5 Benefits of An Oil Diffuser

5 benefits of essential oil diffuser,  How to naturally get rid of a headache? Wish you could get more done everyday organically? Oil diffusers and essential oils can help! Essentials oils are powerful and by diffusing them into the air in your home or office you can see major benefits in mood, productivity, and health. Click to read more at The Confused Millennial.

Organic Aromas sent me their oil diffuser to try. I was really excited about this because I get chronic tension headaches and oil diffusers have been one of the oil ways to cure them, and my old oil diffuser recently burned up and died (literally the thing was smoking and about to catch on fire!).


Well that's definitely not a concern with Organic Aromas diffuser! How cute is it?? Seriously, the light (which got oil on and led to the potential fire hazard of my old diffuser), is totally covered and safe. And the look of this is very calming and goes with my home office aesthetic, so big win there. When it's on oil comes out the top, and you can adjust intensity. The only thing I wish this diffuser has was an option to turn of the light. Right now the center of the diffuser rotates between colors, which is cool, but sometimes you just want to breathe in the oils in the darkness.


So why am I so obsessed with oil diffusers? Because they have so many benefits aside from clearing up my headaches such as:

1. Stress relief. Adding in some lavender, eucalyptus, or chamomile always calms me down and helps me unwind and pretend like I am at a fancy spa.

2. Breathe easy. My sinuses get really clogged so turning on the diffuser with some peppermint or eucalyptus really helps me breathe a lot easier during allergy season.

3. Boosts your immune system. Most essentials oils are anti-microbial so if you have germs in the air, it can help kill those and clean the air. Try tea tree, sage, rosemary, thyme, or lemon.

4. Pain relief. Some people rub essential oil directly on pain points, but diffusing it into the air can help too! Try chamomile, eucalyptus, ginger, lavender, or rosemary.

5. Mood and mind booster. Essential oils can really switch up your mind and focus. If you battling the winter blues, try some vanilla. If you are struggling to get moving and get stuff done around the house, try lemon or orange.

Are you ready to get more done every day?

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