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5 Secrets to Overcoming Interview Jitters

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My hands shook with excitement as I hung up the phone and did a full on happy dance on the middle of the crowded street. I GOT THE INTERVIEW! I could barely get the text out to my boyfriend, I was shaking so much with excitement… and then the nerves settled in. 

5 Questions To Figure Out Your Passion In Life

Everybody says to “follow your passion” but is passion a concrete thing? Can millennials classify it as one thing.

I’d been working and gaining experience since I was 16 in a variety of different fields.

There was freelance photography, working on higher education political initiatives, marketing, but struggled to figure out my dream career when  I came across a book called The Art of Work*.

While I didn’t know it at the time, it would prove to be the exact thing I needed to get me thinking how I would move forward in my life.

6 Tips To Work Smarter, Not Harder

TRUTH: I’d much rather work smarter, not harder. I see so many people running around saying how “busy” they are, but honestly, I don’t want to be busy. I don’t want to manifest that quality of life for myself. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind rolling up my sleeves and getting dirty, putting in long hours, but IMO, work should be fun.

We spend so much of our lives doing it, it should be boosting our mood, elevating ourselves (and society), and moving toward the greater good. When we take the idea of “working hard” it feels like we are automatically condemning ourselves in a tug of war between happiness and the hustle… no thank you. I think the two should be integrated, not battling it out for the limelight.