Best of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020: BABY

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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 has officially begun! And they have some seriously great deals on baby clothes and gear!! Most items are 40% off and tend to sell out before the sale ends!

I use this sale to get a ton of my Christmas shopping done each year too!

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Best of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020: BABY

Best stroller

Okay this is THE BEST stroller and it's about $250 off!! You won't find a better price. In fact, when I went to buy this stroller on FB marketplace when I was pregnant, people were selling it for MORE than it's currently listed on sale for at Nordstrom!

It converts from bassinet/infant, all the way through kid years. Great glide, easy to switch the handle directions. It's really just the best stroller out there.

High chair

Not to be a broken record, but again, THE BEST high chair and it's $100 off!

We have this for our daughter and it's been AMAZING. It grows with your baby from infant to adult. When my daughter started to refuse sitting in it anymore (she wanted to be righttt up to the table) we removed the kiddie buckle and she LOVES it. She climbs in and out all on her own.

Well worth the investment, since if we didn't have it, we would've needed to purchase a booster seat, and it would all have just added up.

Plus it's easy to clean and every mom I talk to says not buying it was one of their biggest regrets.

Bath tub

Okay so I have no experience with this bath but keep seeing it and am SO intrigued.

Basically we had a budget $20 tub off Amazon for our daughter that quickly started growing mold in hidden crevices. So I swapped her to a storage bin, which is a similar shape to this.

Going back, I'd get this one. It has an infant insert, and looks like it'll actually keep fitting baby into the toddler years (a lot of those other ones don't).


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Rain boots

We've been looking to get a pair for R since it's always so wet in FL and are loving these ones that are almost 50% off!

We like gender neutral ones like this since she's our first, and we may have a boy in the future… so it'll be one less item we'll have to buy.

Fleece jacket

Nothing cuter than a baby wearing a hood with ears, amiright?!?

>>> Get almost $20 off before it sells out! <<<

Red top and grey overalls

This is a GREAT deal! It's two clothing items essentially for under $25! I'll totally put her in the overalls without a shirt and the top can go with other things. I'd consider this gender neutral too. Shop it here!

White top blue and white jumper

Another sort of “2-for-1” item that's $20 off and beyondddd cute! This could make a great mini-me outfit since I have a matching jumper. Shop it here!


Love the neutral tones and how soft these are! And they're like 40% off!

Things to know:

Nordstrom does FREE shipping and FREE/EASY returns.

I've worn items and changed my mind, and they still took them back!

And if you're nervous about COVID, you can snag contactless curbside pick up! Or just order a few sizes and return the one's your don't like.

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