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11 Cheap & Easy At Home Spa Hacks

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Looking to step up your relaxation game without breaking the bank? Check out these ten cheap and easy at home spa hacks! They will have you relaxing in no time!

Six Months After Using Those Weird Period Underwear: THINX [UPDATE: 3 YEARS LATER + POSTPARTUM]

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Every wonder about those weird period underwear: thinx? I certainly did! In an effort to find a healthier solution to Aunt Flow and a more eco-friendly option for that time of the month, I turned to the brand SheThinx. This is my experience about Thinx underwear that I bought with my money. I first wrote this article after 6 months of using them and recently updated it to include my experience after three years wearing thinx! Including what the FAQ’s I get like what happens if you put thinx in the dryer? How do Thinx hold up postpartum? And so much more!  

Easy Last Minute Snapchat Inspired Halloween Costumes

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I planned this post to be about “easy makeup based Halloween costumes”. However, i find makeup to be confusing, so I decided to share a few extremely easy Snapchat inspired Halloween costumes you can make in under 5 minutes.

Life Hack: How To Pamper Yourself & Give Back With Just $40

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I’ve been thinking A LOT about wellness lately. I see so many people posting “self love 4 the win” but then their next post is almost always, “I feel so drained and just can’t even .” Which seems a bit like a disconnect to me? We are at this amazing point in history where women are rising up as powerful leaders. I see so many boss babes sharing authentically, passionately, and vulnerably… only to burning out right after. Which is why we have to pamper ourselves!

Rose Water: Everything You Need To Know [Benefits, Uses, & DIY]

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Ohhh rose water how I LOVE the!

You guys might remember, what a rough time I had when I went off birth control. I had the worst cramps (both around my period and ovulation), and felt hormonal and totally out of balance. BLECH. But then I found out about alll the benefits of rose water…

The Confused Millennial’s Wellness Trends To Try In 2018

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I fully intended to write about the wellness trends I wanted to try last year, but I think it was hard for me to write about last year, because my wellness journey isn’t complete. It’s ever evolving and changing and I felt completely insecure sharing about it since I’m still discovering it. Butttt, since so many of you requested more wellness content, here is the start of it! My wellness trends to try in 2018…

10 Things I Loved In August

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Current obsessions: pistol lake athleisure, our new couch from City Furniture, beauty products from H2O+ and yesto, flamingos and more!