13 Best Wooden Building Blocks For Kids + Toddlers in 2023

Discover the best wooden building blocks for babies, toddlers, and big kids! From Waldorf or Montessori inspired picks or more stem oriented ones with magnets!

Parents will love these wood blocks as an eco-friendly alternatives to classic block sets out there for little ones to enjoy and fully develop their creativity in active play!

Overall Best Wooden Building Blocks For Kids: Lovevery Block Set

The Lovevery Block set is by far the best wooden building block set for babies to toddlers to big kids. The wood is FSC certified, paints are non toxic, and they are certified B-corp working towards a Carbon Net Zero footprint as a company. Aside from all the eco-friendly and baby safe materials, kids will LOVE how much they can do with this block set (over 20+ activities!)!

lovevery block set review

For babies just starting out with blocks, they'll appreciate the wooden box that converts to a shape sorter puzzle. As kids get older, there are pieces to turn that box into a wooden pull toy. My daughter personally LOVED putting a doll in the shape sorter hole, like a “seat” then pulling it around the house shortly after her first birthday.

You can build ramps, make letters and faces, and truly do SO much with this block set. One of my daughter's favorite thing is using the wood building blocks for houses (shown in main photo). While it is on the pricier side, it is several toys in one and a great starter set that you can always add basic wooden blocks onto. Check out my full Lovevery block set review here.

  • Versatile block set with 20+ activities you can do!
  • Grows with child from baby to toddler to big kid
  • Replacement parts guarantee
  • Sustainable + non toxic
  • Pricier than others at first glance
  • For older kids you may need to supplement with more blocks when building

Best Wooden Magnetic Building Blocks: Tegu

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks come in several size sets and are a high quality option for imaginative play!

Kids can stack and build with magnetic blocks in a way unlike traditional blocks. For instance, they can make dinosaurs, robots, and other animals, people, or structures.

Tegu's wooden magnet blocks also come with rounded edges, pretty colors, and the magnets are well sealed inside the block.

  • Create unique shapes and designs
  • Great assortment of colors, shapes, and styles
  • Add on packs available
  • Fully enclosed magnets and rounded edges for safety
  • Pricier than traditional wooden blocks

Best Extra Large Wooden Building Blocks For Babies: Lewo Large Wooden Blocks Construction Building Toys Set

Toys under 3 cm are considered a choking hazard and *most* blocks on the market are larger than that, but even that size can leave parents feeling uneasy, especially with babies! In that case, we love Lewo's large wooden block set for added comfort coming in at over 4 cm!

The 32 piece set includes 7 different colors, and 8 different shapes which can be used to construct ships, construction vehicles, castles or whatever other shape your child desires!

These are made from beech wood and have a non-toxic finish. It also comes with a soft carrying bag and a plastic shape sorting lid (though the shape sorting lid holes aren't big enough for all the pieces).

  • Larger than most wooden blocks
  • Good assortment of shapes
  • Some parents felt they still weren't large enough
  • Some parents didn't like the natural discoloration from the paint/dye

Best Jumbo Wooden Blocks: Gigi Bloks

Gigi Blocks offers giant XXL mega building blocks in several different sets that make an excellent choice for toddlers and big kids!

You can purchase the giant wooden blocks in packs of 60, 100, or 200 as well as plain or colored and even a set for building an extra large block house!

You can build a house with any of the packs though (need a couple extra pieces), as well as dragons, store fronts, race cars, the eiffel tower, tables, chairs, and so much more!

Gigi blocks actually come in two sizes too. The XL blocks measure 135 mm w, 65 mm D, and 84 mm H while the XXL blocks measure 195 mm W, 98 mm D, and 125 mm H.

These are technically not wood, but cardboard. So parents will need to assemble the blocks upon arrival. These are extremely sturdy and even average sized adults can sit on a “chair” made from these. Unlike most of the cardboard jumbo building blocks on the market, these feature interlocking tops for added stability and safety.

When not in use, you can store them stacked as a tower or even use them to build a toy box for the room! Since you can stack them vertically, the footprint in the room when not in use can actually be pretty small.

  • Truly jumbo building blocks
  • Limitless life size creations
  • Sturdy and safe interlocking
  • Decorate with paper and crayons or blankets for added imaginative play
  • Can store vertically or build into furniture for a playroom (storage in place site!)
  • Initial assembly can be tiresome
  • Storage may feel overwhelming
  • Not waterproof
  • Not technically wood but cardboard

Best Plain Wooden Building Blocks: KidKraft 60-Piece Wooden Cutout Shapes Block Building Architectural Set – Natural

KidKraft is another well known brand in the wooden toys space and their 60-piece wooden block set is carved from a durable solid wood and has been around for decades.

