10 Things I Loved In October + A GIVEAWAY

10 Things I Loved In October, millennial blogger monthly obsessions

Happy Halloween-Eve Y'all!

I hope you're spending this spook-tacular day doing all the festive things… ya know, carving pumpkins, eating candy, talking to spirits, having a séance. All that good stuff!

As for me? Well I'll break it down in below! Oh and there's a fun giveaway at the bottom!

10 Things I Loved In October

Babymoon / Second Anniversary Getaway

We just got back from a little “babymoon” second anniversary trip up to Orlando. Last year for our first wedding anniversary E surprised me with a trip to Orlando to see my all time favorite band, Hanson, play at Epcot and to spend another night at Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights. HHN has been one of my favorite ways to celebrate this time of year… but being pregnant this year we had to skip that part of the trip ?.

However we still had SO much fun relaxing at Disney's Yacht Club Resort for a day, and then hitting up some of the Disney Parks before seeing Hanson and heading home.I've honestly lost count how many times I've seen them live now… probably close to double digits if I'm not there already! I tried to be really present during those 2 days so I didn't go on my phone at all! I'm just now posting stories from the two days if you want to go check them out! I may and or may not have had the chance to meet Isaac Hanson, and spy on Zac Hanson in the pool! Oh and let's not forget being 100 feet away from Taylor and Zac! I've waited over 20 years to meet one of the brothers so to say I was crying and freaking out a little is probably an understatement.

zac hanson disney eat to the beat at epcot

Not-So-Scary Halloween Movies and fun

Tonight we will probably curl up with a not-so-scary Halloween movie (I've been doing my best this pregnancy to avoid adding unnecessary adrenaline or cortisol surges in my body, so no scary movies or American Horror Story until this baby is out!). You can check out my The Ultimate List of Halloween Movies [80+ from Scary to Not-So-Scary!] here! And if you're looking for a last minute Halloween costume for tonight, I'd recommend these last minute Snapchat Inspired Halloween costumes that you can make in like 5 minutes!

Sharing The Confused Baby's Gender!

ICYMI, I teased this and stretched it out soooo much this past month… but we spilt the beans on The Confused Baby's gender! Plus how I *really* feel about it. I think it took me so long to get to a point to share the baby's gender publicly because there were just so many feelings and thoughts to sort through. I really believe every pregnancy is different, and while mine hasn't been physically challenging (thankfully) it's definitely been a time to shed a lot of old wounds and beliefs that have kept me caged in order to really get to know myself and ground myself in a place of understanding for my personal beliefs and values.

Getting Real With Alexi Panos

Alexi Panos is a total inspiration. She's a mom who travels the world with her six month old son and husband (a previous TCM podcast guest, Preston Smiles). Plus she has an amazing perspective about life, relationships, and well just everything. I loved getting to talk with her on this episode of The Confused Millennial podcast where we covered SO much ground! Everything from letting go of careers to realign with the soul's purpose, finding a life coach, being of service, co-creating agreements with relationships in your life, working through our wounds, and so much more. Listen to the episode here.

Working From Home

While TCM started in March 2016, my company actually started in October 2014! So this month marked four years of working from home for me! I have to say it's the best life and I wouldn't trade it for the world! This month I also broke down some of my top tips for working from home here.

Debunking Money Myths

ICYMI, I polled you guys on my insta-stories to see how many money myths you were falling for and let's just say… a lot of you are falling for them. Which is totally okay!! I used to believe they were true too… after all most of them are the things we heard growing up. I'm so happy I could do this Youtube video and post to debunk 10 of the money myths I previously struggled with too! Cheers to *all* of our financial freedom!

Self Reflection

This month was definitely an emotional rollercoaster for me personally. It was sprinkled with a lot of amazing things, but also some really difficult moments… truthfully the most difficult moments I've faced in a while. What was great about it, is that I was able to observe the chaos and pain rather than play into it (mostly). It inspired me to write this post about 5 questions to change your life + how to make lasting change. Highly recommend it if you find yourself feeling stuck, confused, or overwhelmed!

Trader Joe's Fall Finds

If you follow me on Insta-stories it's no secret I'm inhaling all the fall deliciousness right now. I shared my personal favorite – and what I believe to be the top underrated Trader Joe's Fall foods here.

Gimme ALLLLL The Astrology

Debra Silverman joined me after SO many of you requested that I bring on another astrologer to The Confused Millennial Podcast! She breaks down what all of the planets mean (so we can *finally understand what it means when Pluto is direct or Venus goes retrograde) and so much more. Of course, we also touch on what it means to share a Saturn Return with your baby (hint, if you're pregnant right now and in your late 20s, you may share a Saturn return with your baby!!). Listen here.

Recapping My Second Trimester

Thankfully this pregnancy has been unbelievably easily physically. That's not to say it hasn't had it's uncomfortable moments or pain points – but compared to the horror story I had built up in my head… it's much easier than expected. I broke down typical second trimester symptoms + my experience with them here.


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