10 Things I loved In April 2018

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Making BIG Career Moves

Last month, I chatted all about the signs it's time to make your next career move + tips on how to go about it! I wrote this post from my own personal experience of getting fired twice in a month, to launching and eventually wanting to quit the blog. It was fun to reflect on the signs that I needed to make a change and even more fun to see how those changes (like launching The Confused Millennial podcast) gave me a rejuvenated sense of passion! This year for me is about no longer hiding behind my keyboard. The podcast is one  way I'm stepping out of that! What changes are you thinking about making? Maybe you'll even want to consider becoming a CFP like Brittany Castro did [read why here]

Answering All Of The Existential Life Crisis Questions

In episode 8 of the podcast I interviewed Paul Angone, the author of 101 Questions For Your Twenties [& LBH, Your Thirties Too]! Ahh seriously, Paul's book is SO good! It's honestly like TCM on steroids. We talk a lot about our personal experiences in the podcast, answer some of the big quarter life crisis questions and so much more! I'm using his book as a daily journaling exercise, where I take a day or two to answer each question to gain more self-awareness. Buy the book here.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

I never want to be “busy.” For me, entering the world of entrepreneurship was always about finding a sustainable business model that would give me the work-life balance I want. Which is why I loved breaking down my thoughts on what it actually means to work smarter, not harder + 6 tips to help you work smarter in your career!

Reflecting on Entrepreneurship

Speaking of entrepreneurship, E and I chatted all about our journeys as entrepreneurs PLUS we answered some of your questions in episode 6 of the podcast! Seriously, we LOVED talking all about finding your place in a crowded market, staying motivated, and things to avoid when starting out. Have you listened yet?! Listen here to ep 6 Entrepreneurship: Tips for finding your place, staying motivated, & what to avoid!

Our Love Story

Speaking of E, we alsooo brought one of TCM's most popular blog posts of all time (the story of how we met) from the written word to the spoken! In episode 7 of the podcast we told the story of how we met, and I have to say, it's a HOOT! Listen here.

Cutting Stress

Did you know, April was National Stress Awareness Month? I LOVED sharing 10 quick & easy ways to cut stress from your life in this post! Seriously, most of them can be done in 2-5 minutes – because LBH, we all can't get massages in the middle of the day every day! How did you cut stress this month?

Getting Vulnerable About My Health

Another podcast episode! [Can you guys see where I'm spending most of my time these days?!] In episode 5 of the podcast, Eric and I talk about our relationships with food and our bodies in response to a reader question on “manifesting health.” We break down how to use intuition to change the relationship to your body & food [listen here]. It's a topic I've never really talked about on the blog before but I loved sharing it with you all.

Updating our bedroom and my office!

UGH I’m THRILLED about this! You might remember our home tour from last year… and while I love love love how everything came out, living wise, I had a few qualms. You see, the overhead lighting in my office was non-existent. So by 1:00 pm everyday I found myself working in the dark, eyes strained, combatting a headache. No fun. When I found this hanging lamp from Versanora it changed the game! It extends right over my desk, and is literally a renter’s dream lamp if you’re like me and don’t want to deal with installing overhead lighting! See lamp and updated jungalow home office here.

The other issue: our bedroom (above). I really wanted an accent chair to bring all the colors and textures together, but they were all expensive AF or didn’t quite match. But this one from Versanora is literally perfect! It’s the exact color and texture of the briefcase accent in our room and the perfect size! The other issue we experienced was that we didn’t actually have a lamp! We’d always loved those “hollywood” feeling lights and this was an excellent addition! It also has a “Step” button switch which makes it easy to turn on and off since it’s not connected to a light switch! Shop the Versanora chair and tri-pod lamp. See our updated industrial meets minimalist bedroom here.

Color healing & color therapy!

Did you know that colors are made up of energetic frequencies that we are literally downloading into our system all day?! That's why some colors make you feel a certain way! Last month I chatted with the amazing Walaa from Color-Ways! She's a certified color therapist, intuitive, and all around amazing human being! In our podcast episode we covered SO many nuggets of wisdom on how you can use color to live your best life & heal! Plus she even did a five minute color healing meditation for us!! Make sure you get cozy while listening so you can enjoy alllll the sounds of her crystals and the delicious green vibes! Listen to the episode on how to use color to life your best life & heal here.


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And that's a wrap on April!

What did you love about April!?