10 Cheap & Easy At Home Spa Hacks

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Growing up, we couldn’t wait for the day to come where we will be considered full fledged adults. We anxiously counted down the days to graduation and anticipated the accomplishment of landing a first job. Unfortunately, along with this freedom came new responsibilities. Today, adulting is not always fun and games like we used to imagine and life can be overwhelming at times. Thankfully, we can enjoy a little pampering and relaxation at home.

10 Cheap & Easy At Home Spa Hacks To Try Tonight:

Soak it in.

Nothing says relaxation like a bath and these are easy to indulge in at home. To enhance the body soaking experience, use flower petals, coconut oil, or a drop or two of your favorite essential oils. For added effect, decorate the room with pale colored flowers, candlelight, and dim the lights. For a few minutes, just sit back, breathe, and let the warmth of the water wash away stress from the day.

Rejuvenate your face.

Whip up a rejuvenating mask with ingredients from your kitchen. Beauty masks don’t have to be pricey or laden full of chemicals to nourish your skin. We can look in our own cabinets and fridges to find the perfect combination of vitamins, minerals, and moisturizers. If you have ground oats, honey, or yogurt stocked you can treat yourself to an affordable facial mask at home.

Bomb it!

Many of us enjoy a good bath and will spend a lot of money on finding the best bath bombs to enhance this experience. Thankfully, we can create our own fizzing baths with ingredients found around the house or the local pharmacy. If you have access to epsom salts, baking soda, cornstarch, and citric acid (for the fizz) you can be crafting the ultimate bathing experience in no time.


Get “egg”cited!

Eggs aren’t just for breakfast anymore, skip the omelets and whip the whites for a variety of purposes. These range anywhere from treating oily skin to creating toner that can be used on all parts of the body. To use the yolks, beat them with olive oil (or mayonnaise) and a little water to create a deep conditioning hair treatment  which you can leave on for 20 minutes. It might not be the most appetizing combination, but our hair will go over easy from hard to soft.

No manicure? No problem.

Manicures take time and with our schedules sometimes it is impossible to sneak off for a little nail therapy. If you don’t have time for a mani, simply soak your hands for five minutes, moisturize with your favorite lotion or skin polish, then slap on a coat of clear nail polish, and your hands will look as if you just spent two hours at the nail salon.

Fake it till you make it.

While many of us can only dream about stealing away for a spa weekend, we can add little touches to our homes, especially bathrooms to create that relaxing atmosphere. One easy way to add a little spa to your slice of home is by using pumice stones for decorations and they even double as skin softeners in the shower!

Add a little heat.

One way we can pamper ourselves everyday is to enjoy the little things in life and nothing oozes relaxation like warmed lotion. This is a simple trick to feel magnificent within minutes.

Get steamy!

This PG-13 hack is all about adding heat and moisture to create a sauna in your bathroom. Run a hot shower for a few extra minutes to let the room fill with luxurious fog and relax in the shower. For added effect, consider misting a washcloth with lavender spray and placing the cloth over your face.

Use tennis balls for a DIY massage.

Kinks and sore muscles can dampen our moods and ruin our days. If your back or shoulders are screaming and making a racket, try laying down on your back and rolling out the knots by using tennis balls. Simply place the balls in target locations on your back, prop your head up with a pillow, and work out those painful areas by rolling over the balls. You will score some relief and love the way you feel afterwards.

Don’t forget your eyes.

We strain our eyes daily and they need a little TLC every now and then. You can pamper your peepers with a traditional slice of cucumber, soaked green tea bags, or slices of potatoes. The tea’s caffeine will help constrict the appearance of blood vessels and the antioxidants will reduce inflammation. Potatoes and cucumbers are also a natural way to reduce puffiness and swelling.

What is one way you relax or pamper yourself at home?

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