Why Are Allbirds So Popular? Allbirds Review: Sizing, Arch Support, Durability

Wondering why Allbirds are so popular? And if the hyped up shoes + clothes are worth the price tag? In short: YES (shop them here)! After owning 9 pairs of Allbirds shoes since 2016, and now some of their clothes I can wholeheartedly say they live up to their tagline of “the world's most comfortable shoes” …and I guess clothes now too!

Below you'll discover what makes Allbirds popular (SPOILER: eco conscious, cloud like feel, gorgeous designs!), what you need to know about their sizing and arch support, how long you can expect them to last, and so much more!

What are Allbirds?

Allbirds started off as “the world's most comfortable shoes” with the launch of their first product, an ultra comfortable shoe made from Merino Wool from the sheep in New Zealand.

They have since expanded to include shoes and clothing made from materials like eucalyptus trees, sugar cane, recycled plastic bottles, and castor-bean oil giving them the eco-friendly and sustainable stamp of approval.

Each style of Allbirds comes in multiple fun limited edition color combinations. Their shoes, which primarily sell direct-to-consumer through their website, as well as their physical stores, run between $100-$160. Don’t expect an Allbirds sale because they don’t run promotions.

Allbirds, headquartered in San Francisco, California, is a B-Corp company whose mission is more than just providing a financial return to their shareholders, but to also help the environment. The company was founded by Tim Brown from New Zealand and Joey Zwillinger from San Francisco. Tim and Joey set out to create a new category of footwear inspired by natural materials.

What are the different Allbirds shoe styles?

Allbirds started out making casual, good-looking, and super comfortable every day tennis shoes for men and women made out of Merino Wool. Their line of sneakers and footwear has expanded to include a wide color selection of the following:


  • Trail Runners SWT: Made from a blend of eucalyptus trees and Merino Wool. This style of Allbirds has a rugged outsole, tear-resistant mudguard, and snug sock-like collar that make it great for trail runners, hikers, and walking.
  • Tree Runners: A lightweight, breathable shoe made from eucalyptus fiber for walking in walking in warmer weather. Also great for just everyday wearing and travel.
  • Wool Runners: Come in fluff too, Runner Up Mizzle
  • Wool Runner Mizzles: They are water repellant and have extra traction for those looking for a more durable shoe to wear in any weather, including the rain. These come in a high top version “runner up Mizzles.”


  • Tree Dasher 2: Beautiful one-piece upper, lightly padded heel collar, and flexible cushioned midsole. This sneaker is great for people who like to do light runs, walks, and workouts.
  • Tree Dasher Relay: Similar in design and use to the Tree Dasher 2, but these sneakers don’t have laces making them easy to just slip on and be on the move. They also have a reflective design, which will improve safety if wearing them outside at night.
  • Wool Dasher Mizzle: A lightweight running shoe made from Merino Wool that has a water repellant finish and a more tractioned grip on the sole. These shoes could get a bit hot in warmer climates, but overall make for a good all-weather running and training shoe.
  • Wool Dasher Mizzle Fluff: A performance running shoe that also has a fluffy merino wool on the inside and a water repellent exterior. The Wool Dasher Mizzle has shock absorbing materials and provides extra stability for those looking to go longer distance with the comfort and warmth of a slipper.
  • Wool Dasher Mizzle-Mid: The same type of performance as the Wool Dasher and Woold Dasher Mizzle Fluff with water repellent materials, extra traction, and a built in mid-cut sock to prevent splashes from getting in your sneaker. This is great for those who like to run or go out in any weather and don’t want their feet to feel wet and soggy, or risk slipping on slick roads.
  • Wool Dasher Fluff: These fluffy machine-washable sneakers are made from Merino Wool. As Allbird's describes them, they are “performance on the inside, party on the outside.” They have a soft landing and heel support, which makes them great for everyday runs on the road.


  • Sugar Slider Sandals: made from carbon-negative EVA and sustainable sugarcane. These slides provide a nice blend of cushion and bounce for casual walking, outdoor parties, or just hanging around the house or outside.
  • Sugar Zeffers: Made from the same materials as the Sugar Sliders, but offer a slightly more stylish look and to thong. These Allbird sandals are best for people who want to go out for a casual stroll or hanging by the pool.
  • Wool Dweller: This close-toed slipper is made from up cycled scraps from their wool shoes, which create a feeling like your feet are being hugged. The Wool Dweller's are great for relaxing and unwinding at home.


