Money Saving Tips

No Buy Challenge: How To Successfully Save Money

I completed a no buy challenge that ended up lasting nearly 3 years! Yep, you read that right! What started off as a 30 day spending freeze turned into a multi-year spending fast! I really was looking to stop overspending at the time and needed a “no shopping” challenge to do it. Of course, I didn’t spend $0 and the name “no buy challenge” can be a bit misleading if you’re taking this on for longer periods of time. What I really did was a”low buy challenge” but we’ll talk more setting yourself up for success with either a no buy or low buy experience!

How To Live Below Your Means So You Don’t Feel Miserable

I think we can all agree there are some serious benefits of living below your means. Everything from greater peace of mind to reaching your financial goals faster… Sounds great right? So why don’t more people do it? I think it’s because we have this false belief that when we cut back and spend less than we earn, or live on a low income, it must feel miserable.

What Is A Sinking Fund? Why You Need One + How To Set It Up: A Complete Guide To Sinking Funds

In the financial world, many people know what an emergency fund is; whether it’s because they have one themselves, or can simply figure it out from the name. However, far fewer people have heard of or utilize a sinking fund intentionally. Truthfully, a sinking fund is something we should all have. It saves our emergency …

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19 Tips For Affordable Living On The Fly

I think we all want to live our best lives without going into debt. Personally, I think it is possible to be financially healthy without feeling deprived. Today, I’m breaking down my top tips for affordable living on the fly. These tips are all geared to help you create a lifestyle that supports you in making quick healthy financial choices while on the go.