Books to read in your 20s or as a young adult.

59 Books Everyone Should Read in Their Early 20s

12 books everyone should read in their twenties.  Book list for millennials. Reading lists in your twenties can be hard to find. Check out these books. Literature. Book Nerd. Book worm.

I always get asked what the best books to read in your early 20s are, or even just what are the books every millennial should read… but the truth is there are so many books we all need in our lives. We need fiction books inspired by true stories or real life events that let us into the heart and soul or allow us to reimagine worlds we think we knew. We need non fiction books to offer us tips, advice, and experiences that can only be shared by an inspirational messenger who lived it and practices what they preach. Some books may be better suited for females and other for males and others for non-identifying. But the reality is, there are so many good books out there, and while this is a long list of some of the best books to read before 30, it’s not the only list. This is a (hopefully) balanced reading list for how to survive your 20s with books on career, finance, overcoming adversity and tragedy, life hacks, new perspectives, helping the planet and more. 

29 Best Selling Christmas Books For Babies & Young Children That You All Will Love

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Oh how I love Christmas time! There’s nothing quite like the frosty lights, snowy trees, and memories. One of the best parts about growing up and having kids, is getting to witness the joy of Christmas through children’s eyes. So I’m really excited to round up 29 of the best selling Christmas Books for babies …

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Writing Your Life’s Mission Statement

 Writing your life's mission statement is so important for your success. It can help you find fulfillment and happiness quicker, it can help you write your personal statement for college or your business mission statement if you're an entrepreneur.

In business we write mission statements to show our consumers our heart and soul. A mission statements showcases that we are more focused on a movement than money. It brings employees together, it bonds us with our consumer, and it acts as a guiding light when we are tested or challenged. 

When applying to college we write a “personal statement”, similar to a mission statement, but 

Inspiring Millennials with Lost Gen Y Girl, Kayla Buell

 Are you a twenty something trying to navigate the corporate world? Don't want to piss off your boss at work? Check out this vlog with Lost Gen Y Girl, Kayla Buell, as she shares about her book on surviving the corporate world in your twenties, plus how she started a blog, maintained her integrity with it, and how she practices acceptance and defines success for herself! - The Confused Millennial Vlog

Kayla Buell is the Lost Gen Y Girl, maybe you’ve read her blog? Or better yet, her book The Twenty Somethings Guide to the Corporate World? Seriously it is laugh out loud funny, completely relatable, and packed with actionable advice. I wish I had this book when I was starting in the corporate world. It’s full of the unspoken language they should’ve taught us in school.