Is Higher Education Right for You? 7 Questions to Ask Yourself

Is higher education right for you? Seven questions to ask yourself before seeking a post-graduate degree - The confused millennial

The future has yet to arrive for you, but the decisions you make today have a direct impact on your future. One major decision that greatly affects your future is deciding whether or not to attend college or further that degree with graduate school. How can you tell if higher education is the right move for you?

Here are the three key questions to ask yourself when deciding to attend undergraduate or graduate school:

  1. Motive: Are you self ­motivated to learn about the world around you?
  2. Purpose: What’s your reason for attending college?
  3. Future: How will attending college influence your future life?

These three items are how I judge every major life decision, as each one influences the trajectory of your future life.

After you decide whether or not a degree is the right next move for you, how can you choose the right school for your needs?

These are the four items I took into account when choosing Indiana University, Bloomington as my higher education institution of choice:

  1. Academic degree programs: Does it have my desired academic major?
  2. Professional network: Will I be able to find a job after college?
  3. Student Leadership opportunities: How can I grow as a young adult?
  4. University’s local community: Who will I meet that will influence my life greatly?

Whether it’s undergraduate or graduate school you are on the fence about, I hope these questions will guide you in deciding the right college for you. I may be biased, but in my opinion, there really is no equivalent opportunity in life that will provide you with as much personal growth and opportunities as college will.

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