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10 Things I Loved In July

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Thank you to Cosmetics Hideaways for sponsoring todays post. As always, all thoughts, opinions, and experiences are my own. 10 Things I Loved In July Manifesting Ever since I was a little girl, I believed in all things woo-woo, supernatural, and energetic. I used to have dreams that would happen in reality. As I’ve grown …

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Stitch Fix Review. Is it Really worth it?

 Is Stitch Fix really worth all the hype? Pinners go crazy for it! Bloggers love having a stylist send them clothes! But is it really worth the investment? Can a stylist you've never met really find clothes that fit perfectly and match your taste? Check out my review of Stitch Fix after 3

I hate shopping. Seriously, I suck at it. I get totally overwhelmed and frustrated during the entire process. In high school, I would go to the mall every week with a few friends, where I would get lost and separated from the group. I have never understood how shopping was a group or partnered activity. You walk in, you scan the items, you try on, you buy and leave. My objective is to get in and out as fast as possible. I do not want the sales person to talk with me. I try not to make direct eye contact with anyone. 

5 Tips to Skip The “Wet Dog” Look Post Workout

 Tired of the

Recently I was talking with a former co-worker of mine, when she said “How did you go to yoga in the middle of the workday and come back looking so flawless? I couldn’t do it!”

The truth is I workout in some way (walking, barre, yoga, spinning, whatever), every day and only wash my hair every 1-2 weeks (depending on the time of year).

*Also noteworthy: I HATE doing my hair, and don’t own a blow-dryer. I get two hair cuts a year and generally dislike taking care of my appearance.

The Secret to the BEST At Home Spa Night

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Looking to step up your at home spa night game? In today’s post I am sharing my number one secret for creating the best at home spa experience! Seriously it will have the stress melting away in moments!

Inspiring Millennials with Alyssa Coleman

 Alyssa Coleman is a holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher. Alyssa shares her experience with school and starting a business in this weeks episode of

This weeks episode of the “Inspiring Millennials” vlog series is with Alyssa Coleman! Alyssa is a Holistic Nutritionist and yoga teacher. During the vlog Alyssa shares her experience in switching career paths, launching a business and the mistakes she made, and how she transitioned to having a successful on-line business. Alyssa gives actionable advice on business and self-care during the interview.

5 Benefits of An Oil Diffuser

5 benefits of essential oil diffuser,  How to naturally get rid of a headache? Wish you could get more done everyday organically? Oil diffusers and essential oils can help! Essentials oils are powerful and by diffusing them into the air in your home or office you can see major benefits in mood, productivity, and health. Click to read more at The Confused Millennial.

I get chronic tension headaches and oil diffusers have been one of the oil ways to cure them, and my old oil diffuser recently burned up and died (literally the thing was smoking and about to catch on fire!). What are the benefits of oil diffusers? Aside from clearing up my headaches they have also been shown to boost productivity and improve mood as well as these 5 main benefits: 

PiperWai Natural Deodorant Review

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It’s an all natural deodorant packed with essential oils and made with activated charcoal that claims to absorb wetness. 

I was so excited when it arrived! I waited like a month, which I expected since I ordered it shortly after the Shark Tank craze and most products take a while after that.