Life Lessons

Reflections on life lessons learned with age or through tv or movies. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy these life lessons for adults and millennials.

When Should You Apologize? & When You Shouldn’t: A Complete Guide To The Toxic Culture Around Apologies Today [+ How To Forgive]

Our society has developed a toxic culture around apologies. Today, I’m sharing when you should apologize, when & why we shouldn’t apologize, what to do when someone won’t accept your apology, how to handle the situation when someone demands an apology but you’ve done nothing wrong or it’s not your fault. Let’s break the cycle of the manipulative apology. I hope you walk away with a little more love and forgiveness in our heart. It’s time we stop taking responsibility for other people’s feelings, and we stop trying to control and manipulate others with our feelings and demands of an apology.. 

59 Books Everyone Should Read in Their Early 20s

12 books everyone should read in their twenties.  Book list for millennials. Reading lists in your twenties can be hard to find. Check out these books. Literature. Book Nerd. Book worm.

I always get asked what the best books to read in your early 20s are, or even just what are the books every millennial should read… but the truth is there are so many books we all need in our lives. We need fiction books inspired by true stories or real life events that let us into the heart and soul or allow us to reimagine worlds we think we knew. We need non fiction books to offer us tips, advice, and experiences that can only be shared by an inspirational messenger who lived it and practices what they preach. Some books may be better suited for females and other for males and others for non-identifying. But the reality is, there are so many good books out there, and while this is a long list of some of the best books to read before 30, it’s not the only list. This is a (hopefully) balanced reading list for how to survive your 20s with books on career, finance, overcoming adversity and tragedy, life hacks, new perspectives, helping the planet and more. 

How to Cope with Anxiety

Are you struggling with anxiety or depression? How do you cope with anxiety in real life with real responsibilities pulling at you? I share my real life experience on coping with anxiety and depression since childhood, in college, and into adulthood.

3 Reasons to Have a Long Engagement

Apparently it’s a pretty common stereotype that there are “issues” or something when a couple has a long engagement. A long engagement being defined as anything longer than a year (year and a half max.). We have had many people ask us “are you guys still even getting married?” or “is everything okay with you guys?” How rude

How Giving $150 To Strangers Didn’t Go As Planned: 5 Lessons Learned

Generosity; the readiness or act of giving more of something, like money or time, than is necessary or required.

I would be nowhere without the generosity of others. Truly, I’ve had moments in my life where I’ve felt totally alone. I struggled with wanting to live when friends would drop off food or mixed tapes just to remind me they were thinking of me. I’ve cried on the beach and had a stranger sit down willing to listen and offer a hug. People have held space for me emotionally, given me their time, and even their money to help me navigate life.