11 Best Toddler Gloves for Winter + Hobbies [Gardening, Skiing, Biking, Boxing]

Best Toddler Gloves For Winter

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Best Kid's Gloves For Hobbies

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Looking for the best toddler gloves for every situation? We've got you covered! From cold weather toddler gloves for winter, to the best mittens or gloves for your kids favorite hobby!

This post is broken down into two sections. The first covers winter gloves and snow mittens for cold climates. The second covers special interest hobbies like gardening, boxing, biking, etc. for warmer temperatures.

Plus the FAQs have you covered regardless of which type of glove you're looking for! There you'll find tips for how to choose the best toddler gloves, how to get them on and then stay on and more!

Best Winter Toddler Gloves + Mittens

Best Mittens For Winter: Chopper Mill

Chopper mill's mittens are our absolute FAVORITE with sizing for toddlers through adults! Made from goat leather and pre-curved to your hands natural dexterity make the fit and comfort the best we've tested. These warm mittens are lined with ultra warm thinsulate, breathable, waterproof, and windproof ensuring dry hands.

These are teh warmest mittens we've tried, ensuring your child will be able to enjoy outdoor play for a long time!

Each set includes a backpack clip so they don't get lost and you can hang dry them after playing.

They come in a ton of cute different colors with the option to get your kids name on them. Plus you can purchase the personalized name patch separately if you hand the mittens down from kid to kid and want to swap it out.

Even better? Their kids winter mittens come with the Re/PAIR plan which basically means the first mitten you lose, they'll replace for free, and then you can purchase a replacement single mitten whenever you need from there. This is honestly one of the more brilliant moves I've seen!

  • Windproof and waterproof mittens
  • Lost mitten replacement program
  • Comes with clips and hooks
  • Warmest mittens with thinsulate
  • Comes in different colors with personalization
  • Hook and loop closure with double string pull for added protection
  • Pricier option

Best Toddler Winter Gloves With Fingers: Momoon Kids Winter Gloves

Winter gloves need to be ready to stand up to what the season can throw its way. This includes everything from cold temperatures to wet weather. These Momoon Kids Winter Gloves are perfect for the season. You’ll get a two-pack of adjustable gloves that are ideal for toddlers who tend to lose things.

Choose from 7 color combinations, making them ideal for boys and girls or siblings:

We like that you get an adjustable wrist strap and an anti-lost buckle. These toddler gloves feature coral fleece insulation and a fill layer made from polyester fiber for added warmth. There’s also a non-slip PU palm for improved grip when your little ones are playing. The gloves are windproof and water-resistant. These are a one-size glove designed to fit children ages two to five. 

  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Adjustable wrists
  • Built-in clips
  • May be big for some toddlers; from middle finger tip to base of palm is about 5 inches

Best Budget Winter Mittens: Columbia Chippewa™ Long Ski Mittens

When it comes to various climates or activewear, Columbia makes some of the best durable products that can even withstand the toddler test!

Their Toddler Chippewa™ Long Mittens are perfect ski mittens or everyday winter mittens. They feature a security clip so toddlers won't lose them. Plus an elastic wrist and long gauntlet to keep them on securely and provide extra coverage (as we know, toddlers get into some weird positions!). These come in four colors:

They also feature Omni-Shield™ advanced repellency meaning they are both water and stain repellent; water literally just rolls right off for quick drying.

If your toddler is on the smaller side, you can check out the baby version of these, and if you have an older child they also come in kids sizes!

  • Security clip
  • Water and stain repellent
  • Wrist elastic to stay put
  • Smaller longevity as it’s only compatible with 2 and 3 year-olds

Best Toddler Snow + Ski Gloves: N'Ice Caps Thinsulate Waterproof Warm Winter Snow Ski Glove

Whether you have a ski trip planned for the winter months or just a toddler who loves building snowmen, finding a pair of affordable toddler snow gloves that aren’t going to be soggy within 10 minutes of playtime can feel like a huge win.

The N’Ice Caps Kids Thinsulate Waterproof Winter Gloves make a good choice with a great price point. You’ll like that these have a longer ribbed knit cuff which easily slips under coat sleeve hems and minimizes the risk of snow seeping into your child’s gloves. 

