5 Ways Minimalism Can Change Your Life

How can minimalism change your life? Check out these five ways to improve your quality of life through minimalism - The Confused Millennial

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Minimalism might seem like all the rage these days, but its roots go back to the sixties where it first appeared in New York as a form of rebellion against the worn-out academic style in visual arts. Over time, its philosophy gradually spread beyond this medium to:

         Interior design – it was about uncluttered spacious rooms, natural and clean forms.

         Architecture – it brought basic geometrical forms, clean spaces, and a lot of natural light.

        Fashion – during the sixties, two French designers introduced minimalism, and Twiggy was the most famous model that popularized minimalistic approach with her mod shift dresses. One glance at the fashion in 2016 and you’ll see similar trends: monochromatic outfits, natural fabrics, simple cuts, and neutral earthy tones dominated the runways. High street fashion brands embraced minimalism, making it easier than ever for a wearer to show authenticity with minimum details.

In the simplest of definitions on minimalism, The Minimalists define it as “a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom.” Minimalism has allowed me to draw my focus from material things to the ones that really matter and cannot be replaced: family, friends, and real experiences.

Here are five ways minimalism changed my life and I think it can change yours too:


Realizing the things you own have nothing to do with your identity is liberating. Too often, we get emotionally attached to objects when in fact – they can get in the way of conscious living. Clearing the external space around you can give way to more space for internal serenity.  Minimalism has also supported me through my quarter-life crisis: even though I’m still not quite sure what I’m doing with my life, drawing focus to myself instead of my possessions, helped me realize I am a multi-potentialite.


minimalism the confused millennial sophia smith



My newfound minimalistic lifestyle reflected in the way I dressed too. I started with donating clothes I knew no longer fit my overall lifestyle. Next, I began building a wardrobe that felt more like me: simple. I felt at peace with myself and didn’t feel the need to draw too much of attention with invading colors or patterns. Not that there is anything wrong with colors or patterns, but I tried to adopt a style that was a bit more mature with pieces that could easily be matched together. I looked for simple black evening dresses as I’ve realized that I didn't need to follow current trends but rather, choose pieces that make me feel confident and enhance my attributes. Black, gray, white, olive, and beige dominate my closet. I learned that when I started appreciating the fact I can look good effortlessly, I actually drew more attention to myself.

minimalism the confused millennial sophia smith



Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a concert ticket. Try turning to experiences instead of purchasing goods: adventures, concerts, and traveling. Alexa von Tobel, the founder of Learnvest, says this is called the “cost per happy“. That experience will likely bring you more hours of joy as you look back on the memories, compared to that bomber jacket you wore twice while freaking out if you are pulling off the trend.


minimalism the confused millennial sophia smith



Embracing minimalism has made me realize I don’t want to waste my life hating Mondays, just paying bills, while working for the weekend. To truly live, I needed to remember what’s important: laughing with friends, traveling, falling in love, even the everlasting life drama I was convinced would pass after high school. Minimalism helped me declutter the distractions and realize the essence of life.

minimalism the confused millennial sophia smith



Clutter has been found to zap people of their energy, myself included. Clearing up my personal space made me feel more in control and focused, as if I cleaned up my mental space, too.

This doesn’t mean you need to strip your room from any personal touch. On the contrary, some little things (e.g. photos or artwork) are what make one's house a home. However, with minimalism, I realized that notion of home is much broader than a place I live in. Make sure objects truly have a purpose to make your space warmer instead of just collecting dust and making you anxious and trapped without you even realizing it.

minimalism the confused millennial sophia smith

My transition towards minimalism did not happen all of the sudden: it was a slow process that eventually took over my life. As I've continued along the this journey, I feel more free and happy.

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  1. Lane & Holly @ With Two Spoons

    I do love cleaning and donating! There is something so freeing about getting your spaces organized!

  2. Great post! I recently went through a major move where we downsized a three bedroom house to a much smaller two bedroom house. Initially, I had a hard time parting with things but once I got into it, it was amazing how freeing of an experience it was.

  3. This is a wonderful post! There are still things I am working on, but in many areas of my life I have embraced minimalism and am happier for it!

    1. A LOT of decluttering lol. Paring down my possessions, everything from my wardrobe to my household “stuff.” Finding ways to buy less and make more when I can. Not getting things on impulse or accepting them just because I am offered them, but instead considering if they have a place in my life, if I actually need or truly want them 🙂

  4. I am a “stuff” person, so I have had the hardest time purging, but I really do think that minimalism is a more healthy way to live and I would like to make improvements. Even if I don’t live a completely minimalistic life, I would like to get much closer than I am now.

    1. HAHAHA HEY NOW. The PR life. Sometimes it’s just too much. LOL.

      …he didn’t come yet but he’ll probably come bringing goodies.

  5. A clear space is a clear mind, at least for me. I find that I am so much happier by investing my time and money into the things that make me happy, even if it isn’t always minimalistic. Great post!

  6. Wow, I didn’t realize it goes that far back. I’m working on decluttering, buying less, and I’m all about giving my kiddos experiences over things.

  7. Great post! We went through a HUGE decluttering phase when we moved to San Diego. My husband had been away for a year at that point and 85% of our belongings had stayed in storage that entire time. When we got to our new home and started opening boxes, we got to a point in the unpacking process where we just started throwing things out. There was sooooo much junk in those boxes and we’ve only been married three years haha but it felt great to start our life in our new home without all that clutter.

    1. Yeah I bet! My husband and I have the opposite problem – when we move we own nothing! We have lived in fully furnished apartments for the last 5 years – so we don’t even own the essentials like plates or silverware! haha

  8. I love this post! Minimalism is huge to help live a stress free life and to declutter stuff! It’s harder than I would have thought to achieve, but worth it!

  9. Great post! I haven’t got full minimalist yet, but I’m definitely trying to cut back. I’m on my third round of the “Rid Yourself of 100 Things” challenge. It’s much harder this time around as I’ve already gotten rid of everything I was easily comfortable with getting rid of. But I think it’s good for me to push past the comfort zone a little on this one. I get way too attached to things–things I haven’t used in years–just because they’ve got a sentimental value attached. I’m trying to be better because I would love a clutter-free life!

    1. I’ve never heard of that before! I totally need to do this challenge! I get wayyy to attached to things I haven’t used in forever too. That sentimental factor gets me every time. Even going through old boxes I start crying haha

  10. I love this. I really need to clean out my makeup bag. LOL!!! I probably have a lot of expired makeup.

  11. Okay I LOVE this. I’m soo not minimalist but I want to be!! These are great tips – I always have such a problem getting rid of things. It’s got to change in this new year!!

  12. Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

    I really like this post because I think everyone should focus on minimalism to some extent!

  13. I don’t know that I’ll ever be a minimalist but I am working on minimizing. I’ve become so much better at only buying items I truly love and picking quality over quantity. It’s so helpful!

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