8 Unique Summer Date Ideas For Any Budget

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Since you guys loved my fall date ideas post so much, I wanted to do a Summer date ideas for any a budget! Not only can you do these date ideas when you’re broke, you can do them anywhere! Don’t worry, at the bottom I talk about more regional options too!

*Also, leaving the fancy DSLR behind for these photos since I pulled most from our iCloud over the years!

8 Unique Summer Date Ideas For Any Budget

#Basic Scavenger Hunt

I don’t know about you guys but the hubs and I love sleuthing. Whether it’s online or in the streets, there is something so fun about people stalking watching. Create a fun Scavenger Hunt and try to find all the #BasicSummerLife finds you can!


You can either work as a team, against each other, or enlist other couples and friends.

Create a list of #basic Summer finds (ideas below)

You can either find other people doing these things OR partake in them yourselves (like chowing down on that Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich ?).

Some #basic ideas:

– Pool floats (either people rocking them or grabbing some and relaxing in the water near you!)

– Cheeky Shorts (seriously, how do people sit in those?!?)

– People taking insta photos of their ice cream or popbars up in the air #NoShame

– People taking Insta photos at the beach (True Story: we legit saw 6 girls do this in one hour and one was only 12!).

– Someone eating avocado toast at a cafe

– Find a dude rocking the male romper

* What are some others you would/can add to this list?

Summer Treats!

Something about spending all day outside makes me want sugar in the summer! Here are some summery treats to try with your S.O.

Yeah, thats a frozen smores from Dominque Ansels’ (home of the original cronut, don’t worry we got 2 of those too!)


DIY Fruit Pops! Grab whatever fruit you would like, put them into a fun mold, top with some juice and freeze! In the same vein, you could also spice up a summer drink with some fruity ice cubes! Just grab whatever shape mold you want, chop up the fruit so it fits and add water.

DIY Campfire Smores Cones! Bobbi’s Kozy Kitchen put together this delicious recipe that’s so easy to do!

bobbis kozy kitchen campfie cone s'mores 4

c/o Bobbis Kozy Kitchen


Fly A Kite

I don’t care where you are, grab a kit and fly it! Seriously, this is SO much fun! E and I feel like kids whenever we take our kites out. Forewarning: it’s probably way harder than you remember!

Lazy Day Binging In Bed

Binge worthy summer shows/movies:

*there are totally more binge worthy entertainment, but these will get you feeling all the summer vibes

Dirty Grandpa (HBO or Hulu)

Bloodline (Netflix)

Wet Hot American Summer (Netflix)

The Shallows (not sure where I binged this, but it’s a thriller with Blake Lively… you may not want to go into the ocean right after though)

Vanderpump Rules (Hulu/Bravo) – say what you want, but I only watch 2 reality shows, this and the Bachelor. Nothing makes me feel like it’s summer time like binging last season of Vanderpump Rules

Flaked (Netflix) – This show starts off amazing in the first season (especially if you’ve ever been in a 12 step fellowship, it seriously hits the nail on the head in such an eerie way) – gets a little slow and annoying (as most alcoholics do at some point in their life), and ends with a bang. Season 2 is even better and I’m praying they will bring it back! Although it doesn’t sound super Summery, it’s filmed in Venice, and the city is an unspoken character in itself and for that reason it makes it onto the list!

Girlfriends Guide To Divorce (Netflix/Bravo) – Another California based show (can you guys tell I love Cali? Like can someone pack my bags and move me there asap)?

Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates (HBO)

Neighbors 1 + 2 (HBO)


Find Summer Spa Deals

Summertime usually comes with a ton of wellness discounts and packages (YAY). Some states will even do things like “Summer Spa Month” featuring amazing deals from even more amazing spas to get people in the doors. Sometimes you can find treatments up to 75% off plus access to their wet lounges for the day #winning. Find the nicest spa near you and either set a google alert for deals or subscribe to their newsletter to find out when their deals are.

eau spa palm beach fl

Get Outside!

Okay, I know most of these options are for the kid at heart, but can you blame me? They are so fun! I don’t know about other parts of the country, but the mini golf courses near me have really stepped up their game in the last few years. Grab a date or some friends and get outside! Play some shuffle board, mini golf, or baci ball and have fun! Whoever loses pays!

Hit The Water

Alright, I know not everyone can hit the beach, but hit some sort of body of water. The community pool, a bathhouse, springs, a K spa. I don’t care what it is but find some water to get refreshed and recharged in!

Take A Class Together

The price of this will vary depending on the class and location you’re in! I know a lot of local yoga studios have at least one “by donation” class per week! You can also check discount sites for classes like cooking or pottery! Because don’t we all want to re-create that scene from Ghost on some level?


Regional Ideas

Other fun things would be a picnic, farmers market, or festivals. In South Florida, we don’t have the latter two in Summer like the rest of the country (everything would be wet and wilted haha!), but if you’re in an area that summer doesn’t feel like a tropical jungle during the day, check your local listings for some fairs, festivals, or markets!


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