9 Best Pregnancy Support Belts For Casual Wear, Exercise, Twins + More!

Finding the best pregnancy support belt to accommodate your growing belly size, back pains, and hip aches can feel overwhelming. Even with supportive pregnancy shoes, you may want something to specifically support your pregnancy belly for more relief. Discover how to choose the best maternity belt for exercise, casual wear, and even sleeping with a belly band for more comfort.

Maternity belts come in a variety of forms, with many converting into post maternity belt options to help you recover from giving birth. If you’re curious about what you need to consider when shopping for a pregnancy support belt, keep reading our guide and check out our recommendations.

Best Pregnancy Support Belt For Pelvic Pain: Cabea Belly Band Pregnancy Support Belt

Pelvic pain from pregnancy is real and can be pretty painful. If you find that your bump-related discomfort is always in your pelvic floor, then the Cabea Belly Band is a great option. While it's no replacement for pelvic floor physical therapy (which we HIGHLY recommend to avoid pelvic organ prolapse if you feel ANY discomfort/pressure/heaviness in the pelvic region), it can certainly support the pelvic bowl or complement your physical therapy.

We like that there are six different sizes based on your abdominal and groin areas so that you can find a perfect fit.  Unlike a basic pregnancy support belt, this model features two additional adjustable straps that cross under your crotch and are designed to support your pelvis. Another nice feature is that you can use this band as a maternity belt after delivery for c-sections or vaginal delivery.

  • Wider size range
  • Specifically provides comfort for pelvic floor pain
  • Easy to use velcro closures
  • Strap placement may be difficult for frequent bathroom breaks

Best Pregnancy Support Belt For Back Pain: BABYGO 4 in 1 Pregnancy Support Belt Maternity Pelvic Girdle & Back Pain

Unfortunately, back pain and pregnancy go together like peas in a pod. If you find that basic support straps don’t give you the relief you need, this extra support strap from BabyGo is a great option. It’s a four-in-one solution that helps to provide relief from back pain, hip pain, and pelvic pain. 

Plus it helps to bind your muscles and ligaments — making it a great postpartum maternity belt option. You’ll get a larger supportive upper strap that sits above your bump. And the fully adjustable velcro closures make this easy to use, from your first through to your third trimester. It also comes with a 40 page book for pregnancy exercises and stretches. Plus, you can choose from three colors:

  • Extra support strap design with enhanced upper strap
  • Tackles back, hip, and pelvic pain 
  • Works as a postpartum belt to aid in binding muscles and ligaments
  • Large size range is based on pre-pregnancy sizing which may be confusing for some moms-to-be

Best Belly Band For Sleeping: Babymoov Dream Maternity Sleep Belt

Trying to find a comfortable sleeping position as you move through pregnancy can be a tall order. And if you find that traditional pregnancy pillows are too annoying, you might prefer this sleep-approved belly band. The Babymoov Dream Maternity Sleep Belt is not a traditional maternity belt, instead it's intended for better sleep and more comfortable relaxation.

Rather than compression, this belt features memory foam on both sides of the belt and a light elastic composition in the belly panel to provide additional support while sleeping on your side by filling the gap between your hips/belly and mattress and relieve round ligament pain.

There are two size options available and it comes in a neutral gray shade.

  • Makes side sleeping further in pregnancy more comfortable
  • Designed to stay in place throughout the night
  • Adjustable size range
  • Oeko-Tex certified
  • No support when standing; intended ONLY for sleep

Best Belly Band To Extend Your Prenatal Wardrobe: Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband The Original Maternity Belly Band For Pregnancy

Whether you’re not ready to invest in maternity clothes or you’ve decided that a wardrobe full of pregnancy clothes isn’t an option, a the BellaBand is a great way to get full mileage out of your pre-pregnancy clothes. Best of all it provides light support for a growing bump and there are no restrictions on how long you can wear a belly band. 

We like this belly band from Ingrid & Isabel because it’s a long-line style that offers complete belly coverage yet features a comfortable silicone strip to ensure that it stays put. Plus it’s made from seamless knit for added comfort. Choose from black, nude, or white colors in four sizes that accommodate pre-pregnancy sizes beyond 22. 

  • Ideal for extended pre-pregnancy clothing into maternity
  • Longline for full belly coverage 
  • Stay-put silicone strap and seamless knit construction
  • Fabric is thin and may reveal silhouette of open pant plackets

Best Plus Size Maternity Support Belt: NeoTech Care Pregnancy Support Maternity Belt (Twins Recommendation too!)