These waterproof gloves feature 3M Thinsulate for added warmth — which means your children can play outside longer. Along with the adjustable velcro wrist straps, there are also wrist clips. We like that the palm features a grip material throughout for better control.

Plus they come in over 15 colors, here are just a few:

They also have a fingerless glove with mitten cover option for a more unique design.

  • Includes 3M Thinsulate
  • Waterproof 
  • Extended cuff 
  • Sizing not suitable for young toddlers

Affordable Thermal Toddler Mittens: Zelda Matilda Thinsulate Waterproof Winter Gloves

While these are technically mittens, they’re a smart waterproof pick if you know that your children are heading out to play in the snow. The Zelda Matilda Toddlers Thinsulate Winter Waterproof gloves are not only water resistant, but are designed to keep little fingers warm thanks to the inclusion of not just thinsulate, but taslon. 

Plus they come in over 15 colors:

Along with an adjustable strap, you’ll get an extra long cuff to prevent snow from seeping in, and glove clips for added security. And while these mittens are made to keep your child’s hands warm, they’re also breathable for increased comfort. 

  • Waterproof with thinsulate
  • PU rubber palm and thumb for better control
  • Long cuff and adjustable wrist strap
  • Run large if your child is between sizes; size down if between sizes!

Best Fingerless Toddler Mittens: Turkoni Winter Gloves

Let's be real, while toddler's may not need fingerless mittens for texting, they do need access to their fingers and it's not always easy for them to get a full glove on and off themselves.

Turkoni's winter gloves are one of the few warm winter gloves that actually fit most 2 year olds (many winter gloves for toddlers are geared towards older toddlers that are 3 year olds or 4 years old).

The biggest downside of these is the thumb remains open, even when the mitten flap is closed. If that's a deal breaker for you these are a great runner up – but the sizing runs larger than Turkoni's.

NOTE: The thumb hole is always exposed on these, which may still lead to cold hands in extreme cold.

  • Convertible flip top mitten design
  • Sizing for 2 year olds!!
  • Open thumb, even with mitten closure

Best Toddler Mittens With String: MCTi Kids Mittens

MCTi Kids Mittens featured a removable string to connect the two pairs, and warm sherpa lining. These mittens are also waterproof, making them the perfect winter mitten. The non slip palm also makes it a great ski mitten option!

Sizing is suitable for 2 year olds and up and you can choose between four colors.

NOTE: It's not recommended to leave the string attached and child unattended under 3 years old due to suffocation concerns. This applies to ALL mittens with strings!

  • Sherpa fleece for added warm
  • Removable string
  • Non slip palm
  • Water resistant
  • “Red” option is actually more pink than red

Best Winter Toddler Mittens + Gloves

Best Toddler Gloves For Activities + Hobbies

Best Disposable Toddler Gloves: Kiddiz Gloves

Whether you’re overseeing arts and crafts time or even letting the little ones help with cooking, disposable gloves can be a great tool to have on hand. The Kiddiz Gloves are a 100-count set of eco-friendly disposable gloves designed to fit children ages three to eight. 

These gloves are latex-free, powder-free, toxic-free, and BPA-free. These are also rated as food safe.

You’ll like that they’re made of a durable plastic that is recyclable and double as a nice waterproof glove with fingers for messy projects! More importantly, the gloves feature an embossed texture which offers an improved grip. 

  • Non-toxic and BPA-free
  • Fits kids from ages 3 to 8
  • Food-safe
  • May need to use a hair tie or tape to secure glove onto wrist for younger or petite toddlers

Best Toddler Gardening Gloves: COOLJob Garden Gloves

When you’re heading out to tend to the garden, it’s not surprising that you have little helpers who want to come too. The COOLJob toddler garden gloves come in a 2 pack and three sizes ensuring the right fit for toddler's as young as two years old.

They feature cute little monster face. Plus a stretchable wrist that is actually comfortable and snug for toddlers. The breathable modal base keeps little hands from getting too sweat and the foam latex exterior coating is designed to be soft, so little hands don't get tired working overtime trying to grip against a stiff glove.

We also love that the glove yarn is made with cellulose form beech trees and is biodegradable. They are the perfect pair of mini gloves to protect toddler's hands from dirt and grime while also giving them the control they need to “help”. 

