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MYTH: Blogging is too saturated to make any real money today…

FACT: I spent 2 years as the sole provider for my family of 3 on my blog income alone… and my blog was only 3 years old!!

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After stalking Rachel on Instagram for a while, I finally decided to reach out. I had been wanting to start a blog for a long time but felt totally overwhelmed. We immediately jumped into the full 10 session package since it came with full email support between sessions (which essential and so helpful for every design/technical question along the way!) and I don’t have any regrets! By the time the package ended I had a completed blog and more knowledge than I knew what to do with!


Before my blog even went live, I was able to secure a hotel partnership for upcoming travel and just months after the blog going live I reached over 50,000 pageviews! She really equipped me with all of the knowledge I’d need from launch to growth to monetizing! 

– Katherine F., Blogger & Influencer 

Daytona, FL

who the heck am I to teach you?!

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Notice I call myself a blog consultant, not a blog coach. That's because I'm 100% rooting for you, but there's enough Facebook groups out there to cheerlead you on as a blogger – I'm here to cut through the B.S. and the noise, remove your blocks and get you to where you need to be quickly and effectively.

Our time together will be spent tackling whatever is coming up for you. If that means we need to spend a session on your fears/blocks/self esteem then we will. If that means we stick only to the technical we'll do that too. However, you'll never hear my band-aid your problem or give you a bunch of fluff just to make you feel better or to make things easier.



So I'm going to share with you the things no one else will...

You'll also get lots of post session homework! Because that's were the magic happens – in the action you take afterwards! I love sharing all my wisdom with my clients, but I want you to ultimately be self sufficient and not need me anymore! That's how I know I've done my job successfully – which means you'll build most of your confidence and skill between sessions! 

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Experience 1: Pick My Brain

 Writing your life's mission statement is so important for your success. It can help you find fulfillment and happiness quicker, it can help you write your personal statement for college or your business mission statement if you're an entrepreneur.

Experience 2: Starting From Scratch

take a step back perspective, take a step back quotes, quarter life crisis, moving forward

Experience 3: Supported

what a typical blog consulting package looks like:

*packages are customized based on your unique goals/needs. This is just a sample.

I decided that it just felt right and signed up for the full 10 session package and am so happy I did! I’ve gotten more valuable information than I could have ever imagined. Rachel made me feel supported every step of the way (can't stress how helpful all the emails between sessions is!). I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WORKING WITH RACHEL.

I kind of feel like she’s my blogging big sister. Every session she made me feel comfortable and crammed my brain with everything I needed to take another step towards my future.

I tell basically anyone that will listen to me that this investment was so worth it and if I could go back in time and do things differently, I wouldn’t. I wish I could explain the amount of little details that go into blogging but I can’t and it certainly would have taken me a looong time to figure this out on my own. 

Rachel taught me how to build a website, optimize it for SEO, set up my email marketing, and all that technical stuff. I also learned how to promote my posts, price myself, pitch brands, and all that marketing stuff. I had a partner when it came to choosing a name, branding the blog, finding my voice, giving my Instagram a theme, taking/editing pictures, and all that creative stuff. 

If you’re serious about building a blog and hopefully turning into a career then you honestly need this insider information to set you up for success and give you an edge on the competition. 

went from not knowing if I wanted to start a blog, to having a fully finished site and brands reaching out to me about sponsorship advertising opportunities on my blog! Blog coaching is the way to go!

– Michelle P., Blogger & Influencer


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