Just like with buying maternity clothes, finding a maternity support belt when you’re plus-sized can feel like an exercise in frustration. The NeoTech Care Pregnancy Support Maternity Belt features one of the widest size ranges for an adjustable belt that doesn’t break the bank, which is why we love this for pregnant belly support if carrying twins too!

It also comes in black, white, and beige. The style is similar to the popular Clachy and Veolma maternity belts but goes up to 2X in terms of size, and is much more affordable. This is an extra support belt meaning you get the additional upper belly strap. However, keep in mind that this pick relies on hooks and loops and is only intended for use while standing or walking. 

  • Larger size range ideal for plus-sized moms
  • Extra support band design
  • Breathable fabric construction
  • Not designed to be used while sitting

Best Pregnancy Support Belt When Carrying Low: AZMED Maternity Belt

Whether you're carrying baby low or looking for some lower back support during pregnancy and postpartum, the Azmed Maternity Belt helps to provide added support and reduce the strain on your back. This helps to improve your posture and reduce discomfort while also stabilizing critical joints across your pelvis and lower back. 

You’ll appreciate the breathable material that helps to lift your belly so that you have less pressure on your bladder and better distributes your bump weight. 

While it’s only available in a beige hue and a one-size format, we do like that it’s a simplified belt that can easily be adjusted and worn after giving birth (and trust us, if this is your second baby, you'll appreciate the added support this time around as joints and muscles are typically less stable with each subsequent baby!).

  • Easy to use simple support belt design
  • Breathable material with velcro closures 
  • Stabilizes back and pelvic joints while correcting posture
  • Can wear postpartum
  • Only one size and only available in beige

Most Comfortable Pregnancy Support Belt: Upsie Belly Bandit

Belly Bandit is one of the leading names in maternity support belts, and it's no surprise their Upsie Belly Pregnancy Support Band is the most comfortable for easing aches and pains. It even comes with a hot/cold therapy pack. The cold reduces inflammation, while the heat can loosen stiff joints.

Depending on where you shop, you can find it in black or white and choose between a small and large size. The easy velcro closure and the soft bamboo viscose material composition add to this pregnancy belts comfort. Best of all, we like that this pick features an additional 12 inches of adjustable strap to accommodate your growing bump.

  • Designed to grow with your bump
  • Includes a hot & cold gel pack that fits into the belt
  • Available in large and small sizes 
  • One of the more expensive maternity belts on the market

Best Budget Belly Band: KeaBabies Maternity Belt

Maternity belts can be expensive, which is why we’re including this pick from KeaBabies. As compared to some of the other simple support belts, this model features more coverage across your belly — which could be helpful especially if you’re experiencing lower back pain. 

You’ll get 360 degrees of ergonomic support which means that your hips, back, and pelvis all get the additional support you need. The soft material is also breathable so that you don’t get overheated while wearing this maternity belt. And the stretchy material is designed to accommodate your belly throughout your pregnancy. 

  • Affordable price point ideal for moms with all budgets
  • 360-degree support for hips, back, and pelvis
  • Breathable design made from soft mesh for added comfort
  • Ordering through KeaBabies comes with a free postpartum ebook and money back guarantee
  • May be too bulky to wear under clothes

Best Postpartum Belly Band: Congerfei 3 in 1 wrap

Regardless of whether you gave birth vaginally or via c-section, recovery can be hard on your body. This postpartum belly band from Congerfei postpartum girdle is designed to help your body heal in those initial months after giving birth. While it is designed for postpartum, I did wear one of the layers during pregnancy for lower back support in 20 min increments as needed.

The full design reminds you of a corset structure, but it's three bands for abdominal, pelvic, and back support. We like that the material is fully breathable and adjustable and that it converts into three different designs depending on where you are within the postpartum recovery time frame.

The belly band alone is great for the first week postpartum, and then you can add the waist belt to support the lumbar spine and relieve postpartum back pain. There's also an added pelvis belt to help encourage proper pelvic structure. Plus there’s a choice between color (nude and black) and sizing (regular or plus size belly band)

Most importantly, this band is designed to help aid in posture as you heal. Especially with the more babies you have, the less stable your core/pelvis is after each birth and the more prone to injury you may be.

