3 Ways to Break A Creative Rut

Breaking a creative rut or writers block can be tough. The struggle is real. These tips will help you get the creative juices flowing again for any creativepreneur. Great blogging tips and life hacks for creative businesses or persons. Express yourself. - The Confused Millennial

Pretty much immediately after I wrote last week's post, “3 Painstaking Truths in Life & How to Overcome Them”, where I touch on some of the most common advice we get and how it can often lead to perfection paralysis, I was hit with a full blown case of writer's block.

I've been trying to have my posts planned out at least one week in advance… But here I sit Monday morning at 7:45 am writing this trying to get it up today (gotta stick to that schedule!).

When I started this blog, although impulsively, I promised myself it wouldn't be like my other blogs, where I posted for a few weeks and then let it fizzle out… so even though I am not really sure what this post will be about, I am getting it up on Monday, as scheduled!

?  … *awkward pause while I think…* ?

How to Break a Creative Rut:

As creatives, I think it's super easy to fall into perfection paralysis. I think it's easy for our minds to go blank and veg out on Netflix all weekend (#guilty ? ), but how do we break that creative rut? How do we overcome that perfection paralysis?

1. Just do it. I am writing this post and really have no idea where it's going. My fingers are just typing as random thoughts float through my mind. Sometimes just going through the motions without expecting anything to come out, can produce great results and get the creative juices flowing again!

2. Get out in nature. This is where I do my best work. When I am sitting on the beach or overlooking some really beautiful trees. Something about nature makes me feel more whole, more at peace, more me.

3. Say YES. Seriously, if someone asks you to hangout and you don't want to, say YES. If someone asks you to go on an adventure, say YES. Just say yes to whatever is being thrown your way and see what happens and where the adventure takes you. If you caught this post on Bumble BFF, you know I've been loving it! Last week one of the girls invited me to a group outing this weekend and I said YES (very out of character for my normally introverted self who hates group settings)… about an hour before brunch I got a horrible headache, and my friend said I should cancel, but I had already said yes, so I decided to fight through it, and I am thrilled I did. We had the best time (more on that later this week) we even hung out for almost 4 hours! So SAY YES, because you never know where the experience will take you.

How do you break free from a creative rut? Leave me a comment!

With love,


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