Best Montessori Baby Toys For 0-6 months | Gift Guide!

Looking for the best montessori baby toys for newborns to six months old? Sharing all of our favorites that we actually own + use between my two kids in this montessori gift guide! I'll break it down by age so first we'll tackle montessori baby toys for 0-3 months then montessori toys for 3-6 months old.

Even better? This will last the entire first year and some will even grow with your baby into the toddler years!

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Let me be the first to say: you do not need a ton of stuff for 0-3 months or 3 to 6 months old. Pretty much everything we got was in a Lovevery Play Kit or Monti Kids subscription box. Both of those make fantastic gifts in themselves and I've done extensive reviews on each! However if you don't want a montessori subscription box for the first few months, below you'll find the Amazon, Target, and Etsy options for some of our favorite classic montessori items we got in those!

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Montessori Baby Toys for 0-3 Months Old

High Contrast Flash Cards + Books

The first couple of months baby's eyesight is still developing so you'll want to have some high contrast flash cards or books to look at with baby.

Start with simple shapes, and as the weeks go by, you can introduce more complex images and patterns

The good news: your baby will love these beyond the newborn stage and through the entire first year.

Here are a few of my favorite picks:

Of those, the Lovevery flashcards are truly amazing. They are made of some sort of magical baby proof paper that doesn't tear or get ruined in all the baby drool! Ours are in great condition, even 3 years later! The travel card holder is another favorite of ours!

Montessori Mobiles

This four pack of classic montessori mobiles is a MUST HAVE!

They each boost concentration, engage baby, and are working a deeper skill. For instance, the munari mobile actually lays the cognitive framework for early geometry and math concepts!

The octahedron introduces primary colors, the gobbi teaches color gradation! They can be easily swapped out in an activity gym or above baby's changing station too (huge help for a squirmy baby!!)

Baby Mirror

Baby's love to look at themselves! And honestly, a baby mirror has been one of the BEST items we've owned!

It's grown with us from 3 months all the way to 3 years old so far and is still going strong!

Ours is from the Charmer play kit by Lovevery, but this is a great dupe, featuring a baby safe mirror and high contrast back side. Many montessori families love this floor mirror as well and eventually get it for a playroom.

Crinkle Paper

Baby crinkle paper has SO many uses and can be used from the newborn days through the first year.

In the early days, it can be visually appealing and fun to grasp. As baby's grow they'll like squishing it and mouthing it.

Plus you can put it under their feet in the early months so they can make the sound when they kick. It also provides a different sensory experience in their hands or under their feet.

Crochet Rattles

Introducing baby to a wide variety of textures and materials is a great way to provide an enriching experience.

We got a few crochet rattles in our Level 1 Monti Kids box that my son LOVED! If you don't want to get that then I'd get these dupes:

The rattle dumbbell is great for early grasping, you could also loop a little yarn to make it a hanging toy as well. I also found this dinosaur rattle set that provides a few different textures and shapes that I think babies will love! These double as an early grasping and teething toy too!

Montessori Baby Toys for 3 to 6 Months Old


Between 3 and 6 months is a great time to introduce specific teethers that can prepare baby for solid foods.

These are the three I use and recommend. They help baby find their gag reflex before introducing solids, get them used to having things on the side of their mouth (i.e. where they chew), and introduce the texture of certain fruits!

I'd start with the orange, then the bunny ears, then the 3 pronged ones – but you can do it in any order or just do the third one!

Wooden Hand Rattles

The skwish rattle and the wooden beads are fantastic rattles that double as teethers and help baby practice tons of different grips.

You can introduce them as early as 3 months old and they last, in my experience, until about 15 months or 18 months old.

Rolling Drum Rattles

A rolling drum is a classic montessori toy you can introduce it as early as 12 weeks old. It'll last for at least a year, if not more!

Lovevery's rolling drum is an AWESOME option, but if it's sold out, Amazon has a really good dupe too!

Sensory balls

Sensory balls are great for teething and practicing different grips.

This is a classic montessori toy we got in our Monti Kids box, but Lovevery sells individually.

The most affordable option though is going to be this pack.

However those balls, unlike MontiKids and Lovevery's, have a small hole that baby drool can get trapped in and has been a breeding ground for mold. One person I saw filled it with a little hot glue and sanded off the excess and it's worked perfectly she says!

Wooden Board Book

A wooden board book is a MUST HAVE going into serious teething! My daughter chewed through all the board books we'd give her during car rides, but our Lovevery wooden board book held up without issue!

The one we have is from Lovevery's “Looker” play kit so we could introduce it as a newborn, and it's been a favorite with both kids and lasts for at least a year! It works fine motor skills, encourages independent play and reading to themselves as they develop the dexterity to go through it on their own, and builds concentration. All in all 10/10 recommend this!

A couple of other wooden board book options:
  1. Wooden board book – this is SUCH a cute wooden board book that's sure to last for years
  2. Montessori Newborn Kit: This includes an animal wooden board book, and a few other items that can actually be used from birth through the first year and includes a few other items on this list!

Spinning Drum

The spinning drum is actually a classic montessori item and you can find it at loads of retailers.

The Amazon reviews are all pretty much the same (good at a glance with a mirror side, but reviews about exposed glue and splintering wood).

So I'd suggest check out some Etsy picks, which tend to be higher quality in my experience. Here are a few dupes for you to check the price on:

Benefits of Montessori Baby Toys:

While your baby doesn't need a ton of toys the first year, montessori baby toys lay a strong foundation for their future and have a slew of benefits:

  • Encourage cognitive development
  • Sensory input and learning
  • Strengthens fine and gross motor skills
  • Precursor to math, language, spatial relations, and more
  • Foundation for future independent play
  • Deepens concentration
  • Builds self esteem and confidence

Those are just a few. Each toy in itself provides a unique developmental benefit too. For instance, the Munari mobile is actually helping with their inherent math skills they'll build upon in the future!

Final Thoughts

While flashy electronic toys may seem like they hold a baby's attention, and do serve a purpose here and there; ultimately you want to stock up on montessori baby toys that really encourage learning and provide your baby with developmentally appropriate challenges to help them grow.

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