  • Wool Lounger Fluffs: Made entirely from Merino Wool, inside and out, to provide an incredibly comfortable and cozy slip on for people looking to just lounge around the house or go on casual walks. These are great for cooler weather, but may make your feet sweaty if it’s too hot outside.
  • Wool Lounger: Made entirely from Merino Wool, but without the Fluff. Both the Wool Lounger and Wool Lounger Fluff have a rubber sole, which makes them great for those looking to just hang around the house or for a casual walk outside. These are also better for warmer climates.
  • Tree Lounger: Made from Eucalyptus tree fibers that has the same slip on, lightweight, comfortable design as its wool lounger siblings. These loungers are better for warmer climates and have a little more versatility in what you can wear them with. These look less like a slipper, and more of slip on shoe to wear out of the house.


  • Tree Pipers: Another lightweight, every day sneaker that pairs well with casual clothing and provides all day comfort. The Tree Pipers are great for traveling or just going out for a walk or to run errands.
  • Wool Pipers: A soft and cozy casual shoe that is just like the Tree Pipers, but provides more warmth and coziness on cooler days.
  • Wool Piper Mids: Made from a Merino Wool upper part and sustainable sugarcane midsole for cozy and comfortable everyday wear. These mid-tops are great for people looking for a casual shoe to go for walks or out on the town.

More Tree Styles:

  • Tree Skippers: A lightweight, breathable, and flexible boat shoe made out of eucalyptus fiber. These shoes are great for those looking for a casual shoe to wear out for a walk, run errands, and for casual outings on warmer days.
  • Tree Flyers: Made from a new bio-based swiftfoam™ that is carbon neutral. These lightweight, breathable, and super springy sneakers are built for long distance running.
  • Tree Breezers: A ballet flat that’s lightweight and breathable made from eucalyptus fiber. They have a ribbed collar for a good fit, and make for a durable, casual shoe for those looking to have comfort in the office, or while out running errands.
  • Tree Toppers: A lightweight high top sneaker made out of breathable eucalyptus fiber that is great for warmer days and climates. A minimalist shoe that looks great and are comfortable for a casual day out, walking, and everyday use.

Best Allbirds for walking:

All Allbirds feel light as air in our experience, so it really comes down to personal preference.

If you prefer a little more stability in your walking shoe, then choosing a mid or high top style supports the ankle a little more.

We personally find the Runners line the most comfortable for everyday walking and the occasional light run. In fact, it's the only sneaker I've ever owned that didn't irritate the skin at the back of my ankle (where your achilles is); yes, even their Loungers irritated it.

Allbirds sizing review: 

In our experience with 9 pairs of Allbirds over about seven years (since 2016), and according to most other reviewers, the shoes run true to size.

The majority of the styles are available in whole sizes (8-14 for men and 5-11 for women).

If you're in between sizes, we suggest sizing up. The sneaker styles are also good for people with wide feet because the upper fabric is flexible.

Should I size up or down in Allbirds?

Some of Allbirds performance shoes, like the Trail Runners, come in half sizes, but most only come in whole sizes. If you do fall somewhere in between sizes it is best to size up. 

Allbirds flexible materials are able to stretch and fit almost any foot, which is why they typically only sell whole sizes. 

Do Allbirds have arch support?

Allbirds historically offered moderate arch support in their Everyday Sneakers (Runners, Loungers and Skippers). Though as they've expanded their footwear line to include more performance based shoes like the Dashers and Trail Runners, you'll find better arch support.

Are Allbirds actually good?

Yes! Allbirds live up to the “world's most comfortable shoe” claim and do it while looking great.

Of course, shoes are a personal decision and will depend on your individual desires.

However after owning over 9 pairs of Allbirds between my husband and myself over the last 7 years, and turning friends + family onto them who all own multiple pairs now too – we can wholeheartedly and confidently say in our experience we've never met someone who didn't love them.

Allbirds truly feel like walking on a cloud. We, like many who have done an Allbird shoe review, agree that they look good and definitely feel good, with or without wearing socks. We also like that they are machine washable, just don’t put them in the dryer); and pretty durable.