  • Designed to snuggle fit toddler hands as young as 2 years old, and includes a size/measuring chart (suggest sizing up if between sizes)
  • Soft + snug fit
  • Biodegradable
  • Set of 2 pairs
  • Latex foam coating may cause some children irritation if they have a sensitivity

Best Toddler Work Gloves: Vgo Children's Work Gloves

Whereas gardening gloves are usually soft sided, with work gloves you want something with a bit more protection. The Vgo Children’s Yard Work Gloves are made from soft yet durable safety rubber that provide a nice snug, but stretchy feel.

They are available in sizes as small as XXXS which translates to ages three to five; though a lot of reviewers said these work gloves worked on their 2 year old thanks to the snug but stretchy wrists keeping them on (there was just a little extra length in the fingers).

These gloves are made from environmentally friendly material and feature a soft foam latex palm for anti-slip control. They’re also breathable and moisture-wicking to keep little ones comfortable as they work. Best of all, you’ll like that the Vgo gloves are machine washable. 

  • Machine washable 
  • Moisture-wicking and breathable
  • Enhanced anti-slip grip
  • Contains latex
  • Fingers may be long on young toddlers

Best Toddler Bike Gloves With Grip: ZippyRooz

Whether you're looking to protect your toddler hands from scrapes, skids, and scuffs that inevitably come with bike riding or to minimize friction and prevent calluses from forming while riding, the ZippyRooz Toddler and Little Kid Bike Gloves are a great choice! Perfect for both balance and pedal bikes. Plus they come in over a handful of prints:

These fingerless gloves come with a fully padded palm for increased comfort and improved grip. And we like the included pull loops which makes taking these gloves off significantly easier. Best of all, these biking gloves are compatible with children from ages one to eight.

  • Enhanced padding throughout palm
  • Pull loops for easy removal
  • Fits children ages 1 to 8
  • Some interior stitches may cause irritation from rubbing

Best Toddler Boxing Gloves: StarPro

The Starpro Kids Boxing Gloves are ideal for not just boxing but also sparring, Muay Thai, and even MMA. You’ll get a three-layer sponge foam structure that supports an anatomically correct inner core for better comfort and protection. 

These gloves are specifically designed for children with two weight options to choose from for the best fit and feel. They're constructed to support a natural hand position thanks to the pre-curved design and grip bar to help them learn proper positioning.

These toddler boxing gloves are designed to be breathable with a moisture-wicking inner liner and holes for improved air flow. Toddler's can also flex their independence with the hook + loop closures.

NOTE: Sizing is based on weight and may be too large for young or smaller toddlers. But their customer service is amazing, so reach out or leave a review for some help!

  • Supports natural hand position
  • Moisture-wicking and breathable
  • 3-layer sponge foam for better fist protection 
  • Sizing may still be a little big for younger toddlers

How To Choose The Best Toddler Gloves:


First think about the intended purpose of the toddler gloves.

If you live in a region that gets cold, the features, design, and material you'll look for when choosing toddler winter gloves will be different compared to looking for a waterproof gardening glove.


When it comes to the design of toddler gloves there are two big things to consider: practicality and aesthetic.

Yes, I said aesthetic; because let's be real, toddler's can be just as picky about colors and characters (hello, Spiderman gloves!) as they are about comfort. Which leads me to the practicality piece.

You want something that fits your toddler obviously. However finding gloves that truly fit a toddler can be quite challenging. The big thing to look for is whether the wrist is fit and snug so they stay on; and if opting for a winter glove, is the cuff long enough that you can tuck it under a coat and minimize the risk of snow slipping in!

If your toddler doesn't feel comfortable with growing into the fingers, a mitten or fingerless glove may be a better design than a standard glove.


Depending on your intended purpose, you'll want to think about whether or not the material is breathable vs. warming.

You also want a material that is durable but not too stiff that it impedes your child's ability to actually use their hand as intended.

Water Resistance

In some cases, especially with winter gloves, opting for a water resistant glove at minimum can help keep hands dry. If your toddler is going to be outside in the snow or ice for long periods of time, you'll want something that's more water repellent or waterproof.

