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When Should You Apologize? & When You Shouldn’t: A Complete Guide To The Toxic Culture Around Apologies Today [+ How To Forgive]

Our society has developed a toxic culture around apologies. Today, I’m sharing when you should apologize, when & why we shouldn’t apologize, what to do when someone won’t accept your apology, how to handle the situation when someone demands an apology but you’ve done nothing wrong or it’s not your fault. Let’s break the cycle of the manipulative apology. I hope you walk away with a little more love and forgiveness in our heart. It’s time we stop taking responsibility for other people’s feelings, and we stop trying to control and manipulate others with our feelings and demands of an apology.. 

How To Get Out Of A Creative Rut When Feeling Stuck

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Pretty much immediately after I wrote last weeks post, “3 Painstaking Truths in Life & How to Overcome Them”, where I touch on some of the most common advice we get and how it can often lead to perfection paralysis, I was hit with a full blown case of writers block. 

I’ve been trying to have my posts planned out at least one week in advance… But here I sit Monday morning at 7:45 am writing this trying to get it up today (gotta stick to that schedule!).

5 Questions To Figure Out Your Passion In Life

Everybody says to “follow your passion” but is passion a concrete thing? Can millennials classify it as one thing.

I’d been working and gaining experience since I was 16 in a variety of different fields.

There was freelance photography, working on higher education political initiatives, marketing, but struggled to figure out my dream career when  I came across a book called The Art of Work*.

While I didn’t know it at the time, it would prove to be the exact thing I needed to get me thinking how I would move forward in my life.