With heavy daily use we found that the heels of our Allbirds did wear down after a couple years – much like any other sneaker. Despite that, we found them to be incredibly durable (the shoe never separate from the sole and material always looked great after wash).

What are the cons of Allbirds shoes?

Overall there are not a huge amount of cons to Allbirds shoes. The cons will depend on which shoe you get and for what purpose. 

If you are looking for a performance shoe for long running or hard workouts many of the Allbirds will not provide the necessary arch support needed. 

The Mizzles are the only water resistant Allbird shoes. Additionally, if you live in a hot and humid climate their wool shoes can cause your feet to get a little sweaty over an extended period of time wearing them. 

Allbirds life span is moderate and pretty typical for sneakers with most people saying they start seeing some wear and tear after about 10 months of regular use, but typically you can get about 2 years of use out of them before the soles wear out and the fabric thins.

Allbirds does offer a 30 day money-back guarantee, so if you do get a pair of Allbirds that quickly wear down you can return or replace them.

Allbirds vs On Cloud:

Both Allbirds and On Cloud make great, and extremely comfortable running shoes for working out or casual wear. However, it’s not an apples to apples comparison because most of Allbird’s shoe lineup, with the exception of the Dasher, is for casual everyday wear, whereas On Cloud is more of a running and performance shoe brand.  

The price for both shoes comes in around the same with each costing between $100-$160 depending which model shoe you get.

Check On Cloud Pricing At:

How to clean and care for your Allbirds shoes:

You can spot treat your Allbird shoes, or you can throw them in the washing machine, but whichever cleaning style you choose make sure you treat your Allbirds gently.

If you are going to throw them in the washing machine make sure to take out the laces and remove the insoles. Additionally, consider putting them in a laundry bag or pillow case, or throw them in with a bunch of towels to cushion them, to prevent damage. 

Add a gentle/natural detergent, and do not use bleach. Set the washing machine to cold and run on a gentle cycle. Most importantly, make sure to air dry; not tumble dry.

How long will Allbirds last? 

Allbirds life span is moderate with most people saying they start seeing some wear and tear after about 10 months of regular use. Typically you get about 2 years of frequent use out of them before the soles wear out and the fabric thins. Allbirds does offer a 30 day money-back guarantee, so if you do get a pair of Allbirds that quickly wear down you can return or replace them.

How are Allbirds clothing?

Allbirds clothing line is similar to their shoes: ultra comfortable, soft, and sustainably made.

Their clothes are made from blends of merino wool, Tencel™, and Lyocell and other materials that wick moisture away while providing an ultra soft and stretchy experience.

I have both Trino Bralette styles and find them to be unbelievable comfortable and breathable in South Florida's heat. I like them more than my Pact bralette which is a bit thicker and not as suitable for daily wear in a hot and humid climate.

Their tops are lightweight, but can be a little warm – so definitely keep that in mind in hot climates.

The fits run true to size in my experience and the clothes are quite durable/long lasting.

Allbirds discount code:

Allbirds doesn't offer discount codes or promo codes and rarely runs sales. In fact, Allbirds never went on sale until a year or two ago. Now Allbirds runs the very occasional sale.

Why Are Allbirds So Popular? Allbirds Review: Sizing, Arch Support, Durability since 2016 to now!

Why is Allbirds popular?

Prior to Allbirds coming on the scene most, if not all, running and tennis shoes were constructed from the same type of synthetic materials that were not great for the environment and provided good, but not great comfort. Allbirds has shaken up the market through their use of natural materials, carbon neutral and carbon negative manufacturing, and gorgeous design while providing an incredibly comfortable shoe for everyday use.

My husband and I have loved Allbirds since we purchased our first pair of runners in 2016. They are literally like walking on clouds, and we love how they look with a variety of different outfit styles. It is also a huge plus that they are machine washable.

Final thoughts + quick tips

If you are looking for a great pair of everyday sneakers to wear to work, out on the town, or simply for a casual walk I’d recommend the Wool Runners (cooler climate) or Tree Runners (warmer climate) depending on your climate.

If you are looking for a comfortable performance running shoe with better arch support, The Dasher Relay is going to be your best bet.

You also can't go wrong with their slip-on Loungers which provide a beautiful minimalist design for a variety of outfits and come in both fluff, merino wool, or the breathable eucalyptus tree material.

If you are looking for a good hiking or all weather shoe definitely check out the Trail Runners SWT.