9 Best Maternity Tights For Support & Style [+ How To Choose Them]

best maternity tights

If you're looking to stay stylish and trendy in maternity clothes without breaking the bank, maternity tights can make a great option and we've rounded up the best maternity tights so you don't have to search high and low for them!

Maternity tights smooth out the appearance of your legs, while providing some shaping and support to your changing body. They also can provide a little extra warmth during colder months. Some women may find they can even extend your pre-pregnancy wardrobe! Which make them a cost effective alternative to buying a ton of maternity clothes.

Thankfully, maternity tights are a thing and they can even be worn during your postpartum period. Discover how to choose the most durable, stylish, and best fitting maternity tights for every occasion!

Best Overall Maternity Tights: Opaque Maternity Tights

Rounding out your pregnancy wardrobe can get pricey after a while, which is why we liked these opaque maternity tights from Motherhood Maternity.

These budget-friendly tights are designed with an expandable belly and a non-binding comfort waistband. They feature a flat panty seam and cotton gusset to style and comfort.

There’s also a contoured toe seam to prevent any discomfort throughout the day. These tights are available in sizes A through D, but you’ll need to confirm based on weight and height which size is right for you.

  • Comfort waistband designed not to roll down
  • Expandable belly to accommodate changing waistline
  • Wide size range across A – D sizes
  • Only available in black

Best Skin Tone Maternity Tights: Over The Belly Maternity Pantyhose

Whether you work in an office or need to prep for a special occasion, the time may come when you need a pair of skin tone maternity tights. These Mila Marutti maternity pantyhose are available in two denier levels — 20 denier which is semi-sheer and opaque at 60 denier. 

You’ll get 13 different styles and skin tone colors to choose from. Each pair of maternity tights is soft to the touch with an anti-roll waistband and a belly panel to accommodate your shape. These tights also promise not to run or tear.

  • 13-hue shade range
  • Anti-roll waistband
  • Available in two denier levels
  • Sizing may run small

Best Budget Maternity Tights: MAMA 2-pack Tights 40 Denier

Maternity tights don’t have to be expensive, which is why we like this smart two-pack from H&M’s maternity collection.

You’ll get two pairs of 40 denier tights which are available in two color combinations — two pairs of black or a black and gray pair. 

These opaque H&M maternity tights are made from partially recycled materials. So, you can feel good about your fashion choices. Note that these tights are available in sizes XS through XL.

  • Includes partially recycled materials for ethical sustainability
  • Smart 2-pack that’s wallet-friendly
  • 40 denier opacity
  • May run a little small

Best Maternity Tights Shorts: Belly Bandit Thighs Disguise

While not officially tights, these shapewear tight shorts from Belly Bandit can keep you comfortable and supported throughout the day. We like that these shorts are made from ultra-thin material so you won’t get any telltale lines under your clothing. 

They also feature a Wonderweave construction so that the fabric won’t absorb any lotions or creams that you put on your belly to ease itch or prevent stretch marks. While they’re dry clean only, we do like that these shorts feature a comfortable cotton blend for added breathability.

We love that these can be worn under clothes as a cooler shapewear option OR as bicycle shorts with an oversized sweatshirt for a more stylish look.

  • Shapewear design for smooth silhouette under clothes
  • Available in three shades
  • Wonderweave fabric that won’t absorb lotions and creams
  • Limited size range from 4 to 14

Best Work Out Maternity Tights: Lululemon Align leggings

While these technically are not maternity tights, they feel like tights in that they're so lightweight you feel like you aren't wearing anything at all!

You'll love how cooling and moisture wicking they are throughout pregnancy, and since they aren't technically “maternity” they work postpartum perfectly. Similar to tights, they smooth out the leg and offer some shape forming supporting.

I splurged on 3 pairs of Lululemon Align leggings over 5 years ago just as a workout legging – no kids, no pregnancy. And I was delighted to see they fit me through my entire first pregnancy 2 years ago and now second pregnancy. they have fit me perfectly through two pregnancies.

