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DIY Woodland Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath: Only $6!!!

DIY Woodland Dollar Tree Christmas Wreath: Only $6!!!

After making my Dollar Tree Ornament Wreath for Halloween I knew I wanted to do another Dollar Tree wreath for Christmas – but I wanted to to look classy and chic – not cheap. Queue this gorgeous Woodland Owl Christmas Wreath you can make for only $6 using supplies just from the dollar store! Below you’ll find the DIY dollar tree wreath tutorial and a youtube wreath tutorial video with some additional wreath ideas for making this holiday decor your own.

Dollar Tree Mini Christmas Tree DIY: 3 Tabletop Tree Hacks You Need!

Dollar Tree Mini Christmas Tree DIY: 3 Tabletop Tree Hacks You Need! tabletop christmas tree

If you’re wondering if the Dollar Tree has mini Christmas Trees the answer is YES! The Dollar Store sells these tabletop Christmas Trees – but they are a little *ahem* underwhelming… Which is why you’re going to LOVE these DIY Christmas hacks I have for them! Below you’ll find 3 Dollar Tree Mini Christmas tree DIY hacks you’ll definitely want to try this year for a fuller, farmhouse, and boho finish to your holiday decor!

How Do You Make A Christmas Mailbox For Under $5? Dollar Tree Holiday Hack

How Do You Make A Christmas Mailbox For Under $5? Dollar Tree Holiday Hack

Wondering “How Do You Make A Christmas Mailbox For Under $5?” You’re going to LOVE this Dollar Tree Holiday Hack!! It’s such an easy Christmas craft, that kids can even do it! Plus it’s the perfect place to leave Santa a letter or set out his milk and cookies on Christmas Eve! So throw on one of the Best Christmas Movies To Watch This Holiday Season to watch in the background while you and the family get to Christmas crafting using only items from the Dollar Tree!

How Do You Make A Witch Hat Out Of Paper? Dollar Tree Halloween DIY!

Wondering how do you make a witch hat out of paper? Look no further! Today I’ll be walking you through this really simple Dollar Tree Halloween DIY to make a easy homemade witch hat! It’s a no-sew DIY that you can also substitute felt for instead of paper! Below you’ll find a template you can customize so it can fit your little witch, wizard, or even a fun little witches hat for a pumpkin (see video!).

Halloween Matching Game – Free Printable for Toddlers + Preschool Kids

I’m THRILLED to share this Halloween Matching game! Memory and matching games are kind of my jam (I still play memory games online to this day!) PLUS they are amazing for kids! In this post, I’ll give you tips for using it with your toddlers, preschoolers, and even school aged kids! If I’m honest, my husband and I have played this almost every night by ourselves since I made it!

How To Make “Hey Boo” Halloween Banner with Felt Ghost: Dollar Tree Halloween DIY

hey boo diy banner

I saw this adorable “hey boo” Halloween banner in the background of someone’s Instagram photo and knew right away I wanted to make it one of my Halloween Dollar Tree DIYs!! It’s a really cute, easy, and affordable Halloween decor hack for only $3!! Plus I have a stencil for you to download and print to make it even EASIER! Below you’ll learn how to make a “Hey Boo” Halloween Banner with a felt ghost using only Dollar Tree supplies!

Halloween DIY Spooky Vase / Candy Bowl – Dollar Tree Hack!

dollar tree halloween diy spooky vase from bowls

I LOVE this dollar tree DIY hack because it’s not only easy and affordable, but you can use it once Halloween is over! It’s the perfect spooky candy bowl, serving bowl, or creepy vase for your house plants! Once Halloween has passed you can reuse it exactly as is or you can recoat the top layer in your preferred color to continue using it as kitchenware or house decor all year long!

Dollar Tree Halloween DIY Decor: Cousin Itt From Addams Family

Who else was an Addams Family fan growing up?! When I saw these Hula skirts at the Dollar Tree I grabbed a handful – not knowing totally what I’d use them for but I knew they would come in handy! In fact, I have another DIY in the pipeline with them to create a jute pumpkin – so stay tuned! They ended up being the PERFECT look and texture to create a DIY Cousin Itt Halloween Decoration using only items from the Dollar Tree! Below you’ll find a video tutorial and step-by-step text explanation of how to make your own Cousin It!

DIY Halloween Ghost Garland [Only $3 Dollar Tree Hack!!]

DIY Halloween Ghost Garland

Okay I’m OBSESSED with these cute little Casper the ghosts! I made this DIY Ghost Garland using only supplies from the Dollar Tree and I have to say, it’s quickly become one of my FAVORITE Halloween Dollar Tree DIYs!! It’s cute, easy, and affordable at only $3!!

How To Make A Dollar Tree Halloween Ornament Wreath

Sharing how to make a Dollar Tree Halloween ornament wreath in this step-by-step tutorial today! It’s the first wreath I’ve ever made and I only used supplies from the dollar store! I’m SO obsessed with how it came out! Totally gives me “Nightmare Before Christmas” vibes!