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6 Creative Ways for College Students to Make Money

6 creative ways for college students to make money,  Earning some money as a college student can feel impossible. Check out these creative ways for college students to make money and start a side hustle so you can graduate with less student debt and more financial freedom

How can college students profit in the sharing economy? By definition college students already live a flexible life compared to their traditionally employed counterparts. So why not embrace this and give college students a crash course in the sharing economy?

Is College Really Worth the Struggle? Thoughts from a Recent Graduate

 Is college really worth the investment? What are the benefits of college? Are you a college student? Are you taking part in these five pillars for college success, academics, socializing, extracurriculars, professional development and networking, and time management? Check out the confused millennials thoughts from an inspiring millennial

College. It’s a word that makes many tremble before it or reminisce about a time lost to eternity; but what does a 4-year college experience offer us that nothing else can? 

Here is what I got out of college as a 4-year student at Indiana University in Bloomington broken down into what I call “the five pillars for college success”.