This set includes a nice mix of reasonably sized pieces and shapes like arches, columns, cubes and triangles for limitless creation.

  • Decent size blocks
  • Natural finish + solid wood construction
  • Good assortment of shapes
  • Some Amazon purchasers had difficulty with customer service
  • No replacement parts guarantee

Best Classic Wooden Building Blocks: Lincoln Logs

Who didn't love Lincoln Logs growing up? These vintage wood toy logs are great for teaching a slightly different STEM lessons than traditional wooden blocks.

These retro wooden blocks are also great for building little cabins and pretend play scenes.

They make an excellent gift for boys and girls 3 and up, especially for families who are looking to avoid plastic LEGOs but still looking for a fun way to build a town or little world.

  • Need A LOT of logs to build bigger homes/worlds

Best Wooden Rainbow Stacker: MerryHeart

In every montessori playroom on Instagram I'm sure you've seen the rainbow wooden stacker blocks but the absolute best set, and one that we own, is from MerryHeart.

It includes a large arched rainbow stacker, plus flat back arches so you can really stack them into loads of other shapes, and flat rectangle wooden pieces that you can use as bridges, stairs, and so much more (my daughter uses them as “beds” for the dolls in the set).

You can also use the rainbow arches and ramps with the balls to build ramps and tracks. This is a great Waldorf inspired block set with countless ways to stack, build, and create that making it a longer lasting rainbow wooden stacker than others on the market in my experience.

  • Unique building options
  • Waldorf inspired dolls included
  • Nontoxic dye that shows wood grain for richer sensory experience
  • Could be a smoother sand
  • Not all the doll colors match exactly with rainbow (overall they do though)

Best Wooden Castle Building Blocks Set: FAO SCHWARZ Wooden Castle Building Blocks Set

FAO Schwarz has been around since 1862 and they know a thing or two about kids toys so it's no surprise they have the best wooden castle block set on the market!

This set includes 150 neutral wooden pieces in unique shapes and styles to truly bring a castle to life. Complete with pieces, windows, and medieval style walls, kids will love building bridges, arches, and towers using this set!

They offer the set in a few different sizes (60 piece, 75 piece, or 150 piece) and colors with the most common being the 150 piece natural wood.

  • Includes unique arches, turrets, bridges, and tower pieces
  • Large sets for elaborate builds and multiple kids
  • Some reviewers felt the pieces were too small and not sanded enough

Best Wooden City Building Blocks: HABA Cityscape + HAPE City Building Blocks (TIED)

Honestly I couldn't choose the best wooden city building block set!

Haba Cityscape

While the Haba Cityscape building block set features only 18 pieces it provides a unique waldorf inspired design that packs a big punch. It's reminiscent of the waldorf wooden houses building set (another favorite) and can be configured into the German City of Bad Rodach's skyline or into a ton of options.

Haba is a leading brand in wooden toys and this set is made of beech wood, free of lead, and phthalates.

As a waldorf/montessori family, the HABA one above is personally the one I'd go with. However the Hape one below, is great for more of a done for your city set and it includes a map. While it doesn't encourage as much creativity, you do get significantly more blocks as well as opportunities for letter and number recognition as well.

Hape City building blocks with map

This 125 piece wooden building block set comes ready to build the ultimate city. With brightly colored blocks the child can arrange the market, hospital, school, bus station, and police station on the city map then decorate with people, cars, and trees.

Best Lego Style Wooden Block Set: Eco Bricks

Eco-Bricks™ Kids Wooden Blocks are the go to wooden block set for parents who like the style of LEGOs without the plastic.

They come in several different size packs. Each pack includes several different sizes and shapes, and some of the packs even include colored pencils to color the blocks!

These interlocking building blocks are made from a non-toxic natural wood. They offer heirloom quality and contribute 1% of sales to the Trash Free Seas Alliance.

  • Plastic free alternative to LEGOs
  • Ability to color, paint, and customize
  • Interlocking design
  • Not the same precise build as plastic alternative

Best Stacking Wooden Blocks For Toddlers: HAPE Pyramid of Play Toddler Wooden Nesting Blocks

A nesting and stacking wooden block set is a great pick for any household. The nesting feature makes them a great space saver, and the self correcting montessori inspired style (can't stack a big one on a small one) helps children develop confidence in problem solving while learning deeper STEM concepts.