  • Full postpartum belly support
  • Available in standard and plus size
  • Breathable fabric construction
  • Not designed for pregnancy

FAQS about Pregnancy Support Belts

Does a pregnancy support belt work? What does it do?

The short answer is, yes they do! In particular, as your body expands to accommodate your growing baby, this change can create uncomfortable pressure points across your body — especially in the back, pelvic girdle, and round ligaments. A pregnancy support belt helps to provide added stability by offering extra support for your lower back, hips, and pelvis. 

Plus, a good maternity belly band can also provide helpful compression while you’re engaged in everyday activities like walking or low-impact exercise like yoga. The band can help to remove pressure on the uterus and round ligaments so that you have a better range of motion. 

What is the difference between a maternity belt and belly band?

Maternity belts and traditional belly bands shouldn’t be confused with being different names for the same thing.

How to use a maternity belt:

A maternity belt is specifically designed to provide support by carrying the majority of your belly weight to reduce the strain on your body and minimize any discomfort you would normally feel without it. 

How to use a belly band:

In contrast, a belly band is designed so you can discreetly wear clothing that may no longer fit you. For example, if you’ve outgrown your pre-pregnancy jeans but for whatever reason aren’t ready to invest in maternity jeans, a belly band allows you to wear your jeans unzipped or unbuttoned because it securely holds the waistband area in place. 

Benefits Of Maternity Belts: 

One of the biggest benefits of wearing a maternity belt is the added support and stability that it provides. It’s no secret that the last trimester, in particular, can be incredibly uncomfortable as your body tries to accommodate your growing bundle of joy. 

A good maternity belt can help support your belly to help reduce pressure on your uterus, bladder, ligaments, and joints. But more importantly, a maternity belt can aid in improving your posture — especially since it’s easy to adopt the stereotypical “swayback” stance as your center of gravity changes to adjust with your new dimensions. 

Another nice feature is that maternity belts can make everyday activities easier to accomplish. While it can’t make it possible to see your feet when you’re eight months pregnant, they can allow you to engage in low-impact exercises with less discomfort.

Best of all, maternity belts can also be worn during postpartum to help your body recover so that stretched muscles and ligaments can return to their pre-pregnancy positions. With that said, please check with your healthcare provider and do not put too much pressure on your pelvic or abdominal area too soon as too much compression can cause pelvic organ prolapse or other health issues.

Benefits Of Belly Bands:

Meanwhile, a belly band is a great temporary transitional garment that’s ideal if you’re not interested in investing in maternity pants and skirts. They cover the waistband on pants or skirts, allowing you to wear tighter fitting items without closing them — such as zippers, hook and eye closures, and buttons. So, you can wear some clothing even after you’ve technically outgrown them. 

Because they cover your bottoms, they’re a great fashion secret to keep on hand. Best of all, they’re usually designed with some type of stretch composition like Lycra, Spandex, or Elastane so that it sits securely once you’ve adjusted it to where you want it. 

How do I choose the best maternity support belt? 

Whether you're carrying twins, looking to support your pregnancy belly to get back to running or your regular exercise routine, or just looking for support for casual wear and every day activities, there are a few key aspects to consider:


You should start by thinking about how much support you need. Not all maternity belts are designed to be the same. Some are simple adjustable bands that can be quickly applied with velcro closures. Meanwhile, others feature extra straps that are situated above your belly to provide additional support. 

As you shop for a maternity belt, you’re most likely to come across these three styles: 

  • Single Strap Belt: a simple strap that rests just below your belly and helps to support your bump. 
  • Extra Support Belt: These models feature an additional strap across the top of your bump for added support.
  • Full Prenatal Cradle: These are ideal for people who are struggling with serious discomfort as they often look like open vests with an attached belt to distribute your bump weight across your back and shoulders. 

Even though you shouldn’t wear a maternity belt indefinitely, you still want it to be comfortable. Most maternity belts can be worn over or under clothing. If you want to wear it under your clothes, you’ll want to make sure that it’s made from softer materials that won’t irritate your skin. 

More importantly, it shouldn’t be too tight. While compression is a standard benefit from a maternity belt, it shouldn’t be so tight as to be uncomfortable. Wearing a maternity belt that’s too tight could cause too much compression and lead to circulation issues. 