Grips, Clips, and Loops

While not a requirement, opting for a pair of gloves or mittens with features such as built-in grips, clips, or loops can help reduce the chances of your child coming home with only one glove on — or none!

Grips can include elastic wrists, which offers a snug fit. And a loop can be strung through your child’s coat for the ultimate security. Similarly, clips ensure that even if your child’s glove slips off their hand, the glove will still be there when they come back inside. 

FAQS About Toddler Gloves + Mittens:

How do put gloves on toddlers?

Get about eye level to your toddler and hold the glove up and open a couple inches in front of your chin. Ask them to reach through and try to tap/boop your nose.

They'll like the game, and it's far easier than trying to wrangle a squirmy toddler!

How do you keep your toddler in gloves? 

Gloves are harder to keep on a toddler than mittens since they have full access to their fingers.

With that said, a long cuff tucked under your toddlers coat will generally stay put. Most gloves and mittens feature a velcro hook and line closure which will keep them on; but let's be real, toddlers will try to undo this at some point so we suggest have some mitten clips ready so they don't lose them!

How do I keep my kid from losing their gloves?

Glove clips are a great solution to ensure your toddler actually comes home with their gloves. We like this set because there are a few different length options, including an extra long one which you can string under your toddler's shirt or coat if you have a real houdini on your hands!

To use glove clips, simply attach one end of the clip to your child’s belt loop or coat and the other clip end to their gloves or mittens. Now, if a glove or mitten somehow slips off their hand, it won’t get lost on the ground. 

Is it better to have a long cuff or a short cuff on kid’s gloves? 

There are pros and cons to both types of gloves. With long cuff gloves, you don’t have to worry about snow or other debris getting into your child’s gloves or mittens as they play. Plus, with the longer cuff, you can get a more secure fit as you can have your child put their gloves on first and then wear their jacket or coat over the gloves. 

Short cuff gloves provide less restriction since your child might feel like they can move their wrists better. While you’ll still get some protection from snow or cold air, it’s not as extensive as with a long cuff glove. Ultimately, you may need to test out both types of gloves or mittens before you can decide which is better for your child. 

Are mittens or gloves better for toddlers? 

The answer to this question is going to depend on why you’re buying gloves for your child. If you’re solely focused on warmth, hands down (pun intended!) mittens are a better pick. And they’re also easier to get onto a wriggly toddler’s hands. 

However, if you’re concerned about features such as grip or being able to have better maneuverability, then gloves are a better option. Your toddler will have better dexterity and control. The only drawback with using toddler gloves is that you might struggle to get little fingers into the individual finger holes. 

How do toddlers keep their hands warm?

Similar to older kids and adults, keeping toddler hands warm when outside comes down to using either gloves or mittens. For best results, look for gloves or mittens made from better quality material designed to trap heat inside.

Some parents prefer to use a double approach, meaning that they layer mittens and gloves together for added warmth. This can be ideal if you live in a region that gets very cold. 

Some people recommend using hand warmers. While they will keep your child’s hands warm, you shouldn’t let them use hand warmers without supervision. First, you want to ensure that the warmers stay inside the gloves or mittens. Plus, you also want to prevent younger toddlers from trying to eat the hand warmer contents. 

Final Thoughts:

Toddler gloves are a great solution for keeping little hands safe and can be an absolute must have depending on the weather or activity!

Our favorite winter gloves are actually the Chopper Mill mittens which have the best features, warm, breathability, and dryness of all the gloves we tested!

For transitional dry weather where the temperatures aren’t too frigid, we recommend the Turkoni Toddler Gloves. While they aren’t waterproof, their ability to shift from mittens to fingerless gloves gives you versatility and lets children have improved handling control if they need to have better dexterity. Plus as it gets colder, you can slip these under a water resistant winter glove for an added layer of warmth.

But for serious cold or wet winter weather excursions or skip trips, the Columbia Chippewa™ Long Snow Mittens are a the best choice for tiny hands. Along with enhanced insulation, you’ll get a textured palm and fingers, adjustable wrist straps, and clips. 

Lastly, we love the Vgo Children's Work Gloves for warmer months and general hobbies. They are great in the garden, grippy enough for learning to use tools, and just generally offer a little extra protection from scrapes and calluses than going barehanded.

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