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Loom Footwear Review: Is the waterproof sneaker worth it?

loom footwear review

Living in Florida we certainly get our fair share of rain and puddles which got me wondering, “What are the best waterproof shoes?” When I stumbled upon Loom footwear, I didn’t really believe it, “can mesh shoes really be waterproof?! Let alone ones that look so good?!” And the answer is yes my friends! Loom footwear really is a great casual waterproof breathable shoe – but it does have some downsides. Read my personal experience below, and get a discount with my promo code (TCM)!

Best of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020: WOMEN’S

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 has officially begun! And they have some seriously great deals on women’s fashion! Including 2 items I ALWAYS get asked all year long, but are typically either sold out or a little pricey! So definitely don’t sleep on them! Most items are 40% off and tend to sell out before the sale ends!

ALSO – I put together little sliding carousels of OUTFIT ideas so you can see what these items will look like paired together for a complete look!

10 Best Podcasts For 20 Somethings & Confused Millennials At Heart [UPDATED]

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Looking for the best podcasts for 20 somethings & confused millennials at heart?! You’ve come to the right place! I’ve rounded up my “go-to” podcasts! Everything from spirituality, business development, and of course entertainment! Let me know in the comments what your favorite podcasts are!! The Confused Millennial Podcast I mean obviously, it’s the title …

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6 Things I Loved In April

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Another month down in 2019! Ahh! It’s moving so fast! I learned something super interesting this month – astrologically speaking, this year is very similar to 2011 and it’s setting us up for a very similar 2012/2020. What does that mean? It means, that 2012 and 2020 are both years of massive shifts. So 2011 …

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8 Things I Loved In March

Just like that, in a blink of an eye another month down! Now that Reagan is here, the months both feel like they are flying and super slow… I guess that’s where the phrase “the days are long but the weeks or short,” or something like that, comes from! Because that’s how time feels right …

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Things I Loved In February


Happy March! Things have been crazy around here! SO many things happening around here in February! First… Our birth story! I mean I lived it in January, but in February I shared it with you all! It’s easily one of my favorite posts and podcast episodes ever! I mean, not just because it ends with …

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