Closure Style

Most maternity belts feature either velcro or hook and eye closures. Both come with benefits and drawbacks. A velcro closure is the easiest to manage by yourself — especially as you get further along and don’t have the energy to fight with more complicated closures. 

However, velcro can snag on more delicate fabrics. In contrast, hook and eye closures can be a pain to manage by yourself. 

Easy to Clean

If you’re going to wear a maternity support belt consistently, you’ll want to be able to easily keep it clean. Even if you invest in multiple belts so you have a steady supply for rotation, you might want to steer clear of belts that need to be hand-washed. 


How much are you willing to spend on a maternity belt? Just like with anything else, maternity support belts come in a wide range of price points. But you can’t focus solely on price. Think about what type of support is most important to you and choose accordingly. 

Again, some maternity belts are designed to be simple affairs that lift gently from below your belly. In contrast, other belts are designed with additional straps that go above your belly. Understandably, a simple belt is going to be cheaper than one with more support features. But, you might be better off investing in a belt with enhanced support. 

When should I start wearing a maternity belt?

There are no restrictions on when you can begin wearing a support belt during pregnancy. While many women wait until the second trimester when their growing bump begins to cause more consistent aches and pains, you can start wearing it in the first trimester if you prefer. 

One of the benefits of wearing a pregnancy support belt earlier is that it can aid in reinforcing better posture to help minimize the risk of shifting into the pregnancy swayback posture. Better posture in pregnancy also tends to set you up for a better postpartum experience.

Can a maternity belt hurt baby?

Assuming you’re wearing your maternity belt properly, you shouldn’t be hurting your baby. But as we mentioned earlier, one of the main things you need to consider is that your belt should be comfortable and provide gentle compression that doesn’t impact your circulation. 

Along with interfering with blood flow, a maternity belt that’s too tight or too high can also change the shape of your womb. Avoid this by making sure that the primary strap is worn as low as possible while still providing adequate support for your bump. 

It's best to consult your healthcare provider and definitely take it off if you feel any increased discomfort or pain.

How long can I wear a maternity support belt?

You should only wear a maternity belt for a few hours a day such as two to three hours and even then, only when you feel that you really need it. 

As tempting as it may seem to wear your maternity support belt all the time — it's not recommended. They're not designed to be worn for extended periods religiously. This is because when you’re wearing a belt, the belt is doing all the hard work and your muscles and ligaments aren’t. 

As a result, you can unintentionally weaken your muscles or put too much pressure on your baby.

Personally, I wore one for about 20 min a few times a day if I was standing for long periods or doing chores and wanted to ensure proper posture or support.

Are pregnancy support belts safe?

Yes, it’s safe to wear a pregnancy support belt — but don’t wear it indefinitely every day. You still need to make sure that your muscles are being activated.

An unexpected side effect of wearing a pregnancy belt too much is that it could make your pain and discomfort worse when you take it off. 

In contrast, traditional belly bands designed to act as a transitional wardrobe piece for your pre-pregnancy clothes can be worn as long as you like. These items are usually made of soft-sided stretchy material that doesn’t offer heavy-duty support. 

Can I sleep with a belly band while pregnant?

Maternity belts are not considered safe for sleeping. However a true pregnancy belly band that is a stretchy lycra or spandex and intended to hold your pre-pregnancy clothes up (not provide belly support) would likely be okay or a belly band designed specifically for pregnant sleep like this one will likely be okay.

Every body is unique, so it's always important to get clearance from your healthcare provider.

What size maternity belt do I need?

If you’re buying a belt that relies on dress size, your pre-pregnancy size will usually work. 

With that said, sizing scales can vary across brands. For example, some brands use weight ranges while others use your dress size. It's always best to check the manufacturer's sizing guide.

Also keep in mind that if you buy a belt in your first trimester, it might not fit in your second or third. Depending on when you’re buying a maternity support belt, you may want to go up a size. 

Final Thoughts:

Just because pregnancy comes with aches and pains doesn’t mean you have to volunteer as tribute to it. A good maternity belt can provide gentle support when you need it so you can make it through the day. 

If you prefer the idea of more enhanced support, the BabyGo 4-in-1 Pregnancy Support Maternity Belt features an additional upper strap to further stabilize your belly. Alternatively, if you like the idea of a simplified maternity belt, the Belly Bandit Upsie Maternity Belt is a great solution to provide gentle support with plenty of adjustments to grow with your pregnancy.

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