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Halloween DIY Spooky Vase / Candy Bowl – Dollar Tree Hack!

dollar tree halloween diy spooky vase from bowls

I LOVE this dollar tree DIY hack because it’s not only easy and affordable, but you can use it once Halloween is over! It’s the perfect spooky candy bowl, serving bowl, or creepy vase for your house plants! Once Halloween has passed you can reuse it exactly as is or you can recoat the top layer in your preferred color to continue using it as kitchenware or house decor all year long!

Dollar Tree Halloween DIY Decor: Cousin Itt From Addams Family

Who else was an Addams Family fan growing up?! When I saw these Hula skirts at the Dollar Tree I grabbed a handful – not knowing totally what I’d use them for but I knew they would come in handy! In fact, I have another DIY in the pipeline with them to create a jute pumpkin – so stay tuned! They ended up being the PERFECT look and texture to create a DIY Cousin Itt Halloween Decoration using only items from the Dollar Tree! Below you’ll find a video tutorial and step-by-step text explanation of how to make your own Cousin It!

DIY Halloween Ghost Garland [Only $3 Dollar Tree Hack!!]

DIY Halloween Ghost Garland

Okay I’m OBSESSED with these cute little Casper the ghosts! I made this DIY Ghost Garland using only supplies from the Dollar Tree and I have to say, it’s quickly become one of my FAVORITE Halloween Dollar Tree DIYs!! It’s cute, easy, and affordable at only $3!!

How To Make A Dollar Tree Halloween Ornament Wreath

Sharing how to make a Dollar Tree Halloween ornament wreath in this step-by-step tutorial today! It’s the first wreath I’ve ever made and I only used supplies from the dollar store! I’m SO obsessed with how it came out! Totally gives me “Nightmare Before Christmas” vibes!

VEJO Review: Is It Worth It? Does The Portable Blender Work?

When I first heard about Vejo I was SO intrigued! A portable blender focused on nutrition, packed with organic fruits and vegetables that I can bring anywhere with me?! Sign me up! So I got my starter kit and have had it for a few months now… which leaves the big question: is Vejo worth it?

How To DIY Easy Fun Wall Painting: Creative Idea For Wall Mural

How To DIY Easy Fun Wall Painting: Creative Idea For Wall Mural! A easy, fun, creative idea for any playroom, bedroom, living room, or nursery to add a little color and inspiration to your home living space! See the step-by-step tutorial and tips I have for re-creating and personalizing this DIY wall mural! #wallpainting #wallmural

I KNEW I wanted to do a DIY mural wall painting for my daughter’s playroom and am SO in love with how this project came out! Sharing how to DIY an EASY, fun, wall painting to add some creative flare to your space! I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process, with video, I used to create this Instagram-worthy statement wall (not trying to toot my own horn, but I got the inspo from Instagram). This is SO easy and the perfect way to create a custom diy mural wall painting for any kids rooms! You can swap out the colors or quote to match your style!

How To DIY Phases Of The Moon Wall Hanging Decor | Easy Boho Finish

It’s no secret I love the moon! Heck, I named my daughter after it (read more about her unique baby girl name here!). We have moon wallpaper in my office, and these adorable moon prints in our desert-moon themed nursery that I always get compliments on! So when it came to this awkward dead space on one of the walls in our home, I knew I wanted to DIY a custom phases of the moon wall hanging to add a little unique home decor that continued the overall theme throughout.