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Patience & Stalking. A Millennial Love Story.

Sometimes things just “click” in your twenties…

I remember the first time I met my fiancé… It was an October night in Florida, I was 22 years old, and had just finished my waitressing shift, changed in the bathroom, and headed over to a friends pool party. I remember not knowing a lot of people there, and kind of just sitting on the sidelines watching. We maybe said one word to each other, if that, and I forgot about him the next day.

3 Reasons to Have a Long Engagement

Apparently it’s a pretty common stereotype that there are “issues” or something when a couple has a long engagement. A long engagement being defined as anything longer than a year (year and a half max.). We have had many people ask us “are you guys still even getting married?” or “is everything okay with you guys?” How rude