Best 30A Photographers | Family Photos, Portraits, + Lifestyle Tips

Living on 30A it feels like I can toss a penny and hit a photographer. Tons of photographers fly in to photograph this beautiful – and bizarre – destination. Which I get – it is STUNNING here! But the bizarre thing is, despite receiving roughly 3 million visitors a year, very few people actually live here. Why? Because there's little to no infrastructure for locals. So today I'm thrilled to share a couple of the best 30A photographers – who actually live on 30A!

Living in a tourist town my whole life, I can't stress this enough: if you're coming here, please support the local economy and opt for one of our local photographers instead of someone who just flies in for a week during season to make $$$.

And if the humanity plea isn't enough, just check out their work:

Best 30A Photographers

And I'm obviously not going to leave you hanging with just photographer ideas, for the best family photos I have some tips to share and family photo outfit ideas!

30A Family Photo Outfit Ideas

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Tips for Family Photos on 30A

Have a shot list:

Ok this is kind of controversial and most photographers *hate* a shot list – and yes photographers will get great photos, but they are no mind readers (even the best 30a photographers!) – So if you have your heart set on a photo, tell/show them!

Because this does kind of ruin some of the creativity of a session, I suggest keeping it to just a few things. For instance, I knew I wanted Lexi to get some photos of us on a dock at our location. Something we likely would've just walked passed but had to intentionally go down to. With G, I set up all the little moments in the kitchen and reading books, etc. For work in the past, I needed shots where I was pointing to blank walls up, down, and side to side where I'd eventually overlay text for sales pages. Keep is limited so most of your sessions is free flowing!

Here's some shot ideas you may need though:

  • Individual photos of everyone (great for kids especially, or if you need a new social media profile)
  • Any other *unique* arrangements of people (for large family gatherings they'll do a group photo usually of everyone, and then smaller family units, but if there's a unique combo you want (e.g. just newly engaged couples in the family) be sure to speak up!)
  • Specific backdrop or moment: You'll see in our photos below, I really wanted us playing with blocks, cooking in the kitchen, and my daughters bedroom for our photos with G. With Lexi, I wanted a few on a dock with this boat in the background. Whatever those weird quirks you have are, just let them know!

Coordinate clothes

You do NOT need to all wear the same color (no judgement if you do) – but you ideally will all look like you belong at the same party if you know what I mean? We don't need one person in earth tones and the other in a shimmery hot pink ensemble.

Choosing a color palette for the whole family and then shopping within it is ideal. Skip stripes and over the top small busy prints as well as they can lead to some weird optical illusions.

Keep in mind where you're taking photos too and try to pick colors that complement it.

Make triangles

Ever wonder what to do with your hands in photos? Or how to stand? I'm going to give you the secret: make triangles.

I know this is so weird, but it works! Basically for any posed photos, you'll just want to create a triangle with your arms and legs. Here's a good visual:

Practice it before the big shoot (while you're standing in line at Raw and Juicy or Charlie's Donut's during your 30a vacation!). It won't feel as weird this way!

Have fun!

Remember to just have fun and play with whoever you're taking photos with!

Sing songs with kids, play a game of tag, dance, etc! Getting silly always leads to the most natural and beautiful photos!

Family Photography 30A

Guillaume (pronounced Gee-yohm, but you can call him G) is a Parisian (yes, as in Paris, France!) photographer who left the Fashion and Advertising industry to settle on down to our beautiful beaches and put his talents to good use with families.

With two little girls of his own, he knows a thing or two about capturing the candid moments and telling a story.

We love how easy it is to work with G. He's a warm and fun guy, and I think that comes through in his photos. I love the bright and airy feel – yet natural. His photos truly capture the natural beauty of the moment and person, which I love!

He can do all the typical 30a photographer mini session of family beach photos, couples sessions, senior portraits, large family gathering, maternity sessions, engagement photos, and even lifestyle photos capturing those everyday moments of parenting.

I had this vision of doing a photoshoot in our home and he perfectly captured a (much more beautiful) day in the life for us:

Lexi Arielle

Lexi is a rare breed. She lives in a pink school bus with her husband and four kids and everyone who meets her wants to become her new BFF. She's just that easy going person who is genuinely interested and likes other people. That love and comfort she brings others clearly comes through in her photos as she captures intimate and candid moments so easily, you'll forget you were doing family photos.

They are both great for your families stay on the beaches of 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, Destin, and Panama City Beach.

They know our beaches in Santa Rosa from Grayton Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Watercolor, Seaside, Seagrove Beach, Seacrest, Watersound, Alys Beach, Rosemary Beach, Inlet Beach and the quaint little community of Carillon Beach. Both are sure to help you get what you're looking for!

So truly if you're looking for the best 30a photographers, look no further than these two! From affordable 30a photographer mini sessions to the best family photos you can get in 30A florida, you're sure to get what you're looking for!