5 Secrets to Overcoming Interview Jitters

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My hands shook with excitement as I hung up the phone and did a full on happy dance on the middle of the crowded street. I GOT THE INTERVIEW! I could barely get the text out to my boyfriend, I was shaking so much with excitement… and then the interview nerves and anxiety settled in. What questions would I ask in the interview? How personal should I get in the interview? And of course, how would I answer the dreaded question: “tell me a little about yourself?”

Pre interview panic is a very real thing friends. What if they think I am not experienced enough? What if I do that awkward nervous laugh thing that I do? I needed to get rid of the nerves so I could focus and conquer the interview.

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No matter many how many times I go through the interview process, it is still nerve racking… and that's coming from someone who has always landed the job. 

So how can we ditch interview nerves / anxiety / jitters / panic / (fill in the blank)?

1.     Do your homework.

Research the company AND your interviewer as much as possible before hand. When setting up the interview, make sure to get the name (or names) of the people who you’ll be interviewing with. Then use your Internet stalking – er… I mean sleuthing – skills to get to know them.

Getting to know your interviewer as a person can make them seem less intimidating. This practice can also help you with talking points during the interview (but no need to bring up your sleuthing skills and how great their Grandma's 90th birthday looked on Facebook).

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Having a good grasp on the company and their mission is also important for answering interview questions like “Why do you want to work here” or “why should we hire you”.

In my opinion (and experience) preparation is key to get rid of any nerves before an interview.

2.     Choose what to wear to your interview 24 hours in advance.

Check the weather report and think about how you will wear your hair. Pick your outfit out and try it on in a brightly lit room to make sure nothing is see through. If you typically twirl your hair when it’s down, wear it up to limit distractions. If you bought a pair of earrings, make sure to wear them beforehand to make sure they aren’t tickling your neck or distracting you.

The key here is to plan every detail of your appearance out (and do a test run) to make sure you are as comfortable and confident as possible. When we feel confident in, that comes through in to the interview.

3.     Get your work out in the morning of the interview.

Instead of reaching for coffee before your interview, opt to get a workout in that morning. Working out some of the adrenaline and endorphins will help you be more grounded during the interview; whereas coffee can just fuel your already jittery nerves.

When your body can release the excess energy, your mind will relax and stay clear too. Working out is a form of mindfulness too which can help get rid of worry. Learn more about letting go of worry with mindfulness here!

4.     Think about your wants, needs and values.

Remember, interviewing is a two-way street, so this is just as much your chance to figure out if the company is a good fit for you.

Personally, I've been swept up in a company's reputation and assumed it would be my dream job only for it to be my worst nightmare. To ensure you don't end up in a similar position, make sure you interview the company during this time as well!

You can interview the company by having thoughtful questions prepared to ask your interviewer. Questions to ask in an interview that can help you determine if it's a good fit for you include: how long was the last person in this role? What are the company values and how do they work with the community? What is your policy on remote work or flexible work hours? Keep an eye out for how the employees seem while walking around the office too.

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Too often, people get so focused on leaving a good impression on the interviewer, then accept the job, and end up miserable because they didn’t take the time to interview the company.

5.     Stay off your phone and think happy thoughts.

One of the easiest ways to get rid of nerves before an interview: stay off your phone for at least an hour beforehand… if not longer. The last thing you need is an email, text, or to see something that will irk you or get in your head. Once you step into the company’s office doors, you will absolutely want to stay off your phone (it looks bad).

Use that time to let go of any worries with mindfulness or give yourself a mental pep talk. One way I do this is by remembering that excitement and anxiety feel the same in our bodies, it's our perspective that shapes how we experience it though.

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Don’t worry about reviewing your answers to tough interview questions or talking points you may have prepared, just focus on what an awesome catch you are! Your enthusiasm will be contagious!

How do you overcome interview jitters?

84 thoughts on “5 Secrets to Overcoming Interview Jitters”

  1. number 4 is super important and I think is the most difficult to remember for me when I go in for interviews! Great share 🙂

  2. Love these! Also, I think it’s important to know that if you’re truly feeling uneasy and uncomfortable about a job–it might not be the right job for you! Always listen to your gut instinct and intuition for these situations as well!

