Bloggers & Small Business Owners, Here Is The Best Email Marketing Provider

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Doing a little “Ask Rachel” on the blog today.

One reader asks: “Hi Rachel! My only question for you is more of a blogging question, if that's alright. I'm a blogger as well, and I'm not very happy with the email service I'm using right now. Then I opened your beautiful email and got inspired! I love how all the information is organized and appears to be floating in its own little box. So my question is, what email provider do you use? “

So I wanted to introduce y'all to my mailing list provider: MAILERLITE!

I've compared Mailerlite vs. Mailchimp vs. Madmimi vs. Convertkit, to try and figure out which is the best email marketing provider for bloggers and small businesses and mailerlite has been the clear winner for me.

If you don't know about mailerlite you have been missing out! I've been with them for almost three years now and have just noticed them getting a little attention and love in FB groups and on the interwebs.

I have used mailchimp, madmimi, and leadpages before and made the switch to mailerlite almost two years ago and couldn't be happier (I never messed with Converkit since it's so expensive and just seems complicated). Here is why:

Unlike other more complicated mailing services (*cough* mailchimp *cough*) mailerlite is easy to use, it's price can't be beat, and it's functionality just keeps getting better!

Ease of Use:

Mailerlite is a drag and drop template editor! Basically all you need is your hex codes (for your brand colors) and everything else just falls into place!

You simply start with “campaign” and fill in the subject, language, and who it's from fields (BONUS: no code for personalization! Just choose from the drop down menu!)

mailerlite campaign fields


Next, you edit your content. You just drag and drop the type of layout you want.

mailerlite easy to use mailing provider design content


If you toggle from the “content” option to the “design” option, you'll see you can use their pre-done color schemes, or create one for your brand that saves for future use.


mailerlite easy to use mailing provider design content


You'll also notice in the top right corner, you can actually preview what your email will look like on mobile which is super fun!

After you finish editing, you just choose your recipients and send/schedule! WHAM! It's literally that easy!

To make things even easier, what I do each week is just click the “campaigns” tab in the menu, go to my last newsletter, and just click “copy”. It will then create a copy of my last newsletter in my “drafts” which I can easily edit.

No joke, my newsletter takes me 10 minutes each week. 



Instead of spending a bunch of money on leadpages and leadboxes, you can actually do the exact same thing on mailerlite!

Click “Webforms” then “add new”. Name your form.

You will then be prompted to choose a form type.

mailerlite opt in options



It's literally a pop up on your website. The cool thing with mailerlite is you can turn it off when someone is on mobile (which Google prefers), and you can set the frequency! So I have it set to only show once every few days to visitors and triggered only when people are moving to X out of my site.


You can actually create a landing page with your unique domain name or a generic one. I use this for my Forbes opt-in. It's literally the same concept as Leadpages, so why pay more?


I have this in my side nav menu and on my home page under my “featured” graphics. Easy to set up, and integrate with WordPress & Squarespace. Can't recommend it enough!


This is literally the same thing as leadboxes! I have this at the bottom of 99% of my blog posts but here are two examples just to show you how they've advance (the first is from a year ago before they did this snazy update to the second one (and I just haven't updated mine yet):

As you can see, you can change the text, width, colors, gradient, etc.


Easy Automation:

You can set up a single welcome e-mail for new subscribers (which I highly recommend, so they don't forget they signed up for your newsletter then mark you as spam if you don't mail out for weeks!) — or you can set up a series of emails (sales funnels, newsletter course, etc.).

You can also put different subscribers into different “groups” based on what they opted in under, which allows you to send a custom automation based on that “list”.


Okay,  I know this all looks good and sounds easyyyy… but what's it going to cost you?


For 1,000 subscribers and below, you get 100% access to everything FOR FREE!!

Mailchimp only grants you access to some of it's functionality for your first 1,000!

Other fun things about mailerlite: The free plan also has access to chat & email support if you get stuck or have any issues, you can do A/B testing, tracking, create an “unsubscribe” page & set up auto-resending for non-openers (very helpful when doing a sales funnel!)

Seriously, I don't get why anyone would use a different mailing provider. They are continuing to grow it, add features, and make improvements.

GDPR Compliant

Also with all the GDPR hoop-la Mailerlite was on top of making sure everything was compliant. They sent out regular emails to ensure there were no unnecessary freak outs. All of their forms now have GDPR check box tools to make sure things are super clear. And they created a “GDPR” segment of your list so you could mail out for re-subscribe confirmation or “forget” them if they didn't re-opt in. What gems!

You can sign up for mailerlite today for free by clicking here.


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  1. I joined MailChimp and have yet to even create a newsletter because it seemed too complicated. Glad I’m not the only one- will def check out Mailerlite!

  2. I am so glad I read this article! I literally have never hear of them so I am so excited to check them out!

  3. Yay for MailerLite! I switched over 4 or 5 months ago and I was floored by how amazing they are! I actually switched from ConvertKit, haha. And I’ve been trying to recruit everyone ever since. So glad you’re a fan too!

    1. Haha no way! So how does it actually compare to ConvertKit? I still see a lot of people saying that when they grow and need more control they are going to ConvertKit but don’t get why

    2. Nope it’s quite different. ConvertKit has advanced automations and more integrations. But it only allows plain emails otherwise you need to learn how to do HTML formatting. Yikes!

  4. YES to this Rach! I chose Mailerlite after working with you 😉 It’s super easy to use and I rave about it to everyone I know. It’s the best!!

  5. YAAASSSS! I use Mailerlite and I love it! The interface is so easy to use and I love how I can customize things. I tried MailChimp for like a day and ended up not liking it, so I quickly made the switch!

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