You’ll like that these leggings offer a wider size range from zero through 20. Plus they come in a few different inseam lengths, making them work perfectly for petite or tall sizes as well.

And if you can't find your perfect hem, Lululemon does complimentary hemming on all their pants always. I used to get them longer so they'd go over the foot like a traditional tight, and when I wore the soles out, would go get them hemmed for more of a legging finish.

These are perfect for literally every BODY and situation from work out, to athleisure, to under a dress shapewear thanks to the super soft barely there feeling fabric IMO. . 

  • Wide size range from 0 to 20
  • Multiple inseam options for petite and tall
  • Complimentary hemming for petite and tall
  • Soft, cooling, moisture wicking
  • Wide color selection
  • Not a true maternity tight
  • Pricier than others on this list

Best Shaping Maternity Tights: ASSETS by SPANX Maternity Tights

Whether you’re getting ready for a special occasion or just want a smoother profile, the Assets maternity tights from Spanx are perfect for creating the ideal silhouette. We like that these tights feature serious underbelly support that helps to lift your belly to reduce pressure.

Additionally, the control top helps to slim your thighs, hips, and behind. You’ll also like the soft texture of these opaque tights. And if you prefer, you can wear them as underwear to prevent visible panty lines from appearing.

  • Gently smooths silhouette and lifts belly
  • Opaque finish 
  • Wide size range support
  • May feel like they run small (but that makes sense sinse the double as shapewear)

Best Trendy Patterned Maternity Tights: CALZItaly

Pregnancy tights don’t just have to be boring solids. You can also opt for fun patterns. We like this set of maternity tights from CalzItaly because they feature a knitted chevron pattern and are available in five shades. 

These tights received the standard 100 certification by OEKO-TEX, meaning they have been tested and found free of around 100 harmful chemicals. The anti-roll waistband, expanding belly panel, and flat seams provide the ultimate comfort too. These stylish tights are available in sizes small through extra-large.

  • Available in five colors with a modern chevron pattern
  • Flat seams to provide ultimate comfort
  • Anti-roll band and expanding belly panel
  • Smaller size range

Best Color Selection Maternity Tights: Foucome Maternity Yoga Tights

Not everyone likes footed or see through tights, which is why we’re including this fun pick from Foucome.

Along with being footless tights, there’s also a wide color range (almost 25 colors/prints!) so you can stock up and stay stylish throughout your pregnancy. 

These maternity tights are made from a polyester-spandex blend with four-way stretch. They’re opaque and thick enough that you can wear them to lounge around or under a dress or top. As is standard there’s also a full belly panel with room to grow.

  • Wide color selection
  • Footless design may be more comfortable for many
  • Comfortable without side seams
  • Limited S – XL sizing
  • Material isn't particularly moisture wicking

Most Comfortable Maternity Tights: French Terry Secret Fit

Looking for style and the most comfortable maternity tights? These Motherhood Maternity french terry maternity tights are buttery soft, moisture wicking, and breathable!

Although they’re technically leggings, they’re meant for all-day comfort. These cotton spandex leggings are footless and available in two colors — black and gray. Though the grey are more of a jegging style. These leggings are available in sizes small through XL. 

  • Footless legging design 
  • Designed with belly fit panel to grow with you
  • Soft french terry fabric
  • Smaller size range from S through XL
  • Not a true tight

How To Choose The Best Maternity Tights:

What is the best fabric for maternity tights?

This depends on what your style goals are. Sheerer tights are usually made from nylon-spandex blends while more opaque tights tend to be a cotton-spandex blend. If you’re focused on warmth, then cotton-spandex opaque tights are the better choice. If you're focused is to smooth out the appearance of your legs, sheerer tights that either resemble pantyhose or shapewear may be better.

What is denier and how do I know which to choose?

