Inspiring Millennials with Angela J. Ford

 Digital Marketing Strategist and fantasy novel author, Angela Ford, shares her experience and advice to multi-passionate millennials on starting a business, tackling digital marketing, creating an elevator pitch when you have multiple revenue streams, and so much more. Also be sure to download our free goal setting guide! The Confused Millennial™

On today's episode of “Inspiring Millennials” we have special guest, Angela Ford.

Angela J. Ford is a Digital Marketing Strategist and Author, passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. Angela is the definition of a multi-passionate millennial!

Throughout her professional career, Angela has worked in several industries, including sports, nonprofit, healthcare, and wellness technology. Although she enjoyed aspects of each past job position, she kept coming back to these burning questions:

“How do you create a life that provides a consistent revenue stream while only doing work you enjoy? How can you have more time to write, travel and spend time with friends and family without becoming stuck in a 40-50 hour a week work routine?”

In 2015, Angela finally quit her 9-5 job to focus exclusively on spending time doing work she loves. She discovered, life as an entrepreneur means you have the freedom and flexibility to choose your clients, plan your schedule, and travel whenever you like. The entrepreneurial lifestyle allows you to focus on doing work that is fun and makes you want to jump out of bed every single day. (No more dreaded Mondays!)

Once she quit the traditional lifestyle, the major project she worked on was releasing the first book in her epic fantasy series, a dream which had been in the making since childhood. Brought up as a bookworm and musician, she began writing the Four Worlds Series at the age of 12. The storyline of those books was inspired by fairy tales, high magic, epic fantasy and creative games she played with her four sisters. Now, the rewritten versions are being released, bringing them from a child’s daydream to an adventure young and old alike can enjoy.

Currently, Angela works with small businesses, agencies, and entrepreneurs, helping them with websites, marketing strategies and social media. While her mission is to help them reach their goals through digital marketing, her purpose is to give them more time in the day to focus on doing work they love.

In this episode Angela gives actionable advice and discusses:

  • Coping with lots of ideas and passions
  • Tackling digital marketing
  • Creating a safety net when quitting your 9 to 5 to launch your own business
  • Handling your elevator pitch when you have several streams of revenue coming in

Connect with Angela on her website or twitter and purchase her book here.

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  1. How inspiring! Angela is an inspiration in all that she does. I especially admire her for following through with her childhood passion of writing and creating her own series.

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