, and crumbled candy canes!

Alternatively, you can just get hot chocolate bombs which are a huge hit with little and big kids:

Cookie Cutters

We got this set a couple of years ago and it's great! You can use cookie cutters to make cookies or as a fun toddler Christmas stamping craft at the party.

Mini Candy Canes

Don't ask me why but kids LOVE mini candy canes! We recently did a children's holiday market and had some on the table as decoration and for people to take; all the kids were asking to buy them though!

Bubble Wands

Bubbles are a classic goodie bag item, but do NOT get this style! The wand shape never works and kids are always super disappointed.

Instead we like this style or this style wand.

Temporary Tattoos

We're huge fans of temporary tattoos for toddlers and kids! Unlike stickers, they don't end up all over your floor or kitchen cabinets.

It's also a fun activity and kids love showing them off!

Activity Books

Christmas activity books are fantastic and often overlooked goodie bag item!

You can get them at various difficulty levels depending on the primary age of the kids and one's that are more religious or less religious.

The absolute best ones even come with these marker stacks that make a great toy on their own.

Small Plush Toys

Plush toys are great for toddlers as they tend to not have any choking hazards and can't do much damage and only cost about $1 for each.

You can buy mini Christmas plush toys to put in goodie bags or have them on hand as prizes throughout the holiday season or festivities.

NOTE: Some of them are “ornaments” you can leave the ornament hanger on or cut it off, totally up to you! We often use plush ornaments as toys in our home!

Sticker Sheets

Christmas stickers are always a fan favorite! You can get just simple Christmas sticker sheets or more activity based sheets where the kids have to make a face using stickers.

Either way, these are always a hit for kids ages 2 years old to 8 years old (ish)!


I always keep a set of these mini play-doh bulk containers on hand to give out to the kids, or bring with us to an appointment or restaurant. They also make a great good bag gift or stocking stuffer!

Christmas Bracelets

If you think back to your childhood you probably have some fond memory of a slap bracelet, and you'll be happy to hear the tradition has continued AND you can holiday theme it!

From regular Christmas slap bracelets to one's your kids can color and decorate themselves (still Christmas or Grinch themed) these are always one of my kids favorite items!

Christmas Squishies

Christmas squishies capture their imagination and provide a soft, tactile experience perfect for tiny hands. These charming gifts come in various holiday-themed shapes, some even with glitter!

This set is my top pick for Christmas goodie bags.

I don't recommend these for kids under 3 years old in case your toddler decides to try and chew off a piece. If you do have a toddler on that border of mouthing items still, I'd suggest these jumbo Christmas squishies (those are a slightly different texture than the typical squishy) to minimize choking hazards.

Christmas Goody Bag Ideas

When choosing a party favor bag for all your little Christmas gifts there are loads of options! If you have a party theme like the Grinch, you'll be happy to know it's easy to find the perfect goody bags to match!

Beyond that, you can opt for a simpler aesthetic Santa bag or linen one.

Creative Goodie Bags:

Lastly, if your party has holiday goody bag stuffers as prizes or just Christmas favors out, it may be a good idea to let little kids make their own loot bag to take home! Kids can DIY Christmas gift bags using brown paper bags, glitter glue, holiday colors, and stamps or stickers to create different designs and make the perfect goodie bag that fits their personality!

Festive Crafts and Activities

While our creative goodie bag ideas have loads of activities and crafts, it can be fun to set up a couple during a Christmas celebration as well!

I've rounded up a ton of Christmas Activities for Preschoolers + Toddlers here! There's some fun ideas for challenges like “build your own snowman or Santa Claus” an ornament tree farm to get little guests running around!

Customizing Bags for Each Child

Personal touches transform simple goodie bags into cherished keepsakes for little ones. Imagine the twinkle in their eyes when they discover bags emblazoned with their name alongside a jolly Santa or a frolicking reindeer. This gesture goes beyond a mere treat; it fosters a sense of belonging and excitement that heightens the holiday cheer for toddlers.

I find the process of customizing bags to be just as joyful as watching the children unwrap them. Selecting their favorite color, treat, craft supplies, or colors can be a fun way to add special touch. Involving parents can also be a delightful activity, as they can add a personal anecdote or an inside joke that resonates with their child, making these bags all the more prized.

For toddler goodie bags, it's also important to keep age in mind and avoid any choking hazards.

It’s not just about filling the goodie bags with treats; it’s about creating an unforgettable experience. A custom bag serves as a beautiful reminder of a festive day spent in laughter and merriment, becoming a treasured token of a child's magical Christmas. So, take a little extra time to personalize; the joy it brings will be worth every moment.

Wrapping Up With a Bow of Joy

The tiny hands that eagerly delve into a Christmas goodie bag find not just toys and treats but joy, a physical reminder of a day brimming with laughter and festive cheer. The charm of a well-crafted goody bag lies in its ability to extend a celebration's joy, creating ripples of excitement that last well beyond the party.

I love done-for-you bulk packs like this as a great way to jump start the holiday goodie bag, and then personalizing with other picks and small toys on this list for a really meaningful and cherished experience.

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