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Trouble Drinking Water During Pregnancy? 5 Tips To Stay Hydrated While Pregnant!

This post is sponsored by Stanley Brand. All thoughts, experiences, and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands who support TCM! If you told me I’d have trouble drinking water during pregnancy, I would’ve looked at you like you were crazy! Could water seriously bring on nausea and morning sickness for a pregnant …

Trouble Drinking Water During Pregnancy? 5 Tips To Stay Hydrated While Pregnant! Read More »

Daily Harvest Review: Is It Worth It? BRUTALLY HONEST TASTE TEST!

Is daily harvest worth it? Sharing my brutally honest thoughts in this review of Daily Harvest. I tested out their smoothies, flatbread, ice cream, and harvest bowls and I’m not holding anything back! Watch the video to see what Daily Harvest really looks like when you make it at home, learn about how pricing and cost of the items works, and of course answering the big question: does the smoothie delivery and ice cream delivery result in melted food?!? And lastly, I have a Daily Harvest promo code for you! Use discount code TCM25 for $25 off your first box here!

When Should You Apologize? & When You Shouldn’t: A Complete Guide To The Toxic Culture Around Apologies Today [+ How To Forgive]

Our society has developed a toxic culture around apologies. Today, I’m sharing when you should apologize, when & why we shouldn’t apologize, what to do when someone won’t accept your apology, how to handle the situation when someone demands an apology but you’ve done nothing wrong or it’s not your fault. Let’s break the cycle of the manipulative apology. I hope you walk away with a little more love and forgiveness in our heart. It’s time we stop taking responsibility for other people’s feelings, and we stop trying to control and manipulate others with our feelings and demands of an apology.. 

VEJO Review: Is It Worth It? Does The Portable Blender Work?

When I first heard about Vejo I was SO intrigued! A portable blender focused on nutrition, packed with organic fruits and vegetables that I can bring anywhere with me?! Sign me up! So I got my starter kit and have had it for a few months now… which leaves the big question: is Vejo worth it?

How To Lift Out Of The Confusion Of 2020

This is a post that’s been on my heart for a while now. I knew I wanted to say something, but I didn’t know what to say. It’s no secret that 2020 has been a global sh!tshow. Each day seems to unveil some new injustice, atrocity, or tragedy. People screaming loud, people shaming, and the majority I speak with (myself included)? Sitting in confusion about the truth. It got me wondering, how do we lift ourselves out of the confusion of 2020?