The HAPE Pyramid wooden nesting blocks provide several additional features that can create new opportunities for play! Each piece is themed with a specific main color.

One side includes shape sorting (with wooden block shapes), one side teaches early letter recognition, another shows a number symbol, while another shows the quantity of that number.

Hape is a great Garman brand for blocks and kids toys in our experience. Their finishes are non-toxic, child safe, and good quality. This set is rated safe for 18 months and up.

  • Twist on a classic montessori item
  • Shape sorting puzzle feature
  • Letter, number, and color recognition sides for added learning opportunities
  • Nesting for easier storage
  • Wooden stacking blocks for toddlers of this size may not be the best pick for rougher toddlers prone to injury in general
  • Corners could probably be rounded a bit more for added safety
  • When fully nested, the shape sorting blocks don't fit in and need to be stored separately

Best Budget Friendly Wooden Building Block Set: Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set

Melissa & Doug childrens toys are usually top of mind when parents think of affordable wooden toys. While their quality can leave something to be desired, there's no arguing they do a great job of delivering at affordable prices in the wooden toy space.

Their 100 piece block set has 4 colors and 9 shapes and comes in around $15 (I've seen it on sale for as low as $10 and listed for as much as $25).

The pieces in this set are smaller than most wooden blocks and they have some mixed reviews (what do you expect at that price though?) in terms of splitting and splintering. Personally, I'd suggest this as an add on set wooden block set for older kids who can handle the responsibility of discarded a damaged toy and don't mouth toys any more.

  • Affordable
  • Large number of pieces
  • Not great quality; some reviewers noted their blocks split or splintered
  • Smaller than many block sets at roughly 1(ish) inch (can fit inside toilet paper roll)

FAQS about Childrens Wooden Building Blocks

Why choose wooden building blocks over other types of block materials? 

Wooden blocks are generally less toxic compared to plastic blocks which can contain PVC, BPA and BPS, phthalates and other chemicals.

They also provide a deeper sensory experience for kids in their rich texture, weight, and unique coloring.

Wood blocks are also longer lasting, more durable, and more eco friendly.

What age are wooden blocks good for?

You can introduce wooden blocks as early as 3 or 4 months and children's interest will only continue to grow. Many children continue to play with blocks through elementrary school (8-10 years old).

At 3 or 4 months old, your child may just try to reach or attempt to grip the block or mouth it. They can be a great tool to use during tummy time at that age!

Around 6 months old they will be able to intentionally begin picking up and examining the blocks. Between 6-12 months you may see them clack two blocks together, begin knocking towers down, and even stack 2 or 3 blocks.

Around 12 months many babies begin enjoying shape sorting block puzzles and around 18 months they will begin to start building towers.

What is the purpose of building blocks?

Building blocks are intended to act as a tool for baby's development by providing a sensory rich experience, introducing them to early STEM concepts, and learning through play.

How do wooden blocks help children’s development? 

Wooden blocks provide a slew of benefits to children's development including:

  • Developing a deeper focus through active play
  • Providing opportunities for open ended play providing opportunities for more creativity and deeper play
  • Teach cause and effective
  • Boost creativity and imagination
  • Provide sensory stimulation
  • Introduce early STEM concepts
  • Improve fine motor skills and dexterity

Can babies chew on wooden blocks?

Wooden blocks are often one of the first toys babies will mouth and they are generally considered safe for babies to chew on.

While low quality wooden blocks can splinter or break, they do not contain the harmful chemicals typically found in plastic toys, which also run the risk of breaking.

Why do babies chew on wood?

Babies tend to chew on wood, especially when teething, because it feels good.

It's hard enough that they can continuously gnaw at it, but rich enough to provide comfort and a unique experience.

Final Thoughts:

While wooden block sets can sometimes be a little pricier, they are typically high quality and will last for generations to come. Wooden blocks create a deeper sensory experience compared to plastic, and are typically non-toxic, making them a better option for babies getting started with toys and are sure to grow with children through the toddler years and beyond. Their open ended design inspires creativity, introduces early STEM concepts and can lay the foundation for future independent play.

What are the best wooden blocks for toddlers and big kids?

My personal favorite block set to start with is the Lovevery set thanks to it's 20+ activities from shape sorter, to pull toy, to waldorf inspired wooden peg dolls included. It's a fantastic option that gets SO much use in our house and eliminates the need for a few other toys. This set workers perfectly for toddlers and can grow with them into the big kid years.

And while it is pricier, I'm a huge fan of TEGU's wooden magnetic blocks for more inspired engineering and play for older toddlers and kids.

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