5 Best Bubble Machines For Toddlers + Kids in 2023 | Outdoor Party Fun

Parents and caregivers know just how much kids love bubbles – and how exhausting it can be to constantly blow bubbles all day. Bubble machines for toddlers and kids make a great gift for the entire family and can make any outdoor party or regular backyard day extra fun! Below, discover the best bubble machines for toddlers and kids, how to choose one, and some bonus adorable bubble makers toddlers are sure to love by solely on design!

Best Bubble Machine Overall: Gazillion Bubble Rush Bubble Blower Machine

Gazillion Bubbles are known for having some of the best bubble solution, so it should come as no surprise that they offer one of the best overall bubble machines for toddlers and kids on the market.

We are a huge fans of the upright design that allows you to twist the bubble solution bottle in place (meaning parents don't need to keep getting up to refill it). Any bubble solution that doesn't get caught and used falls into a recycling tray – so there's no wasted solution!

Beyond that, it truly does blast a gazillion bubbles into the hair with it's high powered motor.

  • Comes with 8 oz Gazillion Bubbles solution
  • No spill design that catches and recycles dripping/lost solution
  • Can twist and lock bubble solution into machine for easy dispensing as needed
  • Requires 6 AA batteries, not included

Best Bubble Machine For Parties: Zerhunt

Zernhunt is one of the best selling top rated bubble machines on the market. It's a perfect choice for parties, or just large backyards.

It runs on 6 C batteries for up to 2 hours OR you can use the included power adapter to plug it in. The bubble tank holds up to 400 ml of solution so the bubbles keep on coming for hours.

We personally love that it has a various speed settings, so you can slow it down if you notice any foaming (a common issue with all bubble machines running continuously after a while). There's also a handle to easily carry or reposition it and it comes in black or white.

  • Can plugin or run cordless on batteries
  • Multiple speed settings
  • Boasts 5000 bubbles per minute
  • Fill tank needs to be at least 2/3 full to run properly (NOTE: This is standard for all bubble machines with the tank and rotating arms situated like this)

Best Spill Proof Bubble Machine: JOYIN 3 Bubble Guns Kit

JOYIN makes these great bubble gun kits that come as a set of 3 with either 3 or 6 bottles of solution (depending on the style you buy).

Just twist the solution bottles to the base of the bubble gun, then press the button for a personal, handheld, spill proof bubble machine.

These make awesome favors for parties or backyard fun for multiple kids. If you bring to a playground or beach, we suggest bringing extra because your toddler is sure to make new friends!

  • Includes at least one bottle of bubble solution per bubble gun
  • Various colors to choose from
  • Comes with necessary batteries
  • This style of bubble machine tends to burn through bubbles VERY fast, be sure to have extra bubble solution on hand to refill

Best Bubble Machine For Babies + Young Toddlers: Little Kids FUBBLES NO Spill Bubble Lawn Mower

FUBBLES bubbles, much like Gazillion bubbles, have been a trust name in the bubble space for years so it's no surprise their no spill bubble lawn mower is one of the best bubble makers on the market.

There's an easy on/off switch next to the refillable solution tank at the top of the bubble lawn mower. Parents can appreciate the 2 in 1 play design of both a bubble machine and pretend play lawn mower.

This bubble machine is rated safe for 18 months and up, making it one of the best picks for young toddlers. NOTE: When left on, this will make continuous bubbles for up to 20 minutes

  • One of the only – if not the only – no spill bubble lawn mower on the market
  • Easy to assemble (takes 5 minutes to unbox, set up, and start playing)
  • Comes with bubble solution
  • Easy on/off switch
  • Secure refillable container
  • 3 AA batteries required but not included

Best DIY Bubble Machine: KiwiCo

If you're looking for a montessori bubble machine that brings hands on learning to life, look no further! We love KiwiCo for their innovate STEAM kits for newborns to adults and were thrilled to discover their DIY bubble machine kit.

Though it's rated for 8 year olds and up; though we think it's a fun project for parents and toddlers to do together too!

Kids will learn all about construction, physics, chemistry and more while building the bubble machine! Beyond that, toddlers can also make their own bubble mix and pipe-cleaner bubble wand for practicing bubble tricks with the bonus included instructions.

The bubble machine kit comes with everything you need to build your own bubble machine plus additional learning printable activities and video to go deeper into Bubble Science.