    1. Hi Ana! I totally agree with going with you gut! But sometimes it can backfire! I learned that the hard way! If you are accustomed to being in toxic or emotionally abusive relationships your gut may tell you “YAY” on a situation – because that’s what it’s use to feeling – but then you realize you are in the exact same position with a bad boss that’s too similar to *insert past toxic person in your life* — I always try to go in with goals and objectives and having a lot of self awareness to know if my gut is giving me a thumbs up or “this feels like home because it’s what I am used to” — if that makes sense?

  3. These are great tips! Being prepared is the best way to feel confident during interviews, so doing your homework, planning your outfit and all that is super important.

  4. AWEOMS tips! I feel like I always have interview jitters. They are so hard to get rid of! I always feel more confident if I choose my outfit in advance and look good in it!

  5. Oh my gosh, I love this! I have a college scholarship interview coming up so this will be super helpful! Thanks Rachel!


  6. Yup! I used to be a recruiter/headhunter and the best advice I could give was to be PREPARED and to be ON TIME. Without those, you’re going to show up stressed and frazzled and that is NOT a good look!

  7. Interviewing is SO nerve-wracking!!! These are great tips for heading in to an interview feeling prepared and confident!

  8. These are AWESOME tips! It really is nerve-wracking. Doing your homework is a big one! I had an interview with the CEO of a large marketing agency, but I had discovered he had grown up in Iowa (like me) and it gave me a great talking point and helped me (and him) create a natural rapport.
    And yes, I landed that job!

  9. Thank you so much for this post! I am in the process of applying to internships this month, and I am sure I will need this tips when I (hopefully) get some call backs. I am glad you put doing your research as tip #1. From personal experience, being prepared about the company and its values, past, etc., is so important & can seriously separate you from other applicants. 😉 – http://www.allison-blaising.com/

  10. So many great tips!! I have horrible anxiety and interview just aren’t my thing haha I just recently had a group interview (even WORSE) for a job I desperately need for my career and i was a complete nervous wreck leading up to it. I should be getting a call back next week, but man was it scary lol

  11. great tips!! now that i’m on the other side and doing the interviewing, i can’t believe how nervous i used to get! just be yourself! it’s as much and interview of the company as it is their interview of you.

  12. Thanks goodness I don’t have to go through this anymore. All your tips and suggestions are wonderful and helpful. Doing your homework on the company you want to work for is very important.

  13. These are really great tips! I actually just stopped caring so much and just be myself and it seems to work! Every time I go into interview as if no big deal and don’t want job I seem to get the offer, strange 🙂

  14. YES to all of these — and I’ve added in a 6th step and get my power poses in! It seems cheesy but speaking what you want and expect for yourself in to the mirror confidently actually does wonders for you mentally!

    1. Exactly! I think when you’re prepared it’s a lot easier to be natural. Because the info is already inside you rather than you freaking out with whether or not you will remember something you just read on the ride over

  15. Great tips for a successful interview. I have found being positive and just relaxing helps alot. This is a great post.

  16. Those are such great tips! I had like 16 interviews back in October because I was applying for internships and I wish I had read this post before my interviews! I was really nervous at first, but the more you have, the better you become. 😉

    1. I ended up getting a marketing and digital communication internship at a car company! It definitely wasn’t where I thought I would end up, but I just loved the people who interviewed me (and apparently they loved me too! HA)

  17. Thank you for these tips! Interviews are the worst thing ever but it’s nice to hear some advice on how to make them a positive experience!

  18. Fantastic tips– I think #1 is the most important. There’s nothing worse than an interviewee coming in and not knowing anything about the company, or even the position. Thanks for sharing these!

  19. Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

    These are all such great tips! It definitely brings me back to my interviewing days.

  20. It’s interesting how people all prep different ways. It’s been a while since I’ve had an interview but I’ve always not prepped at all and just been myself. This is why I have the job I have today.

    1. Yeah I agree and this isn’t for every interview or person – I consider this the game plan though if you are someone who has jitters or anxiety or nerves about the interview.

  21. I love all of these tips – for me, the best way to calm my nerves is to do my research, because I always feel most confident when I have as much information as possible! Making a list of scenarios to reference & rehearsing my “elevator speech” before the interview always makes me feel a little more prepared. Thank you for sharing!

    – katrina || yourstrulykatrina.com

    1. Agreed! I find people don’t practice their about me or elevator pitch because they think they already know it/themselves… but those are two of the easiest ways to prep and it takes you so far!

  22. I always try to have at least one question ready for the person interviewing me – normally something about the company. This probably goes hand-in-hand with #1.

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