11 Cheap & Easy At Home Spa Hacks

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Whether it's due to social distancing or ballin' on a budget, we all could use some more DIY at home activity ideas which is why I'm thrilled to share 11 cheap and easy at home spa hacks you'll want to try asap! You can do these during the day or at night. Feel free to mix them up to do with your kids, with your husband, with your girlfriends, or alone! These are my tried and true tips for turning your bathroom and bedroom into a spa like wellness retreat. Even better? They are all cost effective and easyyy! Seriously, they are way cheaper than going to your favorite upscale spa!

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11 Cheap & Easy At Home Spa Hacks To Try Tonight:

Soak it in.

Nothing says relaxation like soaking in a relaxing bath! Make your bath even more spa like by adding flower petals, cut citruses, coconut oil, or even a few drops of your favorite essential oil. This is my favorite bath salt which also has some essential oils already in it!

To make the room really feel like a spa  set the mood! Dim the lights or just use candles. Use a fluffy robe. Lay out a white towel or white bath mat. Roll up a towel to go behind your neck. Set out a pitcher of cucumber water or even a vase of eucalyptus! Whatever allows you to really feel tranquil. Ohhh and let's not forget some spa music!! 

Rejuvenate your face.

A face mask doesn't need to be expensive! In fact, you can whip up a rejuvenating face mask with ingredients from your kitchen! Look at the ingredients you have on hand and search for a face mask. Some of my favorite ones include ground oats (just through them in a blender to make them a fine power), honey, a little lemon juice, and some tea tree oil!

Chances are your fridge and pantry are stocked with the perfect DIY face mask ingredients full of  enriching vitamins, minerals, and moisturizers! Wayyy better for you than chemical filled store bought masks! 

Bomb it!

Many of us enjoy a good bath and will spend a lot of money on finding the best bath bombs to enhance this experience. Thankfully, we can create our own fizzing baths with ingredients found around the house or the local pharmacy. If you have access to epsom salts, baking soda, cornstarch, and citric acid (for the fizz) you can be crafting the ultimate bathing experience in no time.

Get “egg”cited!

Eggs aren’t just for breakfast anymore! Egg whites can be used to treat oily skin or create a toner.  You can use the yolks mixed with a little olive oil to create a deep conditioning hair treatment which you can leave on for 20 minutes (*ahem* perfect leave-in during your bathtime soak!?). 

No manicure? No problem.

Manicures take time, you're around a lot of people and fumes, and it's just not always realistic to get to the salon. If you're skipping the formal mani, opt to soak your hands for five minutes in warm water, moisturize with your favorite lotion or skin polish, use this kit to push down and trim those cuticles, and then slap on a coat of clear nail polish, and your hands will look as if you just spent two hours at the nail salon.

Buff your skin.

This is a two-for one at home spa hack: stock up on pumice stones and dry brushes.

Not only will they automatically set the tone of your bathroom as the perfect spa-like decor. But they also have amazing benefits for your skin! Dry brushing in circular motions boosts blood flow, removes toxins, and can even reduce the appearance of cellulite!

Pumice stones are great for after your bath (or any foot soak) to get the dry hard skin off. Our skin is our largest organ, so let's show it some TLC! 

Add a little heat.

After your dry brushing and bath, it's time to moisturize! A fun tip is to warm your moisturizer or use a warm oil to really up ooze relaxation into every pore! Rub your moisturizer between your hands, or let the jar soak in warm water before applying. 

Get steamy!

This is a great at home spa hack you can do any night of the week! Just run your shower as hot as possible (with all the doors closed) for a few extra minutes before getting in to create a steam room effect. This works best in small bathrooms. 

If you want to uplevel this, you could tie a bouquet of eucalyptus around your shower head to really bring in the natural spa energy. Or you can soak a hand towel in water, spray it with lavender, and chill it in the fridge beforehand. Once you're ready to go into your faux-steam room, grab your chilled towel and place it over your face while you relax in the steam! 

Use tennis balls for a DIY massage.

Kinks and sore muscles can dampen our moods and ruin our days. If your back or shoulders are screaming and making a racket, try laying down on your back and rolling out the knots by using tennis balls. Simply place the balls in target locations on your back, prop your head up with a pillow, and work out those painful areas by rolling over the balls. You will score some relief and love the way you feel afterwards.