  • Hands on STEM learning
  • Bonus activities included
  • Technically rated for 8 year old and up; but sub activities are appropriate for toddlers to do independently and they can build the machine with adult help

Character Bubble Machines For Toddlers

Most bubble machines have the same issues: the motor isn't strong enough to blow bubbles out against the wind, the bubble solution starts to foam and the wand gets clogged with foam so it stops making bubbles, the solution spills from aggressive toddlers. The following picks are all pretty average – some reviews complain of the aforementioned things, others don't. But if you're looking for the cutest or most beloved character bubble machines, these will be your top picks:

How To Choose The Best Bubble Machine For Toddlers

Battery operated or plug in

Most bubble machines are battery operated, and if you keep them running all day you could burn through batteries pretty quickly. If you plan to use a bubble machine for a parties, we suggest choosing one that has a plug-in option so the fun doesn't need to stop if batteries die.

Tank design

Some bubble machines have a front load design, where about 1/3 of the bubble solution sits untouched and can easily spill out the front lip.

Others have a top loading design, these tend to be “no spill”


When you have excited, impatient toddlers bouncing up and down you want a bubble maker that can easily be refilled. In our experience, the front load design are the easiest to refill; but are also the easiest to spill. While some of the better “no spill” designs require you to untwist a chamber to refill. Both have pros and cons obviously so make the best choice for your kids.


Kids can be rough with their playthings, even when they don't mean to be. While most bubble machines are easy to operate with the touch of a button, you also want to consider how durable the design is (and likely a button is to break) in case of drops or knock overs.

FAQS About Bubble Machines For Toddlers

What age is a bubble machine for? 

Bubbles from a bubble machine can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

Bubble machines themselves are generally rated safe for 36 months and up. Most bubble machines do not undergo additional ASTM and CPSC testing to be marked compliant for infants, instead they opt for the standard “3 years and up” certification most toys have.

Are bubbles safe for toddlers?

Generally speaking, yes bubbles are safe for toddlers.

Of course you wouldn't want your little one drinking bubble solution as it could cause nausea, vomiting, or other stomach issues; but general bubble play is actually quite beneficial for toddlers. Even if they try catching the bubbles with their mouth, you likely have nothing to worry about.

What are the benefits of bubble machines for toddlers?

Aside from giving parents and caregivers a much needed break from blowing bubbles constantly, bubbles create a fun atmosphere for making memories. Bubble machines also create a larger number of bubbles for larger groups to chase after and work on various motor skills. Additionally, bubble machines provide an opportunity for imaginative and creative play as well as language development.

Are children's bubbles toxic?

Generally speaking bubbles are considered nontoxic as they are just soap, water, and glycerin (maybe some sugar too).

Of course, different brands have different ingredients and everyone's definition of toxic varies. When in doubt, you can always DIY your own bubble solution for the safest option available.

Which bubble solution is best?

Gazillion bubbles solution historically makes the best bubbles around! They have a beautiful color, hold their shape, and you really do get a gazillion bubbles out of one blow.

How much does a bubble machine cost?

Bubble machines generally cost as little as $6 or as much as $200 for very heavy duty outdoor party bubble makers.

Most bubble machines that are decent enough quality cost around $15-50 in our experience though.

Can bubble machines be used indoors?

Yes, bubble machines can be used indoors. However depending on the amount of bubbles created and size of the room, you do run the risk of creating a slippery soapy mess on the floor.

Personally, we think bubble machines are generally a better outdoor item. If you do plan to use a bubble maker indoors, look for one with speed settings or be prepared to turn it on and off every few seconds as you let toddlers and kids chase after and pop the bubbles just created.

Where are the best places to buy cute bubble machines?

Target is the first place that comes to mind for buying cute bubble machines for toddlers and kids. However I'm also a huge fan of Maisonette for higher quality bubble makers than Target.

Beyond that, you can always enjoy 20% off at Bed Bath & beyond selection of bubble makers here. Or Amazon, Kohls, and Walmart all tend to have some adorable hidden gems and even classic characters.

Final thoughts

The best bubble machine for parties is the Zerhunt thanks to the fact it can generate 5000 bubbles per minute, has various speeds, and can run on batteries or plug in.

We're also a huge fan of the Gazillion Bubble Rush Bubble Blower Machine thanks to it's smart design. The Zerhunt requires about 1/3 of the tank to be full of solution that essentially goes untouched; but the Gazillion Bubble Rush continues to recycle that solution and lets you lock the solution in place. We personally wouldn't use it for parties as you may find yourself constantly replacing solution bottles, but it's a great go to for everyday backyard hangs.

Lastly, the Little Kids FUBBLES Bubble Lawn Mower is a must have for backyard toys in our opinion! It's great for new walkers or older toddlers and kids. Unlike most bubble lawn mowers, this one is no spill!