Adulting Cleaning Hacks: How To Clean The Floors & Dust

Cleaning Hacks: How To Clean The Floors & Dust With Ease and Swiffer - the confused millennial rachel ritlop
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Y'all knowwww how much I hate cleaning if you caught this post on 5 Cleaning Hacks For Other Confused Millennials. #TRUTH: After that post, I don't think I cleaned again until our move! I avoided the floors like there was no tomorrow; and dusting? Pffttt what's that?!? (Totes not good for my allergies BTW).

But, you know what they say… New Space, New ME!

Okay, maybe nobody says that. But it's how I am feeling! We took on three times the size of our last few apartments moving into this new place! Needless to say, I am feeling just a little overwhelmed on the cleaning front… but super motivated to actually stay on top of all the chores this time around!

Adulting can feel seriously hard, but Swiffer has certainly made it so much easier! Swiffer swept the nation in '99 and is now turning 18!! And they're on a mission to help all of us confused millennials ease those adulting moments… like cleaning the blinds?!?

Seriously, I HATE dusting.. which is so not good because in all my #adulting glory, it appears I've developed a dust allergy!

Fun fact: Did you know you can develop allergies as you get older?

Whenever I think of dusting, I think of those old feathered french maid type of dusters, which as a kid I totally hated! They never seemed to really work (or fit in) the places I was trying to dust.

Fun fact: Did you know dusting with traditional feather dusters or rags can actually spread the dust? Swiffer's dusters actually trap it all in!

Cleaning Hack: Check for dust in places you wouldn't think…

The biggest culprits of dust collection in our home are: fans, blinds, and electronics! Stop wait you're doing and go check your tv and all the cords attached… Don't worry I'll wait.  I bet they are covered in dust right now! When we were moving, one of our black cords for some TV related electronic had actually turned grey from dust!!!

Try to think of places that have some sort of fan associated with them. Such as, TVs or computers which often have a cooling fan, or the bathroom drying fan. Don't forget to check near windows and doors where outside particles can easy come in and gather.

I've also heard of people dusting their walls… but that seems like a little too much adulting for me… Although I did get a kick out of dusting the box haha it glided so nicely!

Also if you caught my last cleaning post, you noticed I totally avoided the floors! It's because I had actually lost my Swiffer! I was seriously that lazy by the time we moved out of that apartment…

Cleaning Hack: Use the right tools on the floors

If you're anything like me, you probably have the standard green Swiffer and always stick with the wet pads (because #ballinonabudget)… But did you know Swiffer's Sweeper Dry Pads are perfect for hair sweep ups!?

I think the biggest culprit of our floors staying dirty is the fact that I shed enough hair to make a small wig every day. The Sweeper Dry Pads have been a game changer. I used to make the mistake of skipping them and jumping right into the wet pads, which would basically just push the hair and crumbs around (I mean it still cleaned the floors, but it took longer. I thought I was saving money by not buying both types of pads, but in reality, I probably blew through more wet pads (and money) since I wasn't using them totally as intended).

Cleaning Hack: Set a schedule and stick to it.

Whether it's tackling one room a day, such as the bathrooms, the guest room, the kitchen, etc. OR tackling one style of cleaning, for instance dusting the entire house one day and dry sweeping the house another. Physically write out a cleaning schedule that you can see. Schedule it on your calendar and enlist an accountability buddy.

And you know what they say, “Nothing cleans a busy life like Swiffer. If you’ve got a life, you gotta Swiffer!”

I know I have to stay on top of cleaning the floors and dusting, but I seriously feel like I can live in a clean house without spending all day erryday cleaning it!

So cheers to Swiffer turning 18 and helping us adult so we don't have to play Cinderella before Prince Charming rescued her ?


What do you use to dust and tackle the floors? Do you have any hacks? Let me know in the comments!

92 thoughts on “Adulting Cleaning Hacks: How To Clean The Floors & Dust”

    1. lol i hear you! cleaning in general for me haha but i think the way swiffer products “glide” can make it fun so you can kind of dance while doing them haha if that makes any sense at all ha!

  1. Dusting is usually something I procrastinate doing, but is something that always makes a huge difference for my allergies. I love using the Swiffer dusters, in fact I don’t think I’ve used any other brands for years!

    I have a cleaning schedule that I stick to every week and have it broken out so that it’s not a WHOLE bunch of cleaning at once, instead I spread it out throughout the week so it’s only a little bit of time each day 🙂

    – Kristen

    1. You need to dust your computer! That’s why you fan is always so loud on our calls! If you cant see the vents its pretty easy to open it up and dust inside. It’s got dust in it causing it to over heat and work harder!

  2. I just discovered the magic of the dry pads, too! Its perfect for my bathroom floor that gets GROSS with my mess of hair!

  3. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who absolutely hates dusting LOL! I love Swiffer too, they always make cleaning so much easier! I use mine in my bedroom every day!

  4. I use the swifter mood on my floors and I swear they are life savers. These are wonderful tips for keeping a clean space…I’m trying to be better about that!

  5. Ugh cleaning the worst! I have definitely learnt that it makes it 100% easier if you have the right tools for the job. I don’t mind a bit of dusting. I absolutely least favourite is cleaning the shower bleugh!

    1. YAS! the tools are a total game changer! We just moved and have a front loading washer, the last tenant apparently didn’t know you need to leave the washer door open to dry after washes so my least favorite cleaning project right now is getting all the mold and mildew out of the gasket! UGH

  6. I love Swiffer dusters. My husband and I have somewhat of a cleaning schedule. We do most of our chores on Saturday morning and then that gives us the rest of the weekend to relax.

  7. Oh man, I realllllly try to clean on a schedule, it never happens. I wish I knew that about the dry pads! I did like you with the wet ones first.

  8. How do you manage to always take the cutest pictures, even for cleaning products!!!! This product has been on my list for so long! I should totally just try it.

  9. Girl, I so feel you on being overwhelmed! Our new house is triple the size of our past rental house and I was so overwhelmed at first (and sometimes it’s still hard keeping up). I loooove all of these tips – I’m definitely going to use them!

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