Alpha Medical Review: Is It Worth It?

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This post is sponsored by Alpha Medical. Thank you for supporting brands who support TCM. All thoughts, opinions, and experiences are my own.

One of my pet peeves about our healthcare system is the amount of TIME it takes to get our needs met. I mean seriously, in a world where we can facetime with someone on the opposite side of the globe in an instant, you'd think we could see our doctor with less than a 45-minute wait, amiright?! After all, time is the one thing we can never get more of. 

Which is why I'm loving the turn towards telehealth. Telehealth started gaining popularity back when I was working as a substance abuse counselor. Over the last five or so years, I've watched it grow and evolve and love seeing companies like Alpha Medical pop up to provide healthcare solutions for women. 

What is telehealth: 

It allows you, the patient, to connect with a clinician for health-related services via the phone or internet. 

Basically you can skip the doctor's office and get things like birth control online. YAY! 

Alpha Medical Review: Is It Worth It?

Easy Online Consultation:

You simply sign up online here if you live in California, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Ohio, or New York. Complete the basic questionnaire (like any in-take paperwork at your doctor's). From there you'll get an email confirming you've submitted everything and updating you on what to expect next. A clinician reviews your intake then contacts you with your prescription treatment plan within 24 hours.

Meaning you don't have to wait on hold to schedule an appointment, leave work to go to said appointment, or sit forever in a waiting room only to be seen by your doctor for 15 minutes.

Since I'm breastfeeding, I am on a no estrogen birth control. I spoke with my nurse practitioner via the message feature to make sure we were on the same page. It was really easy and convenient and I love that everything is documented this way. She placed the order for me and I received it in about 3-5 days.

Affordable Costs:

You'll pay a one-time consultation fee of $10. Even though it's not a copay, I kind of think of it as one; only it's one time rather than every time, so it's more affordable in that sense. All of your orders ship for free too!

Alpha Medical accepts insurance for birth control, so you'd just upload your card while doing the consultation and your standard insurance rates would apply.

If you don't have insurance, their cash payment options are really affordable. Personally, I went without insurance for quite a while and was really impressed with their rates; I believe the cash option cost me about half of what it did when I went to get my birth control filled without insurance at a big name pharmacy.

Offerings / efficacy:

Alpha Medical was formed with the goal of increasing access to care for some of the country’s most common, underserved and undertreated medical needs, with low medical risk. Currently Alpha Medical's offerings include:

Birth Control: They offer the pill for $20 a month, the patch for $140 a month, and the ring for $170 a month. You'll get $25 off your first order of birth control with them.

Latisse: the only FDA approved eyelash growth serum. It's used to grow longer, fuller eyelashes. Alpha members get $10 off their first order.

Skincare solutions: They offer prescription acne treatments and anti-aging products that are customized to meet your skin needs so you feel the best in your skin. I know how hard it can be to want to really stand in your power and speak up when I'm not looking my best. Alpha Medical strives to help the Alpha Women step into the strong, independent women they are! You can get $25 off your first skincare order with Alpha Medical too!

As part of the Alpha family you receive automatic refills on your birth control, unlimited access to your Alpha Clinician, free delivery, and you get 20% off all the Alpha cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreens. 

The Verdict On Alpha Medical:

I'm here for it!

Having birth control shipped straight to my door is a huge time saver. Plus, connecting with the health care provider is quick and easy and feels like it's on my terms (and time).

It's affordable and saves you loads of time in getting your birth control, prescription skincare, and latisse. If you're ready to skip the line and hassle of a traditional doctor sign up for Alpha Medical here!


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