A Letter To My 2 Year Old Daughter On Her 2nd Birthday

Happy 2nd birthday to my daughter! Today I wanted to share a letter to my 2 year old daughter! I didn't really plan to… but watching her these last few days and seeing just how much she's grown/growing I didn't want to miss this opportunity to celebrate/document the little human she's becoming. This morning was actually the FIRST morning she she hasn't nursed… I swear I'm not crying. But I realized in that moment, when she chose her cup of water and cereal over my boob that this whole growing up thing is really happening…

So while I dry my tears, feel free to enjoy this letter to my toddler…

A letter to my 2 year old daughter

Oh my sweet little Moon child…

You're two! TWO! Ohhhh how I feared and dreaded this age…

I think one of the coolest things for me in becoming a mom, is discovering just how much I disagree with the historical parenting language/expectations. And I guess one of those is the “terrible twos.” And I know being two is weird… some of your friends younger than you are talking in full sentences, and you only have a couple handfuls of words. You don't have the words to communicate the big emotions that are coming up and that's okay… SPOILER: Most adults STILL don't have them!

And right on queue, you're favorite word has quickly become “no.” But the way you say it just melts my heart and I don't care. You want the green plate, not the blue one, and are exploring/exerting your sense of self and inner power each day. While that may seem “terrible” to some when you've got a to-do list to get through, it's honestly one of the coolest things to watch unfold…

You're playing with your humanness, seeing what you like/don't like, and simultaneously discovering yourself and the world.

I guess the only thing I can really think about at this point in your life is how being your mom has been the greatest gift of my life.

I remember when you were first born and they laid you on my chest, I was just so concerned “is everything okay?” You didn't really cry when you came out.

I didn't feel that all encompassing overwhelming earth shattering love that so many talk about…. though in this photo it certainly looks like I may have:

This past year has been weird to say the least…

Mere weeks after turning 1, you gave us quite the scare by having an anaphylactic reaction that landed us in the ER all night.

Your “school” closed so we stopped going to classes because of a global health crisis…

You didn't go into stores for months (one of your favorite things).

The parks and beaches were closed most of spring…

And you watched as people hid their faces, averted their eyes, and crossed the street for a time.

But despite all of that, we found a path forward that made sense for us. You made some of the most amazing friends. Friends who literally ask their parents every day to go to the park to see “Aegan!” Looking at you all play, you'd never know what was happening in the world.

When we started taking you into the grocery store again, you'd never know what was happening in the world. People coming up to you, saying you were the best thing they've seen in months as you'd grab an apple from the produce section, take a giant bite, and begin strolling the aisles. The store clerks wanting to give you stickers and for you to hang out and play in the kids sections. You've taken on the official role of “store greeter” at two local grocery stores. Once you and dad finish shopping you sit out front on the wall or ledge, finishing your apple and waving at people coming in.

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You're always picking up trash on the beach, going up to someone who looks sad sitting alone, and running in circles. Compassionate and uniquely you in the cutest little human suit.

You are pure light.

And while you may be the most caring/compassionate 2 year old I've ever met – you also know exactly what you want, are wildly determined, independent, and know exactly how to advocate for yourself already.

I'm pretty sure you're 2 going on 200.

Second birthday photo ideas EASY! Sharing this super simple photoshoot for my daughter's 2nd birthday plus a letter to 2 year old daughter!

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For a girl who only has a couple handful of words, you have no problem communicating.

With that said, you hate being pushed. Everything has to be in your own time. The minute we try to get your to copy or do something during speech therapy you shut down and change paths. Don't ever lose that sense of self…

You never need to make yourself smaller or perform in order to receive love my child. Set your boundaries. Keep doing things in your own time.

It's honestly a privilege to watch.

You love to observe others, before trying something yourself. A cautious daredevil.

We also made some big change and decisions regarding all of our health this past year. Your eczema re-traced your body entirely for nearly 6 months. You finally said your first words after our third or fourth attempted detox. And you handled it all like a champ… not scratch that… like a prima ballerina! Flexible and graceful. Rolling with each new thing thrown at you.

In fact, your dad finally sat down to look at the photos of all your health stuff from the first year of your life and he finally said, “I never realized how bad it was… she was always just so calm/chill and never seemed uncomfortable.”

You are truly the embodiment of holding onto life/experiences with a loose grip and it's the most amazing reminder.

I swear, I freak out more when we lose one of your toys than you do!

When I was pregnant with you, and during your first year of life we'd always do “alphabet affirmations.” When we got to “a” I'd say “you are adaptable” and when we go to “f” I'd always say, “You are flexible.” And it's been so cool to see how you've taken those concepts and run with them in life through all of the ups and downs.

I'm excited to see who you unfold into this next year; to continue learning who you are. I'm also so excited to watch you become a big sister. You already are practicing with your dolls and Tucker…

Sharing this super simple photoshoot for my daughter's 2nd birthday - including her practicing for her upcoming big sister duties! plus a letter to 2 year old daughter! Enjoy these easy Second birthday photo ideas!

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I know that transition will be unlike anything you've gone through before. And no matter what it's like, just know you were the first. The one who made us parents. The one who made me a mom.

Who completely shifted my priorities, outlook on life, and who I am. You are not only my greatest gift in life, but my greatest teacher. I forever and ever and ever love you to the moon, galaxies, and beyond.