Don't forget your eyes.

We strain our eyes daily and they need a little TLC every now and then. You can pamper your peepers with a traditional slice of cucumber, soaked green tea bags, or slices of potatoes. The tea’s caffeine will help constrict the appearance of blood vessels and the antioxidants will reduce inflammation. Potatoes and cucumbers are also a natural way to reduce puffiness and swelling.

Declutter & cleanse

Okay this is more of an at home spa tip rather than a hack; but make sure your space is clean!

One reason we breathe a sigh of relief when we walk into a spa is due to the fact that everything is calm. Take some time to regularly keep your bathroom decluttered. Set up matching towels. Install calming lights. By having this foundation in place, you have all of the makings for a fantastic spa night at home! 

What is one way you relax or pamper yourself at home?

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11 Cheap and easy at home spa hacks, spa day diy ideas you can do with husband or for kids, diy spa night in for couples, bathroom and room ideas for your own spa night with friends or alone, easy wellness retreat at home ideas, #spanight, #spahacks, #diyspa, #athomespa, #spaideas

Originally published 4/21/17: updated 03/19/2020

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  1. Such nice tips, thank you! As I dance teacher my body often aches and needs a break. At home spa treatments are my way to go. Have a great day!
    Love from Austria!

  2. Loved all of these! I plan on doing a pedicure this weekend, as a matter of fact. I prefer to go to the nail salon to get it done, but I’m broke, and I honestly think I do a pretty good job 🙂

  3. I’m just a weirdo who overthinks about what it takes to do a spa day on my own but it seems so simple lol I have huge bags under my eyes so I need to pick up eye masks!

  4. Pinned this! I love a good steamy shower with essential oils – cause I don’t have the patience for a bath.

  5. Lindsay Katherine

    I’ve never used a bath bomb, can you believe it?? I’m all about a candlelit shower and a good at-home pampering experience, so I can’t wait to try these ideas.

  6. Oh man. I’m a huge DIY spa lover. I like to lay there in my candle lit bathroom, in bath bombed water, with coconut oil on my hair and an African black soap mask on my face. Pure bliss.

  7. whaaaat tennis ball massage?? these are seriously life changing. bless you for sharing ?

  8. I love taking an epsom salt bath with lavender essential oils and surprisingly – apple cider vinegar! It sounds like it would smell terrible (which it doesn’t but it does lessen) HOWEVER – how I feel after is amazing! It’s a great detox.

  9. such great hacks for all spa essentials! I love bathbombs, I will have to try making one!

  10. Elizabeth Johnson

    I must say I am not a fan of baths but the others sound amazing! I really like to light a candle to help me relax. If the scent if something soft like lavender it really helps me take a deep breath and slow down. I also, like to take a racquetball and lean against the wall. That really gets those pesky knots out of my back and neck. Love this post!

  11. I tried to make a bath bomb one time. It was slightly fail-ish! Im all about the at home pedi and mani though!

  12. I love these ideas – Personally I love a long and hot shower with some time for a good buttery moisturizer and a face mask!

  13. thesofieyahdiaries

    Love these tips!! I always remember to get the eyes because eyes, more than any other body part, needs serious TLC!

  14. These are such great ideas! I would have never thought of them and I need some spa pampering at home haha!

  15. I LOVE using eggs for hair treatments. I do it nearly every week! I will need to try all the others – thanks for sharing!

  16. I am so doing this today! Tea bags – my favourite trick! I also like dry brushing to properly exfoliate my body 😉

  17. I’ve never thought about putting lavender on a washcloth, but I might try that tonight. Thanks for the idea.

  18. TheBlogSocieties

    All of these suggestions sound heavenly! Definitely trying some of these this weekend.

  19. Mary La Fornara

    Great suggestions! There is nothing better than a home Spa day or evening, especially on the cheap!

  20. I love a good spa night! There are so many great items on this list! I love that cake bath bomb with sprinkles 🙂 Bath bombs are SO relaxing!

    Carly | www,thecarlycollective.com

  21. Kimberly @ Berly's Kitchen

    My favorite has got to be the first option of soaking in a bath, but it would be nice to have several of these together. These are all great ideas!

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