15 Of The BEST Dollar Tree Halloween DIYs To Try This Year

Sharing the BEST Dollar Tree Halloween DIYs you have to try in 2020! These are the perfect Halloween decorations for your home (inside or outside!) or a festive Halloween party! All of these Halloween DIYs from the dollar store are really easy! Most just require a little hot glue and scissors!

Before you cozy up to do your Halloween crafts, be sure to check out the ultimate list of Halloween movies here!

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But first…

When does dollar tree put out halloween decorations?

My Dollar Tree started putting out Halloween decor the last week of July! Yep, you read that right! It was just two small sections for about a month. I have 3 Dollar Trees near me that I kind of circulate between and they all put out the larger/complete selection of Halloween stuff though the first week of September.

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Dollar Tree Halloween 2020 Ideas:

DIY Halloween Ghost Garland

DIY Halloween Ghost Garland

Loved these spooky little ghosts I made using only Dollar Tree supplies! They cost about $3 to make and are so adorable!

View the full DIY Halloween Ghost Garland here!

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Halloween DIY Spooky Candy Bowl or Vase

I'm so obsessed with this creepy candy bowl or spooky vase! It can be used for Halloween or repurposed for anytime of the year by leaving the top color as it is, or topping with a different color of spray paint! Your house plants will love it!

View the full Halloween DIY Spooky Vase / Candy Bowl – Dollar Tree Hack here!

Dollar Tree Halloween Ornament Wreath

I'm so obsessed with this DIY Halloween Ornament Wreath!! It's the first wreath I ever made and I'm so impressed with how easy it was and how it came out! I used only supplies from the Dollar Tree and it cost $8!

View the full Dollar Tree Halloween Ornament Wreath tutorial here!

Dollar Tree Halloween DIY Serving Tray: Spooky Mummy Graveyard

Would you believe me if I said that this cost about $5 to make ?!? And that hand, was actually just a skeleton hand! YEP! This has quickly become one of my favorite Halloween decor DIYs I've ever done! You can put it at an entryway for your keys, lay our some candy bars, or top it with some graveyard inspired cupcakes!

Check out the full Dollar Tree Halloween DIY Serving Tray: Spooky Mummy Graveyard tutorial here!

DIY Cousin Itt from the Addams Family!

IT'S THE ADDAMS FAMILY! Throwing it back with this Dollar Tree Halloween DIY!! Both my daughter and I love having Cousin Itt around. I share a few different ways you can customize this DIY in the post. This is an item I'd pick up EARLY in the season as the grass hula skirts tend to go away in the later months.

and don't @ me because my Cousin It doesn't have sunglasses! My toddler keeps taking them off and his hat off, so this is what I'm working with LOL

Check out the full Dollar Tree Cousin Itt tutorial here!

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Witch Hats

Watch the tutorial for the paper witch hats here:

Okay you all loved the DIY paper bats last year that I knew I wanted something just as simple and fun! Enter DIY paper witch hats! I love these because you can hang them from doorways or your ceiling using a little sticky tack OR you can just place them on a table or mantle as decor. Either way it's super easy!


  • Black poster paper
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • White thread
  • Halloween tubing from the Dollar Tree

Step 1: Forming the top of your witch hat

You'll cut your black paster board into semi-circles. Then just round it out until it forms a cone. Glueing the edge down.

Step 2: Cutting the base

Next you'll cut a circle that about an 2 inches wider in diameter than the top of the witch hat you just made. To do this, I just placed my cone on top of the black poster paper, and did a rough sketch of how wide I wanted my brim.

Once you cut the circle out, cut the middle out. Keeping a fairly wide brim still. Essentially creating the letter O.

Step 3: Attaching your top and bottom

Slide your base over the top of your cone. It should get stuck and not fall to the bottom. Your cone probably has some rough edges, that's okay. All your going to do is note how much of the cone is beneath the base (ideally about a half an inch or less). Then you'll just cut about a half of an inch slits all around the cones bottom.

Fold the slit up so they sit flush on the table and add a drop of hot glue to each of them. Now just slide the hat base back over the top of the cone. This time is should sit flush on the table and on top of the slits with glue. Press firmly so the glue secures.

Step 4: Ribbon

Add a little of the Halloween tubing from the Dollar tree by going around the brim where the top of the hat meets the base with some hot glue. Then just afix your tubing. Do this gently – we want it to keep the tube form and not get flushed flat. Also the tubing is holey, so be careful of your fingers. You can get finger covers at the Dollar Tree if you're nervous.

Step 5: Displaying

You can put these on a table or mantle and display flat.

Or you can hang them from doorways or ceilings for a more magical feel (what I did). To do this, just get a piece of sewing thread and figure out how long you want your hat to hang. Add a small dot of glue to the tip of your hat and afix the sewing string. Then just get some sticky tack or tape and attach it to your ceiling, doorway, or wherever you want it to hang from!

Hey Boo Garland

hey boo diy banner

This was SUCH a fun and easy Halloween banner using only items from the dollar store! You can check out the full tutorial for how to make a “hey boo” halloween banner with felt ghost here!

Dollar store Halloween 2019 Decorations:

Below are my Dollar Tree Halloween DIYs from 2019! The video tutorial recaps them all and you can check out the blog posts!

Halloween Mugs

These Halloween mugs are totally customizable and cost only $1 a mug!! HUGE cost saver compared to the $10 ones at stores!

Check out the DIY Halloween mugs here!

DIY Paper Bats

One of my FAVORITE Halloween DIYs are the bats! I kept seeing these bats all over Instagrammers walls and fireplaces – but they were plastic and pricery! These just require a black poster board from the dollar store!

You can download a stencil for making them here and check out the full DIY paper bat tutorial here!

Skeleton Skull Garland

How cute are those little light up garland of skeleton skulls above?!? It's SUCH an easy Dollar Tree Halloween DIY! Costs just $2!

Check out the full Skeleton Skull Garland tutorial here!

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Spooky Skeleton Tower

Would you believe me if I said that spooky Skeleton Tower below cost just $6 to make?! AND One of the items you'll need is a plunger?!

YEP! Check out the full tutorial here!

Creepy Dollar Tree Candelabra

LOVE A good bloody pillar candle for Spooky season and had so much fun creating these little candelabra candle holders!

Apothecary Jars

Growing up I went as a witch for Halloween like 8 years in a row… not even kidding. Always cooking up my potions and poisons HA! I just kidding! But I do love the whole witchy vibe of these apothecary jars!

Check out how to make apothecary jars using only dollar store supplies here!

Dollar Store Creepy Bouquets

Honestly this dollar tree halloween hack is so simple, it feels like it's cheating to include it on the list! Check out the Halloween hack here!

Dollar Tree Pinterest Pins

15 Of The BEST Dollar Tree Halloween DIYs To Try This Year! These are all easy Halloween crafts you can do alone or with kids for a spooky and cheap halloween decorations! This Halloween Decor will definitely impress! #halloweendiy #halloweendiys #dollartreehalloween #halloweendollartree #halloweendecor #halloweendecordiy #halloweendecordiys