Denier is a unit of measurement in textile. For maternity tights, denier refers to the opacity. The higher the denier, the more opaque a pair of tights will be. The general breakdown includes: 

  • <10 denier: ultra-sheer (looks as if you’re not wearing maternity tights)
  • 10 – 30 denier: sheer
  • 30 – 40 denier: semi-opaque
  • 40 – 70 denier: opaque
  • >70 denier: ultra opaque

How are maternity tights sized? 

As with other lingerie, maternity tights aren’t consistently sized across brands. While you can try to pick the right maternity tights size by selecting your pre-pregnancy size, it’s usually a good idea to follow the height and weight range outlined by the brand. This will often be more accurate — especially since sizing can vary widely between tights manufacturers. 

Can I still wear maternity tights after the baby gets here?

Just like with other clothing categories, maternity tights can be incredibly comfortable — especially because the waist is designed to accommodate a growing belly. And in the early postpartum period where your uterus and stomach haven't fully shrunk down, you may find that the maternity tights are more comfortable and supportive than a traditional pair of tights. 

FAQS about Maternity Tights:

Where can I buy maternity tights?

Of those, we prefer Target, H&M, Motherhood Maternity, and Amazon. They tend to have the best quality and selection both in style and for petites, tall, plus size, and average sizes.

What’s the difference between maternity tights and maternity leggings?

Despite the interchangeable conversational use of tights and leggings, they are not the same thing.

While they do share some similarities, like a shapewear fit. They have a few key differences.

Maternity leggings — or any leggings for that matter — tend to be made of thicker materials whereas tights are designed to be thinner. 

This is because tights are often designed to be worn as a an undergarment, whereas leggings tend to be worn as a bottom. Additionally, leggings are footless while tights are often a complete bottom from the waist to the feet. 

Think back to ballet days, ballet tights are worn under a leotard and wrap around the foot.

Now with that said, leggings come in virtually every material and style today, and can often be found in barely there fabrics (both in sheerness and in feel). So the colloquial use of tights vs. leggings has kind led the division to go out the window.

Can you wear normal tights when pregnant?

Just like tights aren't one size fits all, it's hard to say if normal tights will fit while pregnant. Most likely, normal tights will work during the first trimester. However, for added comfort you may want to purchase a maternity tight to support and provide relief to your expanding waistline.

Fortunately, unlike many leggings today, maternity tights are often SUPER affordable since they are intended as an undergarment.

How much do tights cost?? 

On average, maternity tights cost between $8-25. The price of maternity tights can vary depending on where you shop for them and features. But it’s possible to find very affordable tights from stores such as H&M, Target, and Walmart.

What outfits should I wear tights with?

The sky’s the limit with tights as they can be worn for formal, business, or casual occasions!

Sheer, ultra-sheer, and semi-opaque tights can be worn under dresses or skirts while opaque and ultra-opaque can serve as an added layer to keep you warm under your pants if you’re pregnant during colder weather. Or, you can still wear them under skirts and dresses in the fall or winter for an on-trend effect.  

How should I care for my tights? 

While some maternity tights can be machine washed, it’s usually best to hand wash them with a gentle soap or detergent and line dry them. This will prevent them from getting snagged or holes in the wash. 

Why aren’t there any white maternity tights?

White maternity tights do exist, but they’re not as easily accessible in the U.S.

From our research, these tights can be found overseas, especially in the United Kingdom and India. But the added expense of international shipping may make them inaccessible for many pregnant mamas. Instead, we suggest these skin tone maternity tights or the Lululemon Align pant which feels like a tight and comes in white or light colors.

Final Thoughts:

Maternity tights are a great way to pull an outfit together or provide extra support for your growing belly. Whether you opt for sheer or opaque, or even a footless version, there are countless options available to you! 

In our guide, we found these opaque maternity tights to be one of the best options because of their durability, affordable price point, and comfort-focused design which made this ideal for extended wear. 

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